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YO! g1's! SUP? It's your main man, The Stickman here to give you (what's apparently) the best of you guys'ses, the g1's blogging and forum content from the past week. Tell a lie, it's not the best, because none of my stuff is here! HO HO HO HO! But seriously...yeah, I was serious.


Anyway, since this may be the last time I ever do the Spotlight we're going to need to make it as epic as possible! Why might this be the last time I do the Spotlight? Well I could get hit by a car the next day! Didn't think of that, did you? HUH? Nope! RIGHT, EPIC SPOTLIGHT, TIME TO PLAY SOME EPIC MUSIC!



Right, time for some MUS-AC. Not the kinda you get in Lifts and Shopping Centre's though! NO NO NO! Fuck that shit.

 Note From Woodyman: Dear American g1s, by "lifts" and "Shopping Centre" The Stickman means "elevators" and "malls".


First up we have g1 JamesRonald's rather epic take on the Moon theme from DuckTales, WOOHOO. Needless to say shit be rad.


And after that we have a rather ballsing remix of a song from Chrono Trigger, care of g1 Agatio. Never played the game, never will. Music be good though.




Over in the ART-SAC corner we haaaaave...


A rather demonic looking portrait of everyone's gaming hero, Shigsy Miyamotoppa! It's all part of a collection of paintings g1 MegaSilverX1 did for an art class, and you can see the rest here. Don't really get art though, not my forte...


Also we got a very depressed looking Lauren who's enduring through the Ice Cream Challenge.


Team Stickman!

There's a Facebook fan page for ScrewAttack's Mario Party After Dark... if ye be a fan and wanna show support or something then join em.



Long suffering but no less popular g1 MineCraft server MineAttack is back once again and is now being called MineAttack 5, you can read how to join in the apparent fun right here. I should play MineCraft someday...not the proper game though, just the creative part. Only OCD'ing lunatics could stand to play the normal mode. What? WAIT, COME BACK!


A whole Community, huh?

So, apparently there's a whole community of g1's who make Sigs for themselves, for other people and just for fun. Check out how that's working out for them here.  I don't see the need myself, just get a picture of Silent Hill 2, up the contrast and add some noise to make it look all gritty and cool, that's my angle!



g1 Atsinganoi has apparently escaped from Gimpwaii (Little in-joke for readers of my blogs there) and  is clearly looking for a way to atone for all the horrible things he did to the monkeys on the island because he wants you guys to confess your darkest Gaming sin! Dare you enter his confessional booth? I hear it smells of Monkey butts....



GEEZ, some people are just never happy with ScrewAttack!

So, no SGC this year, sad faces all around apparently. Not me! I couldn't afford to go anyway. Anyhoo, the time for SGC 2012 has been and gone and the g1's over on the forum are professing the things they would have done, and will do if it happens again. I offered them tickets to LeatherFest '12 but they said no! Arseholes...


The man with a Play button for a face...

Clearly g1 irishpump has never heard of Blogging before because he's posted his Pit Fighter Retrospective on the forums instead of the main site! Still, he has a name like a Porn Star from Ireland, so I'll let him off. Like he will GET me off, later. HO HO HO. I don't know who this guy is, but I can bet he's creeped out now!



Former g1 of the Year, Terra_corrupt, is making a vidya game and needs YOUR help! If you got some photoshop/designin skills then head over here and volunteer because Terra needs a company logo  for his team Prism Game. Help now, I commande thee!



Over in Sig-Town, Chaotic Meltdown has made a simple but effective  Snake themed siggy for...someone, very classy indeed. I'd make a joke about Solid Snake boners but even I'm above that...for now.


And finally, what is perhaps the oddest combination of things in history, courtesy of g1 Jam64. Doctor Who, some guy who seems to have two pairs of glasses on, and Samus Aran all quite literally decked out on a Casino table. Why? Ask JohnnyFarrar, he wanted it! Weirdo!



This week on ScrewAttack has been all about one thing and one thing only, The Iron Man of ScrewAttack : Japan Edition. No it's not like America's Got Talent or The Voice UK, thank god. All this week "DA CREW" have been battling out for a ticket to the Tokyo Game Show with Stuttering Craig. Who won? Well, you can find out here!


Oh yeah, and there was a fight between Link and Cloud, nothing special...

 Note from Woodyman: Except it was awesome and seizure inducing!




Ignoring Other M (Which you should)...and maybe Metroid Prime Pinball, Metroid II : Return of Samus is what you'd consider the black sheep of the franchise, what did g1 gamerninjaXL think? Well, read his review here, you lazy shit!



g1 quantae95 is doing a Let's Play of everyone's favourite Japan only game, Mother 3 using the English Mod made by the fans. Check that out. And whilst we're talking about games we never got, how about releasing Chibi-Robo Park Patrol in the UK Nintendo? Even Australia got that game! AUSTRALIA! GEEZ! 


It's no "The Stickman Reviews"...but it'll have to do.

Max Payne 3, despite its long development time and much anticipated release hasn't seemed to have made much of an impression on people, which is a shame because I thought it was great! That said, I'm not the only guy in the world, sadly, and g1 avalache reviews has made a...review. No, I don't think he took into consideration that avalanche in Charmonix when he named himself that.


Nobody seems to be shitting into a cup...

Tony Hawk is a pretty cool guy, he rides skateboards and isn't afraid of anything. Whilst his recent gaming track-record has been...checkered to say the least, g1 (Or g1's) gamemeetsgirl have made a video called 2 Girls, 1 Game about Pro-Skater, the one everyone loves. Give me Lego Island 2 for my skateboarding game fix anyday.


Podcasts are so 2005...

Continuing the recent increase in g1 Podcasts, g1 BobboHead13's Randumb Podcast is now on its 3rd episode. I'm not sure what graping people in the mouth means, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean feeding your loved one grapes...at least not literal grapes.


The Trouble with Triples.

To say I'm not a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog is like saying you guys are only a little bit bored of me slagging off all your blogs. Whether or not I like any of his games except Sonic Rush, SEGA has cranked out a metric-shit ton of games for many platforms. g1 Ferret75 has reviewed Sonic Triple Trouble for the Game Gear. I'd make a joke about him being up my trousers but he doesn't get them...so...NEXT.


Nothing says fun like Abortions and Religious Sacrificing!

Whilst I appreciate the art-style, I find the concept of The Binding of Issac a bit much. That said, a lot of peeps love it and g1 Elrood has DA SCOOPZ on its recent DLC, Wrath of the Lamb. I can only assume the Lambs have coathangers through their heads, yes people, it's that kind of game.


Hard4Games? LOLBONER.

Whether or not Star Fox will make a proper comeback is not yet clear, whilst we wait however, g1 Hard4Games has taken a gander at the unreleased beta of Star Fox 2 for the SNES. You shouldn't toy with things that were never fully developed...a lesson you should of learned from the previous blog! LOLABORTIONJOKESHOWCLASSY.


A 2D Horror Game? NO SON I DON'T THINK SO.

I loves me some horror gaming, and it seems g1 Soulefoin does too because he's doing a Let's Play of Lone Survivor, a game I've never heard of. INDIE GAMES, RIGHT? HUHUHUHUHHOHOOHOHOH!


I may have just pooped myself.

I don't know about you guys, but the prospect of me and all those friends of mine who don't exist playing together in the giant sandbox that is Just Cause 2 gives me a massive woody...MAN! Oh man, I'm on fire today! Anyhoo, g1 MaximusPrime has give his impressions of the PC Beta for the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod. Check it out, just make sure you have some new pants at the ready. Yep, I went there!


I may have broken a table when I saw the word "Unicorn" on a blog...

Gotta admit, I didn't read this particular blog, why? Well, snot my cup of tea kids. That said, you aren't all like me, so maybe g1 GameJudge's blog on the balance between realism and surrealism in games, movie and fiction is to your liking. If he ever watches Enter the Void, it's going to blow his fucking mind...


That cows teets must be DAMN sore by now.

Whilst people continue to go on about how Call of Duty is milked to death, Final Fantasy manages to get away with at least 50 billion spin-offs every month. g1 CazMesiter is checking out the latest to crank out of the money factory, Theatr...Theater...Rythm...urr...Final Fantasy Guitar Hero! That'll do. Yes...


It's time for the COOL ART, STUPID GAME corner!

I don't get video game versions of card games, not my forte. Even as a kid Pokemon Trading Card : The Game baffled my infantile Lizard mind. They're still around though, and g1 Samuraispartan7000 (All the good Spartan numbers were taken) has given his verdict on Magic : The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalker 2013 for iOS...NOPE, can't see anything stupid about that name!


Why would you Quest for Dragons?

I'm not sure what reality g1 The Windwaker is living in to consider 2005 a blast from the past, but all the same...yeah not sure how to finish that sentence. ANYHOO, he's gone and provided us with a review of Dragon Quess V!ii1i.i....urr...DGVIIIII : JOTCK. FUCKS SAKE PEOPLE, WHAT'S WITH ALL THE STUPIDLY LONG NAMES! GAH-DAMNIT!


*Skims over this guys Avatar*

We all love a good Angry Video Game Nerd imitator, right? RIGHT? Well, tough you've got one anyway. g1 Video Game Hunter has hunted down Dragonfire for the Atari 2600, and he's reviewed it for you. Yep. Does anyone watch Tron Uprising? That's a much better cartoon, JUST SAYIN. Woody will cut this anyway, LIKE THE LUMBERJACK OF WORDS HE IS.


Since SPOILERS?! wasn't allowed in this Blog...

g1 Flapperdoodle is what you'd call a rising star here on ScrewAttack, or at least you would if you weren't a bitter arse like me. Either way, he's posted his 95th Gaming Blog and it takes a look at the best platforming robots. Y'know what platforming robot I'd like to see Nintendo? CHIBI-ROBO PARK PATROL FOR NINTENDO DS! EFF YOU!


I'll allow it...

Hey guys, Woodyman here taking over The Stickman's Spotlight really quick. He started a series called SPOILERS where he and a group of g1s discuss nerdy things. He didn't spotlight it, cause it's his own blog but it's very awesome and well done. Check out the first episode starring The Stickman, JETZ.acx, Flapperdoodle, Guru Guru, and MadHero15. Warning: It contains SPOILERS!?



Another Podcast from the g1's, this time from g1 Ehsan, who totally has a thing for me, even if he won't admit it. Anyway, it's his first try at a podcast, and he's a little nervous, so feel free to make fun of him for it, and tell him Stickman sent you! MWAHAHAHAHAHHH!


I got this game and I haven't played it!

A few weeks ago, I'd never even heard of Superbrothers : Swords and Sorcery EP, now I've not only been told to play it twice, but also own it thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle. g1 LightningandIce seems to be a fan as well since he's written a long apology letter to Grizzled Boor, a character from the game. I should probably play it, but I'm still pretending like I can finish Super Meat Boy. C'mon, World 5 with a keyboard? Not bad, right?


No Time Shift this week, and no Time Warp either! Yeah, I've worn that joke into the ground, SO, here instead is a picture of a Lizard holding a Banana!



Note from Woodyman: Umm... I got a music video made by g1 EpicJason1999 for the song Flashback by Nish by splicing together scenes from a movie... that's somthing right?

But it's not an old blog or video... in fact it was published recently...



As stated earlier, I love all things Horror, be they Games or Films or possibly even a TV Show...someday. Anyway...g1 Canadian...*Ahem*...Brony, has made a list of his personal Top 10 Scariest things in Non-Horror Games. Expect some expected, and unexpected entries on his list. I gotta admit, I'd planned to do a list like this myself, so now I'll just have to make a better one than him. I certainly have a better Username so that's a start. *Poses*



Note from Woodyman:

Since we didn't have a TimeShift this week I figured I'd give y'all a double heapin pile of Pick of the Week. The Stickman's pick is above but for my pick I gotta go with AsaiNeroTran's new original comedic video series Bits and Pieces: Episode 1 - Pilot ("Party Up") In it he talks about books (Ken Kesey FTW), talks to the camera (a lot ) and gets punched in the face... IN THE FACE!!! Watch it now!


Okay Smokey, that's another g1 Spotlight all wrapped up and ready for Woody to salvage to publicly acceptable levels.

Note from Woodyman: It was difficult... ^__^

I'd like to once again thank my very own Spice Girl, Smoke108 for his stellar blog-hunting skills which have saved my arse for the third time in a row now. Whilst I'm the face of this weeks Spotlight, and a very sexy face at that, without the researchers like Smokey this would be a very empty blog, so ta for that.


Like I said at the start, this could be my last one and I meant it, Spotlights are arranged a long ways in advance and I've got some big changes in my life rapidly approching. So if it is my last turn on the Spotlight I'd just like to say thanks to Woodyman for letting me ruin his Blog  all these 3 times, thanks to Smokey again for being my bitch, and thanks to you guys for making such awesome content, and supporting each others as well.


Later gators!



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