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All the best g1 made content from the past week.

Uhm, hey.

I'm Tren.

...I'm doing the spotlight this week, despite me being burnt out from writing in general.

It seemed like such a good idea a few months ago...

Uhm, enough prattling, or whatever it's called. It's May, it's spring, so instead of going outside and enjoying  the fine sunshine, let's just stare at our computer monitors and marvel at the stuff the g1s have made this week!

This week, SpellingPhailer chiptunes his way into our hearts and soul, with a little bit of Eastern influences. This song was made for GaijinGoomba's Game Exchange show, and you can get a song download link by visiting SpellingPhailer's blog post right here!

We got at least one piece of artwork for you this week. Straight from the forums, even!

Yourname942 drew and colored this nice picture of Link. He made a thread about it here!

Obligatory g1 Events Update!

Movies! Anime! Livestream chatting! And mad drawings! All this and more in this week's g1 Events update. Why not join in on the fun?


Calling all Monster Hunter Tri fans!

InAmberClad wants to organize some online playing in Monster Hunter Tri. I don't own the game myself, but if you do, why not give this blog a peek?


But it's not even Halloween yet!

Canadian Brony has a strange facination of all things creepy and scary... and he wants you to contribute to his developing phobias! Whether it's a fictional or true story, that's all up to you. But remember, it has to be video game related!


So WTF IS that?

Hey, didn't know Woodyman had revived an old SA contest! Well, I knew, but I forgot about it. Anyways, the third edition of  Woody's WTF is That is now out. Time to start guessing, peeps!


Play some League of Legends on May 17th!

Hey, May 17th is the National Day of my home country, Norway! So why not do your own brand of celebration and join EuphioEich on a game of LoL then? Who knows, maybe some SA personalities might show up...

Test your sig making skills!

Darkseid is at it again with a new sig making competition! If you're feeling artsy and competent in Photoshop/Gimp/MSPaint, why not try to enter some stuff in some of the categories present in the contest? It's a cross-forum competition, so represent the g1s with your wonderful sig making skills!

Also, three official entries in, and we already had a sig based on MLP. Figures...


Speaking of sigs...

Allow me to subtly segue into our next topic... more sigs! Let us see what the forums have to offer in the sig category. First up is Jesia, with this cute, yet foreboding piece. Swell work!

We also have this little piece done by a total of 4 g1s! Wulfon and Distrotion, with assistance from Jesia and Interweb, gives us this piece as requested by Fanboy. It is further proof that the proverb "too many cooks spoil the broth" doesn't always apply.

Did you like the looks of these? Then why not get one for yourself. Request away in the forums here!

So I heard that Sam shaved his beard. That's pretty sad. :(

Oh, and I think ScrewAttack vs Dorkly happened to hit the site this week as well. I dunno, haven't watched it yet, so don't take my word for it. But there exists some links!

(There are three links above FYI)

Nice to see that g1s are still contributing to this site! ...uhm, who are all these guys, anyways?


It's an AVALANCHE! ...of reviews.

The Onimusha series of games is not something I'm terribly familiar with, but Jared of Avalanche Reviews does a good job telling us what he feels about Onimusha 3 on the PS2.


 Sometimes the ports are better than the arcade original.

Slayer478 gives us a quick lowdown on one of my new favorite SNES games, UN Squadron. It's a game for everyone who enjoys a lil' pew-pew-pew-ing now and again. And anime hair.


I think my eyes just orgasmed.

Despite not being into fighting games, Skullgirls is a game that I'm genuinely interested in trying out. And killatia is here to tell you all about it. NOTE: It would seem that the video somewhat spoils parts of the game, namely the final boss. So beware of that.


No one played the Sega Master System, but this game made me wish I did.

JaceeZeldaGirl and GreenCape gave us a sweet and simple review of the often overlooked classic Wonder Boy in Monster Land.


My inner 90s child is pleased.

Guru Guru takes us back to the past to show us the animated shows that didn't suck ass. He also discusses why 90s cartoons were so much better than current cartoons, and the reasons why the good cartoons died out in the 2000s.


 Conan the Card-Gamerian!

ParadiseandFaries of the Game Graveyard looks at a convoluted mess of a card game based around the Conan the Barbarian universe, and decides to improve on it. Also includes surprising cameos from Sega characters.


Questionable questions gets questionable answers.

So what's really going on in all these old games? Dallinag asks a panel of finely educated experts in fellow g1s Fulchrum, Canadian Brony and Flapperdoodle in the newest Ask the Expert!


Hey look, it's League of Legends!

I have no idea what's going on here, but bob-omb has posted a gameplay session he had with some friends of his in League of Legends, even featuring ScrewAttack's resident swagmuffin (it's a real word now, shut up), Sam!


Ferrets don't get along with dolphins.

Ferret75 has provided his thoughts on Ecco Jr. for the Sega Mega Drive in this finely written review. Is it a hidden retro treasure hidden at the depths of the video game ocean, or does it belong in the gaming sewage drain it was found near?


Two dudes and another war game.

Every 10 seconds, a premiere episode of a video game show appears on YouTube. Here's one of them, as Cliche Psycho and his buddy Michael play through the demo of Spec Ops: The Line, in a new show they like to call... Tested!

At first, I didn't know what to put here. But then my trusty researcher smoke108 pointed me towards this blog, which he claims KingSigy wrote in 2009. Don't really see anything in the blog that suggests that, but I'll take smoke108's word on it. It's he who takes the blame if he's wrong, at any rate.

I must say though, KingSigy's blog is quite the read. It's about the cult PS2 game Ico, and how it heavily gave the "games are art" movement some serious cred. If this blog wasn't on The Time Shift, it would've probably been a contender for Pick of the Week. Speaking of which...

For this week's pick numero uno, LousyTactician proves to not be a lousy blog writer (har-dee-har) by presenting us with a Top 10 on a subject that facinates him... the mafia! Combining his love of mobsters with gaming, here are his Top 10 Mafia Members in Video Games! Please, read it... it's an offer you cannot refuse...

Well, it is nice to see that g1s are just as industrious as ever. And with the new ScrewAttack site update looming nearer and nearer, maybe we might even see a lil' boom in content in the upcoming weeks? At any rate, I am not envious of the next couple of Spotlight writers.

Much thanks to my researcher smoke108, whom without I wouldn't have anything to write about. Now TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!

This has been Tren, and I hope you all enjoy this Sunday and the upcoming week.




PS: Happy birthday, Woodyman! This is my gift to you... a poorly-written blog that you now have to salvage! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

PPS: luv u <3


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