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All the best g1 made content from July 23rd - July 29th

Welcome to the g1 Spotlight!

If you missed the TL;DR, I'm Woodyman and I'll be your guide this week through the very best g1 made content from the past week.

The worst part is, I just came back from vacations and I'm burnt and in pain but who gives a poop!

Also the Summer Olympics are happening like right now, hence the title of this spotlight, so good luck to all countries!



Let's get on with the spotlight!

First off for music we got a laid back tune from one of my favorite Wii Games of all time, No More Heroes. Here's SuperSmashDan with a Bass cover of Do Not Destroy (The Motel Theme from No More Heroes)


Next we have another original by JRokujuushi. It's another simple and laid back song... it's Simple Strings.


Nightmare Fuel

Jesia is back in the g1 Spotlight... this time I don't even know what to say. This is sometime alright, but IDK what. All I know is that I'm gonna have trouble sleeping tonight.


Meet the Screws

RiiLaKuma has decided to start blogging on ScrewAttack. To introduce himself to us he made this blog and this terrifying picture... I'm excited and terrified for what he has in store for us.


Let's Draw

Bowser is one of the first bosses we've ever faced as gamers! There's a reason there's so much fanart of him. Well if you ever wanted to draw Bowser you can watch Gamemachinejoe's Let's Draw of Bowser.

This is awesome and I'm excited to see what else you're going to draw!


I Couldn't Find it On ScrewAttack...

...but after some digging on FaceBook I found one of REVULSIVES' legendary photoshops. This time Jared is kicking Jared... IN THE FACE!


Is that a Drake Pony?

Chaos15 is back for another issue of My Little ScrewAttack (The comic about what would happen if the ScrewAttack crew was turned into ponies. In this episode, Maxifent Corey visits the office and hilarity ensues.


Who will be crowned champion?

The Titanium Man of Flash Gaming (TMoFG) is back for Season 3. It's basically a video game competition similar to IMoG played with online Flash Games. Sign up today and prove you're the best gamer!


Terra's auctioning off his prize

2010 g1 of the Year, Terra_Corrupt is auctioning off the swag he won for being g1 of the Year to help fund the SGC Kickstarter. Do you want this amazing prize-pack? Then join the auction now! Also be sure to tell me that I'm a jerk for not auctioning off my stuff. ^___^


Taste the Rainbow

Recently, Terra_Corrupt asked the g1s to make a design for Prism Games. Well the g1s have delivered and now it's time to choose which is the best. Vote now!


Contest ENGAGE!

Our local Rock Band expert, FoxDark22 has some news about Killswitch Engage coming to Rock Band.... AND a contest for 160 MSP Code. Enter here, enter now!



Kill them with fire... Our local umm... guy who writes really short reviews aka JustAKoopa is back for another contest. This time you can win the Steam game Orcs Must Die: Game of the Year Edition. How do ya win? READ THE BLOG!

Obscure Collab

g1 Lemon Crush wants to do a collab with g1s. What is the collab about? He's not too sure, but he does know it should be about songs and music. Inquire here.



We all know and love DEATHBATTLE but the problem is that there are SO MANY battles we wanna see, but so little time. That's where Forum DEATHBATTLE comes in. In this forum thread you pick a side, and debate who would win in a DEATHBATTLE. Check out Ep. 1 - Wolverine vs. Ryu


Heavy Jumpman

If you didn't already gather from the title of this, Heavy Metal Gamer reviews Jumpman. Check out the review here.



Here's a banner of my MvC2 Team! It was done by g1Thunderplant


Decepticon siggy from g1 MetaKing64x


Binding of Isaac siggy from Naitokurabu

Well of course the SGC Kickstarter is going on, and if you haven't donated yet, you definately should. Hell I'm donating as soon as I get my next paycheck.

Help Kickstart Gaming's Best Party by clicking that little image below


Besides that, this isn't really ScrewAttack News but I feel like it needs to be here.

Yesterday, I attended a Live Stream from former ScrewAttack Staff, Jose.


In the stream, Jose was showing off a new gamemode in the game that he works for, SmashMuck Champions. It's a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game and looks very interesting....


Register TODAY!





100 Words

g1 JustAKoopa reviews the indie game Qube in 100 words. Yup... right over here.


Print is dead

So why don't you read an ONLINE MAGAZINE! More specifically you should read HybridRain's Online ScrewAttack Magazine Issue #17 - SGC WOOOOOOO!


50,000 on Double Dragon?

If you're a gamer and have never seen The Wizard, then just leave now. Sell all your games and take up another hobby. Why? Because The Wizard is a philosophical, and emotional powerhouse and might just be THE GREATEST FILM EVER MADE!...... at least it is according to LimeCatMaster


Scorpion Injuries!

Dallinag's series "Ask the Experts" is back and this week's expert is my very own researcher, Darkhyrulelord. Click the link and find out the answer to gaming's greatest questions like How does a turtle survive being shot out of a cannon? and Can you REALLY ride the scorpion?


Shin Kick KO!

I love fighting games. In all honesty, they are my favorite genre of games, but I never wondered why. Now I don't have to because g1 Agatio did an analysis on why fighting games are fun, and especially fun to watch.


Super Spectacles

You'd never hit a guy with glasses right? Well you definately shouldn't because sometimes behind the glasses is a badass. But who are the top bespectacled badasses? If you read MagnumMagnus' list you may find out.


Positively Entertaining

It's nice to see such a positive blog on the site, such as g1 Alpha Unit's Why the Gaming Industry is Improving. There are many cynical blogs and the failure of the industry, that I was beginning to lose hope, but luckily Alpha Unit's here to brighten our view.


In my opinion...

Peter Molyneux is a lunatic. However, he's still a great gaming icon and just fun to watch. Recently he left a studio, started 22Cans, and announced Curiosity (a game where you work together to chip away at a cube and the person who destroys the final piece gets to see what's inside)... IDK what's inside but luckily The Stickman has 10 Things that could be inside Peter Molyneux's Cube... warning.... what's inside WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!


I don't get Zelda...

It's not my forte. Sorry, that's the last time I'll ever use that line. It's hard to compare games in a series... especially the Zelda series. However, this is exactly what Flashpenny did. He compared Spirit Tracks with Skyward Sword to find the better game. You may not agree with the winner, but you gotta appreciate this in depth blog.


It's the final countdown!

Okay, not really... in fact there are a lot of Top 10s in this Spotlight. This time we got KabalsUmbreon180's look at the Top 10 Pokemon Themes.  I know it's not a theme but I still haven't gotten the Pokemon Center jingle out of my head.


We all need a good role model

Our good buddy, JETZ.acx is back in the spotlight, and this time it's for a very personal list. We've all had video game characters who've influenced our lives, whether is be in a positive or negative way. Its always an interesting subject and a great way to learn about a g1. Learn about JETZ.acx and his influences here.


Say Something!

There are so many g1 made podcasts on the site now, that it's hard to keep track! I can't remember if we spotlighted the first episode but here is episode 2 of g1 Ehsan's podcast Double Impact: Super Slim Edition "I want some Bison dollars!"



Video game music has the ability to influence our emotions. So songs evoke a joyful smile, others a single tear, while others make you wanna punch a puppy in the face. In what I hope will be a long running series, g1 The Windwaker takes a look at some of his favorite video game tunes. The Windwaker does a fantastic blog conveying his emotions, so I demand you read this blog and give the songs a listen.



I've been on the fence about purchasing Bastion for a while now. I've heard many great things about the game, but I've also heard some meh things. Well in his very first review, JHawk99 convinced me to buy this indie masterpiece and give it a whirl. Read his review and maybe you'll get off the fence!


 A Blog about a Podcast? 

What is this sorcery??? Well season 1 of the g1 Flapperdoodle's podcast SIDETRACKED has come to a close. Now it's time for Co-host Kailoli to respect on the past season and pay her dues. It's a heartfelt blog and you can get a cupcake!


Dear Esther,

I really enjoyed your game. So did my friend g1 Lightningandice. You are a very beautiful and artistic game. While there are no real objectives for you, your graphics and visual style make me believe that you belong in a museum.


Remember Jose's Puntos?

Well imagine if that show was brought back by a g1 with a limited knowledge of Spanish and who tries to warlock punch everyone. May I present to you, Ganon's Puntos! - Battlefield 3. FYI, I'm kidding around Darkhyrulelord. It's a great revival of an old series.


Chicks dig the ride

Oh if only video game vehicles were real. I'd cruise around in The Blue Falcon all the time! While The Blue Falcon isn't on Kazman2007's list of the Top Ten Vehicles in Video Games, I think anyone would be proud to own one of these whips. 



It's difficult to believe that g1 Flapperdoodle hasn't been blogging since the early days of ScrewAttack. Nevertheless, he finally reached his 100th blog and in it, he looks back at who he was, what he has done, and his plans for the future. Pay some respect to a great g1.



It seems like g1 Ferret75 has been obsessed with Ecco the Dolphin lately. In his latest blog, Ferret takes a look at why Ecco the Dolphin is the most masculine dolphin evar!!! "Ecco the Dolphin is secretly a black wizard"


Riddle Me This!

Now that The Dark Knight trilogy is complete, it might be time for a reboot of the Batman series. If that happens, how should The Caped Crusader be handled? Well no worries MetaKing64X has 5 Tips for the Batman Movie Reboot.


I thought we were talking about comix

I must admit that I've never really heard of "Visual Novels" but they seem like a very interesting genre of vidya games. If you wanna learn more and learn about pervy visual novels too, then check out g1 Elrood's blog.


More Disappointment?

I thought we did that in the last g1 Spotlight! Well anyway sometimes there are video game sequels that don't live up to the hype, other times the game just sucks. It's very disheartening, especially when you truly enjoy the series. This is the case for Noble Team 1 as he takes a look at 5 Sequels that Disappointed him. Next week on the spotlight I DONT WANT ANY MORE DISAPPOINTMENT!


Indie Dance Punk

Sounds like a made up genre of music right? Well... WRONG! In fact it's a pretty badass genre. If you're uninformed about it, then maybe you should take a look at gaarathedancingpanda's Musician Spotlight of Matt and Kim. Two musicians who have really catchy music and upbeat lyrics. I never heard of em before but thanks to this blog I'm a fan... also I'm gonna break the rules of the Spotlight and embed one of there songs right here. Take a listen but also be sure to check out Musician Spotlight: Matt and Kim

My spotlight, my rules :P

For this week's Time Shift I decided to scour the internet for one of my favorite blogs from one of my favorite writers!

WARNING: The following blog is has no images, but it still demands your respect and views!


That's right I'm talking about g1 GameJudge and his blog The Definition(s) of Art and Why I Find Myself Hating It.


In this blog GameJudge explores his love/hate relationship with art as a concept and as a medium. This is one of the best written blogs on the site, and will challenge the way you think about art and yourself...

Read it!


I'm known for choosing Pick of the Week's that many of you don't agree with. I must admit, I'm not objective when I make the decision. I don't pick the best written blog, or the most viewed. I just pick the blog that I enjoyed the most. Flapperdoodle's 100th blog almost made it, so did The Windwaker's music blog, so did LimeCatMaster's The Wizard blog, but they didn't make the cut.


Instead for my Pick of the Week, I'm gonna go with a controversial blog, but one that I just loved to read. 


This week's Pick of the Week is g1 SamuraiSpartan7000's (SS7K's) The Top 20 Finest Fighter Girls 


If you read the title, I'm sure you already disagree with me, but give the blog a read because it's a very interesting blog.


Also I'm sure many of you are thinking that I just chose this blog because it talked about hot gaming women...


We've had NUMEROUS blogs and lists about alluring female video game characters but it's been a long time since I've seen someone tackle the subject in a (semi) mature manner and actually explain each choice in extensive details. 

It's a huge blog, and written very nicely... and it's only part 1!




Major thanks to my researcher Darkhyrulelord, without him this spotlight would be empty.


Also thanks to Smoke108! It wasn't even his week to research but he helped majorly with the forum, art, and music section.


Also thanks to viewers like you!


Also before I let you go, I just wanted to make a quick announcement.

@Nintendo_Legend (Yeah I know it's a pretentious Twitter name ^_^) has started a gaming holiday called Review A Bad Game Day.

Trailer made by Heavy Metal Gamer


I'm participating and so should you!

Click the link above for the main website.


Happy Gaming!

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