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 All the best g1 made blogs and videos from May 14th - May 27th

 Good morning g1’s! (or afternoon, or night depending on where you live)
Welcome to the Ultra-Mega g1 Spotlight, that will combine all the best blogs from last week and this week.


As I’m sure you are all aware due to new features, and servers and other technical things I don’t understand, ScrewAttack was down for a few days. Once it came back online I had a choice to make. I could either post a mid-week mini-spotlight or combine two weeks into one giant spotlight. As you can tell, I chose the omega-spotlight.


Now before we begin I’m gonna start off by thanking my researcher, Hero of Lime Bro, because there were SO MANY BLOGS AND VIDEOS posted this week that we could barely keep up.


So enjoy!

In g1 made music this week, G1neonlare started a new show where he makes original music inspired by video games, that YOU request. Check out this amazing rendition of F-Zero and go make your own Request.


Second of all we got guitar guru James Ronald with a Tetris Medley that fills me with nostalgia.


g1 JRokujuushi remixes the classic and well known ending theme to Super Mario Bros 2. It’s quite sentimental.


Ikaruka shows off his ocarina talent by playing a Snow Patrol song, it’s quite beautiful. Too bad it doesn’t summon Epona though.


Next we have Yourname942 with a fantasticly ROCKIN guitar cover of Flame Mammoth stage from Mega Man X .


Whew! That was tiring and we only just began... Wait! There's one more?

Yup finally we have Kenshiro3 with Deus Ex: 8bit Revolution

Sooooooooooooo............ GOOD!


In g1 made artwork this spotlight we have quite a few artistic wonders!


First off we have g1 TOKYOzombie with a Hipster Tetra in honor of Windwaker Wednesday on Screwin Around.


Next Mandi96 is back and this time she turned the ScrewAttack Crew into Batman Villains. My favorite is Destin as The Penguin, and Jared as the Riddler but there are a ton more here.


And finally we have the guy who makes my drawings look like a 5-year old made them, that's right I'm talking about Mel Rains. He speed drew a poster for Mario Party After Dark which you can watch here. And below is the final product


Space Penguin

The Stickman is back with a contest for his amazing comic, Space Penguin. The competition is for fanart of the series. And if you succeed you can win a cameo, and the role of a lifetime. Speaking of which, make sure you check out the comic. Space Penguin #1: Zombie Curse on the Planet Spastica 


Don’t ask me

Dallinig is looking for help with his show. He need’s questions and other volunteers. What does he need them for? IDK don’t ask me, Ask an Expert. 


Video Insanity

ARG1 Productions is excited that the new features allow users to post videos easily. They are so excited they are going nuts and taking g1 suggestions on what to do. Just don’t get them arrested.


Quiet. I Have An Announcement!

g1 2200 is back for another community list. He’s looking to count down the Top E3 announcements and needs your help and input. So get over here. 


Yay! Nemmy is Back

ScrewAttack Mod extraordinaire NemesisTrestkon is back to tell us what he thinks about ScrewAttack’s new features and he want to blog more. But is looking for some g1 input so help him out.



Can you draw? Then help out g1 BigBossofMoss by drawing a Chao from Sonic Adventure mixed with Llloyd from the Tales of Symphonia series. For more details check out the request. 


Tell Me What To Do

JohnnyFarrar wants to entertain the g1 masses, but he just doesn’t know what to write about! Help him out by suggesting what he can do.


Ask Me No Questions...

And I'll tell you no lies! (I have no idea what that's from) However, g1 Alpha Unit needs help for g1 Interviews. He needs Interviewers and Revisers. Don't be a Beta Unit, sign up now.


I Choose You!

I really think I used that title at least three times now, but so many people write about Pokemon. So umm... Brettman is polling you about favorite Starter Pokemon. I like Water types Piplup or Squirtle but tell him who you like.


Too Much Win!

Brain Overload! That can only mean one thing, the ever popular g1 events is doing a ton of stuff again! To catch up, read this blog NOW.



Hero of Lime Bro managed to sneak one of his own blogs in here with g1 Retrospectives. What is it, kinda like best ever + stories. Check it out!


Gaijin Art-oomba

Gaijin Goomba needs some fan art for his show Game Exchange. Check out the request here for more info… ASAP! 


Ahh... the forums. They are so fantastic and diverse. You can do so many things there. Like...


ScrewAttack DLC

You can discuss all of the new features that recently arrived, with your fellow g1s and get a diverse opinion!


Game On!

You can play a ton of different and fun forum games right over here!


So Much More!

You can check out ScrewAttack The Game. You can enter Darkseid's Sig Making Contest. And you can even ask a question to the g1 Podcast Reaction Command!


Siggy Stardust

Here are some of our faorite Sigs from the forums.






If you wanna request a siggy, profile banner, or background then be sure to head over, and ask some of the most talented g1s evar.



In ScrewAttack News, on Friday Chad Finally won Mario Party After Dark. Even though I’m Team Ben,


(Image from Dum Dum Dugan)


I still have to admit it was a great game and Chad deserves the win.


Also, Chad learns the hard way that you shouldn’t imitate video games in real life in this week’s Clip of the Week.


And we get a glimpse into Jared’s dark side when he starts talking about Diablo trolling on last week’s SideScrollers

(Thanks CloudyIce for the image)



Let's Get Ready to Rumble!


Look Over There! A Distraction

Why do we play video games? For DarthNocturnal it’s a distraction against the pressure, stress, and responsibilities from the real world. Wanna learn more then… Oooh a butterfly! Umm… wait where am I? What was I talking about again?


Never Had a Friend Like Me

g1 MarzGurl acknowledges that her ultimate skills at the Super Nintendo version of Alladin seem like they’re out of left field (that’s a sports reference) but nevertheless, it’s an awesome game. Check out her review and experience with the game here.


8 Outta 10

DASTARDLY DYLAN TOOMEY decides to review the new features of ScrewAttack.com are the features Colin Mochrie or Gay Men on a Boat? Watch to find out!


This Blog is 20% Lamer

I’ll admit I don’t understand the My Little Pony obsession that seems prevalent in numerous g1s. However, Madhog Thy Master counts down his Top 10 Favorite Episodes of the series. And HOLY SHIT it's a great list! and HOLY SHIT number two, My Little Pony had a Big Lebowski and a Escape from New York reference… I might hafta  watch this show… nah.


Quality +1

I’m not really a fan of Let’s Plays… as The Stickman would say, they aren’t my forte, but nevertheless I can recognize a well made one, and even though ds_gamer-dev’s Ocarina of Time Let’s Play started off rocky. It’s been improving with every episode. Check out Ep 3 here and especially the rest.


Eating Subs in a Sub, while looking for Subs

Since the new features FINALLY arrived to ScrewAttack I bet you all are exploring, enjoying, and especially subbing. If you are a new g1, or just unsure about who to sub to, then take a look at Hero of Lime’s Top 10 g1s you should sub to ASAP!


X-Box, Read Rant!

I own a Kinect, and even I know the thing makes everyone look like a complete moron. However… is it REALLY that bad? Chainsawgrizzly doesn’t think so, in fact he defends it. (I’m just gonna let him borrow a flame shield right now)


Can We Listen To Thriller?

MissEsme is inviting you all to a party… a Corpse Party! Corpse Party is a true horror and anime game that doesn’t rely on jump scares or generic characters made to die. Play it already!


Don’t Call it a Comeback…

I’ve been here for years. Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear. Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon. Listen to the bass go BOOM. Okay, that’s enough LL Cool J for one day. Instead why don’t you take a look at QuartrGuy’s Top 10 Comeback’s in Gaming. Once you think they’re down, they drag you back in.


Couch Gaming

Remember the days when you and your buddies played games together, in real life, on a couch? Me either. But apparently BenNiGeLing does, and he counts down his Top 5 favorite multiplayer games.


What Da Fudge?

Some video game endings leave you satisfied, others leave you with a shitty taste in your mouth (lololololo Mass Effect 3 lolololololo) but others just make your say What The Fuck! These are the game endings that Two Times looks at.


What if…

The Silent Hill series was combined with the Lego series? Well Digger318 finds out! I’m not sure if he made the series himself, or is just posting it from somewhere else, but it’s pretty awesome… and terrifying.  


Don’t Touch My Snake

Dark Magician takes a look at the 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Does the game puke up a snake, or is it solid? Read to find out!



Heavy Metal Gamer aka ARProductions2010 aks ARProductions aka Aaron takes a look at the arcade version and MS-Dos version of The Simpsons Arcade Game. My opinion? Needs more Duffman!


I Scream, You Scream

g1 LightningandIce takes an interesting look at what if video game characters were ice cream, what kind would they be? I’d say Kirby would be a Screwball. You try to figure out why.



We all know that Nintendo is looking a bit wobbley in the eyes of gamers. This is true, especially after the announcement of the Wii U. Nintendo showed great promise at last year’s E3, but their vitality was a bit low in the past. What do they need to do to kick ass at E3 this year? Flapperdoodle tells us, ain’t that nice of him?


Super Rad Tubular Righteous Podcast

We have a lot of podcasts in this spotlight, but this one is Super Rad… literally that’s the name of the podcast. Super Rad Podcast! I’m linking y’all to Ep 6 where they mini review Parasite Eve and Chrono Trigger. Also they get Wiggity Wack and talk bout the gangsta RapJam Vol 1. (but totally check out the other episodes).


Speaking of Podcasts…

We have Episode 3 of the great podcast “Sidetracked” Join Flapperdoodle, Kailoli, and Chaotic Meltdown as they discuss E3, g1 made content, and some other stuff probably.


Another Fucking Podcast?

Yup! It’s Reaction Command Ep 5 and in it Brettman, Mister Bo, and Dark Magician talk into microphones about video game related content! In reality they talk about Star Wars, Pokemon, and why Mister Bo sucks.


Krazy Duck in Space

It seems like everyone remembers Duck Tales fondly. I even think ScrewAttack did two or three VGV’s on the game. If you’re still not convinced by its awesomeness then be sure to check out KennyKlassic’s mini-review of Duck Tales on the NES.


Beware Blue Shells and Bird Poop

In what looks like a new blog series about similar games, Jewelwriter takes a comparative look at Mario Kart and Chocobo Racing. Which one rides into  first place, leaving the other in its dust? Comment and you can decide.



Why do we as gamers constantly play games and multiplayer that just frustrates us to no end? I don’t know but g1 Happyn3ss offers a great look at why so many people get pissed at the CoD multiplayer, yet they still play it, and then offers up some advice on how relieve some of the anger.


Speaking of Rage

Game Sack also known as two amazing dudes who look back at retro games and make lame jokes, take a look at some seriously frustrating games. Get some extra controllers because after watching this video you might snap yours in half.


DJ Grandpa

One of the legendary g1s of music, is back. Just click this link and be happy.


Go Outside? Eff That!

Since ScrewAttack went down a lot of g1s lost a big part of their day. Therefore, they had to spend their time doing non-ScrewAttacky things. Shocking right? Some g1s finally saw the sun, while others did experienced the other 10 Implications of the ScrewAttack blackout that BigJoe91 lists.


Sexy Alien Boobs

ParadiseandFaries shows us some of the more pervy aspects of anime, mainly "fan service". In this episode he talks about DearS, a series that tried to emulate success... 


Back In My Day, We Didn’t Save Our Game…

Instead we just paused it, left the game on and turned the TV off. But that has nothing to do with DigressingNSQ’s look at the history of saving your game, and the different ways games implement saving. Whether it’s save everywhere or only at certain points!


The Worst is Yet to Come

Especially if you click this link and watch Warbot41’s Top 10 Worst Levels in Gaming. The games may be good, but the levels are annoying, frustrating, and just completely suck. 



It’s obvious that gaming is a predominately male dominated past time, just look at ScrewAttack as an example. There are around 50 male g1s per 1 female. But does that mean gaming is sexist? I’m not sure, but Jawbreaker Alumni takes an interesting look at some aspects of gaming that hold women back. Warning: Many F-Bombs are dropped


Excuse Me Sir, There Seems To Be Some Normal In My Game

Amazing writer, Smoofy, takes a quick look at why gamers (and in my opinion, gramers) always want their games to be more realistic… even though games are a fantasy and escape. Quite an interesting read. 



What if the ScrewAttack crew had their very own Pokemon cards? Well now you no longer have to imagine, instead you can click Alpha Units blog and check them out yourself. I like Nick’s attack “Destroy: Does damage to user’s personal possessions such as computers or phones.”



First of all Deathtouch sounds like an awesome metal band. (DethTouch) Second off, not to be outdone by Alpha Unit, g1 DarkHyruleLord turns the ScrewAttack crew into Magic The Gathering cards… what’s next Yu-Gi-Oh? Probably.


Where’s The Vision?

I know the gaming world is gonna be pissed at me, but I still haven’t seen The Avengers movie yet. Either way, I know a good movie review when I see it. And Ehsan’s review of The Avengers is a damn good review. Still would be better if it had The Vision in it… and Gambit (every movie needs Gambit).


My Own Worst Enemy

Legendary g1 Thunderbird takes a look at the fan communities that are their own worst enemies… the ones that are slowly ruining themselves. I’m not gonna ruin the list for you, but it’s quite amazing to see how a fan of a series can actually take away from said series. Plus Thunderbird is totally badass.


A Colossally Bad Movie?

So the Shadow of the Colossus movie finally has a director. Some gamers have high hopes, but others like myself and g1 morphball just can’t see how this adaptation will work. Why not? Read to find out.


Maximum Hurt

g1 Anti_Hipster decides to take a look at the evolution of the Max Payne series, in anticipation of the recently released third installment. How does he feel about all the changes? Read to find out.


Sllloowww Mootttiiiooonnn

Avalanche Reviews… reviews Max Payne 2. Yup… there’s bullet time, and bullets, and bad guys… Pew pew pew!


Riddle Me This

You know Rocksteady has a third Batman game coming, so what villains would you like to see in it? AgentKane has his list and I really wanna see The Spook and Baby Doll, but who do you wanna Bat-punch?


Wood Man > Plant Man

Mega Man fans, (myself included) always seem to look down on the sixth entry in the series because it’s same old/same old but does it really deserve the hate it gets? Transparencypyro doesn’t think so, and makes such a good point, he changed my stance.


Speaking of Mega Man

g1 MegaSilverX1 takes a look at the seventh installment in the series. For the record, I loathe this game but does MegaSilverX1 think that this Mega Buster cuts the mustard? Read to find out!


Blue Streak, Speed By

One of my favorite purchases I made recently was Sonic 4 Ep 2… I think it’s much better than the first but other gamers still find fault with the sequel. Wanna hear the good and the bad, from an amazing writer? Then check out Ferret75’s review.


Tell Me a Story

Is storytelling really that important in video games? Yes! They add to the immersion, and the fun. A great game doesn’t need a great story (just look at Mario) but a great story can never hurt. Therefore, Takahashi2212 looks at some of the best stories in video games.


Pizza Prison Break!

Remember LEGO Island? Of course you do! Everyone I know played LEGO Island and loved this game. Join Brutalmoose as he sees if this odd game still holds up after all these years. Also, Pepper really needs to learn how to read.


Jet + Ice Cream Truck = AWESOME!!!

Grappling a fighter jet to an ice cream truck is just one of the amazing things you can do in Just Cause 2, the sandbox game built around destruction. It’s fun, but like any other game there’s room for improvement. So g1 Metaking64x decided to tackle 5 things he wants to see in Just Cause 3. I gotta say I agree, especially with the number one choice.


Those are some Ornamental Slacks

JaviGoN takes a very quick look at one of the best platformers on PSN and XBLA, Fancy Pants Adventure. Put on your fanciest pantaloons and check it out!


I’ve Got a Wild Woody

Taco-Man the Game Master, from the past My Vids Don’t Suck contest held on ScrewAttack takes a look at Wild Woody, a SEGA CD classic about a pencil. Yup… that’s about it! Game sucks, but the vid is badass. 


Eye No How Two Reed

What is a book review doing on a video game website! We don’t read here! Okay… maybe some of us do. (And maybe someone created a blog specifically for literary works) Whether you’re a big reader or not you should check out BIGMercenary’s review of Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King.


Room 101

The place where the very worst aspects of gaming dwell. The g1s themselves chose what belongs in Elmo 3000’s Room 101 and this time it was Darkseid’s choice. Are his choices bad enough to warrant a spot in the room? Read to find out.


You Make Me Feel…

Games can have an emotional effect on us as gamers. That was especially the case with KingSigy when he finally completed Assassin’s Creed Revelations. To him… it was the end of an era.


Take All My Money

I know that the ScrewAttack crew influenced my decision on purchasing games and items numerous times. I trust them and their opinions, so I understand when g1 GL7200 claimed that thanks to ScrewAttack, his wallet is a little lighter.


Are You Ready To Bone?

Well you will be if you watch Pennyman's Skylanders 101, where he takes a look at the dark Skylander Hex! Dun Dun DUNNNNNN! 


Sticky E3

Seems like The Stickman has been on a roll lately with his E3 blogs as we have The Top 10 Under the Radar E3 2012 game. AND we have his E3 2012 Prediction. That's enough Sticky for one spotligjt.

And not to be outdone Darkhyrulelord tells us the Top 15 Games he's looking forward to for E3 2012.


What is it?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard of g1 Features. However you may have some questions about what it is, and why the hell does it exist. Well now you can read an FAQ!


Final Answer?

MadHero15 is back for another round of Who Wants to be a ScrewAttack Millionaire! This time with legendary g1 of the year, and Irish dude, Terra_Corrupt. Does he go far or does his luck run out.



The dudes at Farmhouse take a look at the wimpy Mallow from Super Mario RPG. What the hell was wrong with him, and where is he now.



This spotlight is so big, The Time Shift has its own music section. So if all the songs above ran out then check out MarzGurl Sings! Mega Man II.


In addition to MarzGurl singing, we have Flashpenny with a classic list of Five Video Game Songs That Sound Like A Final Boss But Aren't...

Wow, that was a mouthful!


And then we have ANOTHER Time Shift Blog, as we take a look at Atsinganoi, where he reviews Both NES Legend of Zelda Games, and the triple trouble NES Ninja Gaiden series.


On the Light Side, REVULSIVE makes ScrewAttack's 1000th YouTube Video even more badass.

Since this spotlight is spanning two weeks and a massive amount of blogs. I couldn't just pick one blog to be the Pick of the Week.


It Seems That…

Originality is dead when the makers of “original content” always resort to the same tired clichés constantly. We see it in games, movies, books, and more. Well in this fantastic blog, Samuraispartan7000 takes a look of some of the most prevalent clichés in Science Fiction history. So time travel to a distant apocalyptic future where aliens and space marines are fighting evil robots for some reason, and then check out this week’s first Pick of the Week.


I Cried Reading This

In one of the most thought provoking and emotional blogs of this week, The Guardian compares the flower girl Aeris with Fiora from Xenoblade. Both characters are “love interests” with similarities and differences, but the way The Guardian tackles the subject makes this blog one of the omega spotlight’s pick of the week.


On the lighter side

We have a great MineCraft Animation from Slamacow


Okay this was one of the most Time consuming Spotlight's I've ever done. Trust me... this job is not easy. But I enjoy showcasing the awesomeness of the g1s.


Once again, thanks to Hero of Lime Bro for the research I couldn't have done it without him.

Next week we got FoxDark22 and WaterShocker

And finally thank you all for reading.!


I'm gonna go sleep!

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