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Selected works from the g1 community,

October 24th- October 30th, 2011

Creator: Writer: Researcher:
Woodyman Ehsan Viper.fox

(Ohhh... fancy table)

 Hey, guys, this is Ehsan, the Capcom obsessing, horrible pun making g1, here with viper.fox to bring you a new and awesome Spotlight, showcasing the talents of the g1s.

We have many Halloween themed entries for this week and there is plenty to cover. So sit back and enjoy, as we are having a Halloween themed Spotlight.

So for this week's theme, we have from g1- *looks for music* OH COME ON! HOW COME I'M ALWAYS STUCK WITH THE WEEKS WHERE WE DON'T HAVE MUSIC!? *punches kittens repeatedly* Okay, please enjoy this picture of a kitten while I look for something.

Okay, found something:


Ninja Gaiden: End Theme (Metal Version)- Nirreman

Alright, now let's get to some community announcements!


ScrewAttack Community Halloween Party

Do you want to hang out and play some games with the g1 community? Well Woodyman is hosting a ScrewAttack Community Halloween Party on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 and all are invited!


Blog Off!

Do you think you are the best blogger/reviewer on ScrewAttack? Well Stickman has a contest for you! It's called Blog Off and the goal is to write the best review of the widely released Resident Evil 4.



Sega recently re-released Daytona USA onto PSN and XBLA, well if you want to win a free PSN copy then Alpha Unit has a contest for you. All you gotta do is draw a ScrewAttack member in paint! Contest ends 11-5-11


g1 Tournament: Round 3 Battle 4

joeshadowman and Thunderbird are at it in this tournament, with this week's theme  being  Sega. Who will rise and win this round? Check out the entries and vote!

Note from Woodyman: I think that's my print screen I did a while back!


This week on ScrewAttack:

Lauren can be a little too passionate and into Street Fighter. Check out this week's Clip of the Week to see her abuse her fellow coworkers at a "harmless" game of Third Strike.


Clip of the Week not your thing? Well, check out this week's SideScrollers, where you can listen to Craig, Chad, and Jared discuss *clears throat* GAMEVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now let's get to the awesome g1 content of this week!


This Review is Bleeding with Awesome (haha, get it?)

GFrom is reviewing a very overlooked Castlevania title, Castlevania: Bloodlines or The New Generation for the non North American folks. Check out this great  new episode of Keep It Short.


Speaking of Castlevania....

I freaking love Super Castlevania IV, but what does GooberScotsman think of it? Check out his review to see his thoughts on this well known classic.


Capcom Made a Game With Zombies

g1 Kenshiro3 made a tribute video to one of the most beloved survival horror games, Resident Evil. With a very fitting song to go along with it, he reminds us on why we love the series so much.


What's Halloween Without a Scary Story?

g1 Lightningandice made an awesomely scary story titled Dog Face, just in time for the Halloween season. So sit back and enjoy this wonderful piece of writing . Kudos to you, good sir.


Another Angry Species have a Game?

Well, we all know that Angry Birds is a well known game. Or maybe because Roxio won't knock it off with the constant shoving of Angry Birds merchandise down our throat. So Teamfedora looks at the well known ga- oh wait. Angry Fish? That sounds oddly familiar. So, um.... check out the video.


Change into Digital Champions...

To save the digital world! As g1 Whitly   is finally back to writing some amazing blogs. Even though I stopped watching Digimon after season two, I am quite intrigued by this review of GENESIS OF EVIL!!! aka Digmon: Zero-Two ep. 23


So, who do we pick for this Pick of the Week? There were some awesome entries, but in the end, I had to narrow it to one person. I know everyone is excited to hear this, so the person with the Pick of the Week is....



Oh look, a penny!



Sorry, I got distracted. The winner is....



Sorry. Okay, seriously the winner is.... speaking of which, I started playing some RE 3 this morning and it's really fun. You guys should check it out. And I really love- OH right, *ahem* The winner is IrvyneAgain with his awesome look at a few games.


He looked into Zombies Ate My Neighbors, did a comparison with the SNES and Genesis versions of Aladdin, and finished up with Plok. Wait, what the heck is a plok? Check out this awesome episode to find out why it's chosen as this week's Pick of the Week.


Well, that about wraps it up for this week's g1 Spotlight. I hope you all enjoyed it and found some great g1 material to enjoy. I would like to thank my researcher viper.fox for an excellent job and to all of the g1s that made and are reading this content. Have a great Halloween everyone and if you have anything you feel should be spotlighted, check this thread.

Thanks for reading.


Important Announcements from Woodyman:

Hey g1s, Woodyman here with an important announcement. So before I begin here is some amazing music to listen to while you read. It's old but it's JamesRonald with ElecMan's theme, that he did as a tribute for all of us at the Spotlight.

Announcement #1:

As I'm sure you already know, we are looking for more help here at the Spotlight. If you already send in an application, I'm looking at them ASAP, but if you haven't then please check out full details here.


Announcement #2:

As I'm sure you have noticed recently, the g1 Spotlight has been on the front page of ScrewAttack sparatically for the past few weeks. Well I have been in communication with Bryan about getting the Spotlight on the front page EVERY week it is released and after careful negotions (I get $1,000 for every view...... right?) the g1 Spotlight WILL NOW BE ON THE FRONT PAGE EVERY SUNDAY!


Bryan told me that this will happen as long as the Spotlight is completed by Noon CST, which it usually is. He also said "the consensus in the office was we'd gladly put g1 Spotlight in the rotator"

You know what that means?


Well thank you to Bryan and the rest of the ScrewAttack crew, thanks to all the writers and researchers, and thanks to EVERYONE who views this and comments... I assure you that I read them all!


(You know what would be completely ironic? If after I posted this long announcement something happens where the spotlight doesn't get on the front page... I'd look like an idiot.)

This is Woodyman signing off!

Thanks for Reading!!!

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