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Alms!  Alms for the poor! 

Come on guys between the Steam Summer Sale and the recent big news out of ScrewAttack I can't be the only one out of money right now.  Oh well, I'll put my crushing poverty aside for right now because it's time for another Spotlight.


Now right now you may be thinking, "Caboose!  Why do ya have two researchers?  Is there just that much stuff on da interwebs?"   Well you see, unlike the Stickman, I'm so important a writer for the Spotlight  that I get special privileges!  That or WaterShocker was a little busy this week and Ehsan volunteered to help out.  I prefer the former.


But enough yammering, let's do this!!


I grow weary of reading this Spotlight without a minstrel to serenade me. 

Minstrel!  Play me a tune, it will please me.


This did not disappoint.  James Ronald has been quite active latey hasn't he?   He has definitely become one of the most notable musicians on the site.


Another g1 who has really started to pump out the music is g1 JRokujuushi (J64) who gives us this little number that is perfect for escaping the heat of summer (or matching the cold weather if you're in the southern hemisphere).



Now that we have tunes to enjoy we can get into the side salad of this blog buffet.



This artwork entry is a bit different from other entries we've had before.  Sure we've had digital entries but how many have we had that were designed for smartphones?  Gaarathedancingpanda made an art (that's a phrase right?) to bring ScrewAttack to your iPhone or iPad.  Check the whole thing out here.

Note from Woodyman: I'm an Icon too! I'm notes! 


It seems like just about every week the art section has something from the SA Minecraft server on here.  And this week is no different!  Takahashi2212 has made several huge and well made pieces and showed them off this past week.  Check out the full gallery.

Life was getting Yoshi down, so he decided to ride the scorpion.  Hopefully he'll get the laser...dawg.

 I wanna see some Minecraft work of Sunbaby


Space Penguin Contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Stickman is holding another contest for thyne Space Penguin. This time ye must cut-out an image of Space Penguin and take a picture of him in an interesting place! What can ye win? Why am I typing this way? IDK you'll hafta read thy blog for more contest information and the PRIZES.

Note: The previous entry was written by Woodyman


Time's almost up

The MADE video game museum needs money.  And they're doing a fundraiser to help raise it as well as doing a stream all this past weekend.  It only runs until 6PM Sunday (the day this Spotlight comes out) so if you have any last minute donations, now is the time.


2200 is making another community list

The topic this time: Top 10 16-bit RPGs.  So drop on by and let him know what RPG is the best of that console generation.


I would have to say Deus Ex

We all love video games, why else would you have come to ScrewAttack in the first place?  But Samuraispartan7000 (SS7K) wants to know what game symbolized YOU.  Do you eat everything like Kirby?  Or like hiding in boxes like Snake?  Tell him here.


Be social in your After Dark support

By joining Keyser's new group on Facebook: Mario Party After Dark Fan Group.  Now you can tell all your online friends that you barely know which team you support!  Or just enjoy their confusion when you start yelling stuff like "Pro Swag Denver the Last Dinosaur!"  (it's okay to feel sick after reading that, I have no shame)


Get your art in a commercial video game

Our dear friend Terra_corrupt is busy making video games but he has a special offer for you artists out there.  His company needs a logo, be it a banner or whatever, so he's reaching out to us to provide it.  Show him what you got guys, I know you can do it.  FOR GREAT JUSTICE.


This could have gone into the This Week On ScrewAttack section

But considering that Community Manager and law-man Bryan put it up and it involves g1 input I put it here.  Some of ScrewAttack's Crew and shows have somewhat lackluster profile backgrounds and banners and they want to fix that.  With the sole exception of DEATH BATTLE, if you have a design you want to see being used then you can get all the particulars here.


Do you want to help create a retro review database?

Well g1 SixSicSixClown wants to make one and he needs your input.  So if you have a game that you have a review for or really want to do, join up here.


Last one, I swear

You guys know the ScrewAttack game that McGunn is making?  Well it turns out that he's also pursuing a more profitable venture in designing a game for the Ouya with some other g1s and he's looking for more help.  If you want to contribute in any way (virtually every spot it open) then check it out here.



I would join in the wet conga line and do the cosplay competition!

Stuff like that is going on in the forum topic "If SGC happened again, I would...".  Join in and add your input.


Freaking zombies man!

First The Walking Dead becomes a hit comic, then a hit tv show, then a hit video game, and now the g1s want to make it a hit board game?!  Yes it's the best thing since Romero came up with the genre but...actually this looks fun.



I am the night!  This is a great sig because of how well it blends together Christopher Nolan's powerhouse Batman trilogy.  Metaking, I tip my hat to you good sir.


Confession time guys: I don't know the first thing about Fire Emblem outside of Smash Bros.  Either way I can appreciate a good sig when I see one and Blazerxz's just seems to say, "Yeah I'm a BAMF, what're you gonna do about it?".


This week was the official start of Season 2 of Screwin' Around.  The new lineup includes: Metroid Monday, Roulette Tuesday, Adventure Wednesday (doesn't have a name yet but I like the sound of this), Terrible Thursday, and PC Friday.


We also had a surprisingly civil Mario Party After Dark 6 this week with special guest Corey.  *Spoiler* I'll also take this time to say Team Jared FTW! *Spoiler*


Finally a little something we've all been waiting to hear...


The SGC Kickstarter is live!  If you can donate then please do so, we have come a good way but still have awhile to go.  DONATE!!!


 Oh man, now we're getting into the meat and potatoes of this beast. 


He's pulling a Woodyman (or a Jetz.acx)

The prince of darkness himself, darkhyrulelord, is taking a page from Jetz and Woodyman by bringing back a discontinued ScrewAttack show: Reboot or Retro.  He breaks down if you should buy Donkey Kong Country Returns or just stick with the original DKC.  Why you wouldn't get both is just beyond me though.


Art still isn't my forte

But I do take the stance that video games are art in their own way.  g1 sharkjack gives us a more in-depth look into that aspect of the medium with his blog that video games aren't just art, but good art too.  


Ponies aren't my forte either

I like to give my researchers one special request blog to include in here even if I wouldn't normally put it in.  One of my researchers requested heavily that this week's issue of My Little ScrewAttack be included; the comic this week strangely applicable considering the holy war Jared has been waging on certain invaders at the HQ.


I'll get you yet Stickman!

The latest issue of Space Penguin is up and boy is it a good one.  There are plenty of little nuances and references in the comic if you look closely enough.  Stickman may be a lizard gimp, but damn he can write a good comic.


First impressions are everything

Flapperdoodle understands and explores that concept in The Perfect Platformer.  This one however, has a bit of a twist: he's not alone.  Pulling in other g1s, Flaps and crew tell us what the perfect first platforming level is to them. 


Rayman Origins, Street Fighter 3, Jak and Daxter...

Huh?  Oh I was just listing the games that I've been neglecting (that first one will probably get my lynched on this site).  Our fearless leader Woodyman has his own Top 10 list of games he's been neglecting.  What are some games that YOU'VE been neglecting?


Drake got an awesome exclusive interview

Our buddy Drake was able to land an interview with the guys behind the new indie game Boot Hill Heroes.  It's a really good look into what indie developers have to go through to get their game made but also explains how they hope to recapture the 16-bit RPG feel in their game.


Rock on!!

g1 Lightningandice put together his own Top 10 list this week as well, only his was about his Top 10 Favorite Guitar Solos.  As a metal head I certainly appreciate this list but I'm a little miffed that he only gave the late, great, Ronnie James Dio an honorable mention  >:(


 I don't think everyone really hates these things..

Now we all have games that we like that other people seem to hate; I for instance enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever and Deus Ex 2.  g1 SS7k (who must be shooting for g1 of the Year with all the good stuff he's been churning out lately) tells us about the games he likes that others don't.


If you're not disappointed after Woodyman's list

Then let g1 Palmerama try to induce that feeling in you with a blog about the Most Disappointing Games of This Generation.  I think we can agree on some of these while hotly disputing others (TF2 is NOT that bad dude).  Either way it's a nice juxtaposition with SS7k's blog above.


If you own a pet then you'll love this

g1 Ferret75 gave us a look at dogs in horror games and the big impact that they can have in the experience of the game.  It also dives into the psychology of the games and how the dogs come to represent...oh just read the thing.  Brofist Ferret.


Killatia and Alan Wake?  Hell yeah!

The title pretty much says it all; Killatia gives us a review of Alan Wake American Nightmare on the PC.  It is worth it?  Check it out.


Gamers working out? BWAHAHAHAHAH!!

Seriously though g1 The Windwaker gives us his top tunes to listen to while working out.  It's a pretty good selection but I prefer metal covers or Duane and Brand0 myself.  You'd be surprised how much easier it is to run a mile while rocking out to Megaman.



Although "extreme sport" games aren't my cup of tea (or really any sport for that matter), g1 BizarroZoraK has gone through his game collection and found some of the better ones for us.  So if you're interested in BMX or skateboard games then this blog is right up your alley.


It's like we're all connected in a vast web of...webiness

Ever play a game and thought, "Huh this is just like *insert level* from *insert game*"?  Well g1 bigjoe91 has decided to investigate that phenomenon that he coins as familiarity.  So what kind of things do Resident Evil 5 and Portal have in common?  More than you might think.


Totally animu

Anime has an audience here so g1 YellowLantren decided to do a review on the anime/manga series Chrono Crusade.  I may not be as much into anime as I once was but this was still an interesting read. Beware the blog is chock full of spoilers.


You remember that disappointment I told you about?

Well g1 Smoofy is disappointed in all of us for letting crappy games exist.  Before you bang away on your keyboard you should hear him out before passing judgement.


Dual Samus action?  Yes please.

Metroid Prime is my favorite Metroid game, come at me.  g1 gamerninjaxl has decided to wrap up his Metroid Month by comparing Super Metroid and Metroid Prime to determine which one he likes more.  It's pretty definitive in my opinion (not that I'm biased at all).


So THAT'S why Sephiroth looks like a pretty boy

g1 Dallinag 's signature series Ask the Experts is back for a whole new installment about guys from Final Fantasy and the odd phsycis-bending weaponry in Valve games.  He also has a big announcement, what could it be?


What the f***? Like, this m***** f***** right here breaking rules and s***.

Right then, that's only a small taste of what you get when you read g1 Rurounizanza's quotes from Mario Party After Dark 3.  You almost want to wash your own mouth out with soap after reading it, I swear.


If you don't like it then make your own list!

Apparently g1 Elmo 3000 decided to do just that after seeing ScrewAttack's Top 10 Video Game Themes.  He has some odd choices for sure but they are pretty good tunes.


Harmonix still exists?

It would seem to be the case since g1 FutureRetroGamer got an interview with some of the guys from the company about their new game Rock Band Blitz.


I'll be honest guys, I always have a hard time finding stuff for this but I think I finally have a system down for it.  Anyway, my pick for the Time Shift this time around is going the be Radiopools' blog about Achievements and whether or not anyone actually cares about them.  It's a good blog about an often-debated topic; check it out.


Controversy HOOOO!!!

To say the recent DEATH BATTLE was controversial would be a huge understatement; thousands of argument posts in the comment section and angry rant blogs pay tribute to that fact. However, the guys at The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog have thrown together a massive blog breaking down the fight, the arguments about the outcome, speculation on the unofficial rule of DB based on previous fights, and show just how much thought went into the outcome. It's long, but a great read.  Read on my friends.


Special Announcement

I know Woodyman doesn't want 2 Pick of the Week entries but this kinda needs to be seen by as many people as possible so I hope he'll make an exception.  While I don't know how bad the chat was in the last After Dark (with one exception), there's something that needs to be said about the chat in MPAD: calm down.  g1 AgentKane made a blog post this last week about how bad the chat has been and that we need to show more civility when we're watching and commenting.  



Another Spotlight done for me; I swear these things go faster every time I do them.  I want to give a big shout out to WaterShocker and Ehsan for their great job as researchers this week.  Ehsan, if you're reading this then WaterShocker and I just want you to know how deeply grateful we are that you stepped up to help us this week.  You rock dude.


I'd also like to once again proclaim that Team Jared is freaking sweet and that all you swag and dino lovers out there can suck it.  Too much?  Okay, taking it back.


Remember that the SGC kickstarter is going on for another month so if you haven't donated yet you still have plenty of time to come up with a donation.  Let's make this happen guys.


But if you'll excuse me I have to attend to a difficult issue that I can only express through this image:


But wait!!!


Hey g1, Woodyman here, from my VACATION, taking over the spotlight for just a little bit. While I was editing the Spotlight this morning I started to check the site for any last minute additions. As it turns out, I found something but wish I haven't.

Faithful g1 and fantastic blogger, SierraFoxtrot

is leaving ScrewAttack (possibly forever) I know I'm not alone when I say that you'll be missed! Good luck in all future projects.

Live long and prosper! 

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