g1 Spotlight: Panic in Cobra City

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Huh. I could've swore I was just here a week ago. Anyway, welcome to the g1 Spotlight. Apparently some backup plans had to be written, and calls had to be made. Thus I am summoned from the catacombs of uselessness to cover the g1 Spotlight once again, but not as a mere researcher, oh nosiree, but as your trusty guide through this week's notable content. 

Now let me just take a look at who I am supposed to be filling in for and...oh my. Those are certainly some big leather boots to fill, especially for a first-timer. Guess I'll try my best to emulate the originally-scheduled experience as best as I can for this Spotlight.

2D boobs are the best. Your waifu is trash unless it's Rukia. Anime and indie games will save the world!

There we go. Now that that's settled, on to the show.


Musical Garfield

Another week, another case of the Mondays. Lately each Monday has become more tolerable thanks to Satchbag's latest series, Mixtape Mondays. I love how he goes into so much detail about the song and its composition. This week on Vol.4, he covers a grimely-crafted day of surfing along the ice caps of Zanarkand. See I can mix it up too.


How did Pokemon trainers hold their breath for so long when using HM08 anyway?

That question may never be answered, but fans will not have to wait long for the release of OR/AS. Meanwhile acloudcalledklaus went ahead and made this fan remake of the theme used when submerged underwater in the original games. The best way I can describe this melody is 'synthetic aquarium'.



Adolescent Abnormal Shinobi Tortoises

Riding off the hype/despair of the new TMNT movie, James Ronald (Epic Game Music) covers the streets level of the NES beat-em-up title.

True Story: I was chowing down on some radical pizza when I decided to check this out. Without a  doubt it enhanced the music.





Yet another way to celebrate the TMNT movie. JohnnyCrimson2000 made this spray art drawing of the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It brings out the badass in each member and makes me want to immediately apologize for my Shinobi Tortoise joke above.




If Youtube was managed by ol' Lucy, but with less copyright claims

Missed out on Youtube Hell 2014 at SGC? If you wish to redeem yourself as a masochist, then be sure to join g1 Cyrax in the live stream replay of the event on August 30th. More details on the atrocity are available here


AngryMetalGamer? More like GenerousMetalGamer

g1 AngryMetalGamer​ is giving away 10 free Steam game codes. It wouldn't be so metal though if he were just giving them away for nothing. Hence why he's set up a little competition for those who wish to be rewarded free stuff. Details on the contest including the games in the prize pool are discussed here

"Forums are so 2008" -Stuttering Craig

It'll come out eventually (unless you're referring to The Last Guardian)

Evolve, Smash Bros, Destiny, Arkham Knight. These are just some of the games that were promised to come out sometime soon only to pull itself away from anticipated grasp until 2015 or later, like when your dad promises to be at your big play/sports game/recital only to cancel because he's too busy getting busy with the secretary. It's understandable in most cases, but it's still disappointing, hence why a very disappointed MetalCyanide asks the big question: do release dates mean anything anymore?

Kuma becomes King of Iron Fist, Jun's an alien, and everything remains EXCELLENT

Tekken 7 was officially revealed at EVO 2k14 and it has been confirmed to be the last entry in at least the Mishima storyline. g1 JohnnyCrimson2000 wants to establish a roundtable, with the topic being the possible resolutions to the family-feud saga. Some questions and theories have already been mentioned so any further input is more than welcome. 


Wanna prove your expansive knowledge of the linguistic arts?

Darkseid​ has just the modus operandi for you to utilize here. Subsequently you can collate your grade amongst the populace of the symposium. 







The Screw Crew have finally began to settle down in their new HQ, with regularly-scheduled programming resuming back on task. During the off hours, they went off to the cinema for two separate occasions. The first was the AVGN Movie Dallas premiere. The second was the long-awaited TMNT movie. Nick, Chad, Ben, Parker, and Bryan knew they were in for a treat as soon as they saw the capacity crowd present for the curtain call

VIP Private Screening

While you enjoy their off-hour adventures at Micheal bay's expense, here's some content for you to enjoy that occurred during the work day.

Fun Fact: Crash is not based on Taz the Tasmanian Devil; news to me
The newest episode of Five Fun Facts is on Sony's closest bet to a mascot in the 90s, Crash Bandicoot.

Time to head into town
And this is just the tune to do it with. Muse of Moose's latest piano piece is based on the town theme of Dragon Quest IV.

Nostalgia Tears
Before they completely moved out of their old HQ, the gang reminisced on some great..good..decent memories of the place. Farewell cramped building. You will be missed..maybe.

Olympic Roboballs of the Holy Trainity
Episode 2 of Season 2 of Sidescrollers is finally here, now with new HQ decor and FANCY GRAPHICS! Check out the new episode, appropriately titled "High and Tight", conveniently how I like my snuggle buddies.


This leads us to the cream of the crop of the Spotlight.

Seriously who came up with that expression? Who decided to put cream on crops? What kind of cream was it, and on what crops? I just don't understand how that's still a thing.


I wonder what skills being naked would give me.

Gee, Earthbound sure is popular. Too bad Mother 3 hasn't hit U.S. shores yet. It's a shame there hasn't really been a game like it available in the U.S. for such a long time..or has there? GiantWeebo shows off a really obscure title for the Nintendo DS called Contact. He explains why this costume-swapping, island-traversing RPG is not only a great Mother alternative, but just a great game in general.


Keep a can of pesticide at your side when playing this game

I'm going to be blunt here: Deadly Creatures is a scary game, especially for those with arachnophobia. It's also downright brutal; It's basically God of War only with spiders, scorpions, snakes, and other insects. Thank goodness this was a Wii-exclusive game. Would you want to see all of the creepy crawly violence featured in the game in HD? But behind all of that lies a pretty good game, at least according to g1 ​Moon Spirit. Check out his review of this treasure that was doomed to be buried from the start because of its premise.


Another creepy crawler game, but this one's feared because it's just plain bad.

Spider-Man month continues with the LJN Defender (CygnusDestroyer20XX' s secret identity) going straight to the sequel of Spiderman's first game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, proving that it's not such a lame game after all. Oh but what's this? My common sense is tingling, telling me that he's having some trouble trying to redeem this title. Will he convince you? Tune in to find out.


But not even LJN Game Boy games can apparently compare to this abomination.

Ladies and gentlemen ebtks presents to you the worst Game Boy title ever: Castelian. I don't know, I have my doubts that this is merely just hyperbole. I mean the main character looks kind of cute, it looks decent, and the gamepl-..oh. Oh it's one of those games.



It's not the choices you make that matters, but what color comes out of it.

g1 joeshadowman has finally completed the Mass Effect trilogy. What did he think of his grand adventure? What were his opinions on his crew of characters and exotic sites across the galaxy? Meh. Joe discusses  why he just wasn't impressed with Mass Effect 3, and the overall series' narrative.


I know for a fact that playing DoA Xtreme 2 has had an impact on my dreams

Hiatus has always wondered if video games affected our dreams in some capacity. After thorough research and first-hand experience, he comes to the conclusion that video games not only affect dreams, but those who play video games on a regular basis have a higher probability of experiencing 'lucid dreaming'. Check out the article yourself to view his findings, his opinions, and start up a discussion of the matter in its comments section.


I'd like to ride you all night long.

When traversing the lands of some our favorite video games, sometimes our legs and feet are just too darn slow to get to point A to point B. It's during these troublesome situations where our trusty mounts become so precious to us. Prowler64 counts down the Top 10 Steeds in gaming, taking into account how useful their characteristics, their importance in their game, and probably most of all, their companionship. It's a good list that's worth saddling up for. Plus the word steeds is so fun to say.



Now if only our mechanical steeds could launch out shells at traffic

Mario Kart has quite a wacky arsenal of weapons and gadgets that its racers use to get 1st place in a race. However as the series progressed with more games, some items just fell off the face of the map. Nathan DiYorio​ wants to be Lakitu, and fetch back at least 5 items he wants to see back in the franchise. #4 was especially clever at its time, and it's shame it was removed in later iterations.


More broken promises

At least with the AAA titles I mentioned before, they're at least guaranteed to be return home around 2015; maybe apologize for being so late and then take you out for ice cream. The games included in this list however...I'm not sure if they're even coming back. Early Access games seem to be new big hot thing for developers to do these days, but as g1 Keychain points out, most of them either seem to be stuck at an impasse, or just took their earnings and ran away as far away from their baby mommas as possible.

Shmups- The           of video games

Ah I remember the good ol' days. Before the days of Ikaruga, and Touhou. When 95% of the screen wasn't occupied by things that killed you in one hit, with the other 5% taken up by little girls. Back in the day bullets only occupied 82% of the screen. Look back on those days on the latest episode of the 8-bit Eric Show as goes over some classic shmups on the Sega Genesis.


Mario borrowed his Smash Bros. moves from Ryu

Don't believe me? Fireball = Hadouken, Jump Punch = Shoryuken, and Mario Tornado = Donttouchmyfoodken. Well however you want to look at it (even if its super obvious), Drake is here to explain the true origin(s) of each of Mario's moves in the fighting-party series in his new short series, Smash History.



While Drake goes over characters and movesets, Furst decides to go over the less discussed factor of Smash Bros., stages. He may not be the 'furst' to be talking about Smash Bros. this week, but he's the first person I know of to go into detail on the DK stage, Jungle Japes, including the purpose of the barrel building on the side. After finding out, you probably won't want your character to be swimming in that river below any time soon...unless you're into that sort of thing. I'm not one to judge.



Import Gaming FTW is back with another episode featuring a Japanese-exclusive game. While Ninja Gaiden toured around the world on the original Xbox, there was another game of the same caliber, made by Microsoft Studios, that stayed put in Japan. How does it fare? Is the title worthy of the name of a Sacred Treasure? Jimmy is here to tell you just that.


The shopkeeper has some fantastic opera lungs

That was enough for me to be interested in Dance of the Necrodancer, but this innovative title has so much more going for it. emmesai (Rated S for Sanwich) takes a quick bite out of the rhythm-based rogue dungeon crawler and he wants to regurgitate what he tasted with the rest of you. So buckle up those DDR skills, and prepare your best dungeon strategies for this episode of Snack-Time Indies.


Time to vaporize gorillas with my JO crystal!

Aw damnit; still needs to be recharged. Anyway remember that film Congo? The one that tried to capitalize off of the success of Jurassic Park, only replace the dinos with extras in ape suits? Unsurprisingly they made a movie tie-in game for it in the form of a first-person shooter for the Sega Saturn. Hard4Games​ checks it out for themselves and try to get their wild side on in the process. Getting a gorilla suit would have made that last goal easier.


And who says the 3DS only has Nintendo games?

Seriously who? Must be Vita fanboys.  MetalJesusRocks​ and his wife Rebecca are here to further prove that behind all of the Marios, the Zeldas, the Pokemons, and Fire Emblems, there are still plenty of great hidden gems still available to players inside the 3DS e-shop. 


Still ten times better than California Adventure

It looks like Sir Toasty just won a prize: tickets to Disneyland! But wait, why were the tickets sent by Nintendo? Maybe it's for Disneyland Japan? No? Then what is it for? Oh. It's for NintendoLand, Nintendo's letdown attempt at wowing audiences with a tech demo like Wii Sports. Oh well, let's catch up with Toasty to see if he can find any fun in this amusement park.


Jeez, not even some pleasantries?

Cyrax ​and Debaser are back in a new edition of The Reset Button and they have a lot of news to cover this week, including the EA Access, Hyrule Warriors and the return of the Flappy Birdemic. All of that and much more.


God Hand needs to become a franchise, or at least a sequel.

The g1 Best Ever team strike again, putting their individual arguments on the table over which is the best Capcom franchise. Since there's only around 4 members on this discussion and a buttload full of good Capcom games, there's going to be a few top candidates being left out. Which ones to these particular people think are the top Capcom franchises? Check out their choices and then immediately prove how wrong they are in the comments.


Thought we were done talking about TMNT?

NOPE! Just when you let your guard down is when a true ninja strikes! This article is different though because it actually talks about the movie everyone's talking about. Along with Michael Bay Shrek ninjas, Deadpool, space raccoons, tornadoes, DC and more are on the talking table in the 10th episode of At the Screwvies (12th if you count the Oscars "special"). Somebody lace the popcorn with champagne to celebrate the fact that they haven't been canceled yet for this long.

Are Yu Okei?

The recovery efforts for the victims of the devastating explosion of Ben's hardrive are going along smoothly. In fact, according to the co-host of the show, approximately 85% of the Godzilla v. Gamera video is already completed. I'm honestly surprised that Tom the Iron Man didn't already have a version of the full feature stored within his archives, but whatevs. Nevertheless for those that need their DEATHBATTLE fix yesterday, here's a quick unofficial battle between two fighting game greats, animated by one of the team members behind the real deal. It's One Minute Melee: Terry Bogard vs. Burai Yamamoto.


Wait, so it's not Zelda who we're playing as in the games? MIND BLOWN!!

Conspiracy theories are everywhere. Composing one is one of many ways we humans do when we just can't admit to reality. Some theories are well thought-out backed up with good supporting evidence, whether it be intentional or due to sheer coincidence. Others however are..let's just say their grasp on reality was lost long ago. Legend of Zelda is especially no exception to those who wish to solve the many mysteries behind the golden land and its lore. Detective dbzfanboy​ is on the case on some of franchise's biggest mysteries not yet addressed by the Hyrule Historia, such as a fourth Triforce piece, the evils within Link, and the origin of Fierce Deity.


You kids and your crazy frames and definitions.

Proper game footage can make or break game videos, especially Let's Plays. Hence why CraigHeadPro​'s tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro and Bandicam users can come in so handy for those looking to separate themselves the Hollywood that is the oversaturated Youtube market that it has become today. Just remember that the visual department is still just one step in becoming a success in a cyberspace that requires mastering all of them in order to stand a chance.


Man I never thought I'd stare at the face of this segment of the Spotlight as the writer. Now I understand how hard it is to do this; like choosing which of your children is your favorite. It certainly is a scary process for some weeks.

Y'know what else was scary? Finding out that Studio Ghibli might have been shutting down after 30 years of production. I believe the most common, yet accurate description of the news was "seeing the Japanese equivalent of Disney close down after all this time". No matter what common sense tells me, I just never see that kind of thing happening in my lifetime. Well thank goodness it just turned out to be an announced hiatus for the studio; still sad, but I can live with that. 

Now in stark contrast to me, The Stickman practically detests anime. I wouldn't be surprised if he found out all those moe kawaii desuness imploded upon itself and left the modern anime industry in a pile of dust across Japan he'd celebrate and decree the event a national holiday (because "national holidays" are everywhere these days). But despite all this, I think it's safe to say that if there was one thing that would survive the destruction of that strangely specific blast radius, we both hope it would be Studio Ghibli. It took him a while, but he finally composed his list of Top 10 Studio Ghibli films, just in the nick of time. It has some typos here and there, but the article is well-organized and really tugs at the opinions of fans. Hence why this list is my Pick of the Week.

That's going to do it for this week. Be sure to visit Infinte Rainy Day you nerds.

Okay that's enough of that Darkseid impression  But that is going to be it for this week's g1 Spotlight. So how did I do as a first-time writer? Any ego-boosting compliments can be sent to the comments section below, and if you have any complaints, you can just PM Woodyman about them.

Until next time,

Stay Healthy Fuzzy Wuzzies ;)

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