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Showcasing the best and brightest of the g1 community from the last two weeks!

Hello g1s one and all to a special two week mega version of the g1 Spotlight.  I'm g1 Caboose and I want you to join me on this journey through some of the best stuff to grace this site. 


That's wonderful.  Shall we continue or should I just keep doing this Clint Eastwood thing?



Let's start this bad boy off with a little Chrono Trigger music.  The orchestral maestro g1 blakerobinson has graced us with this beautiful piece of 16-bit glory.


Next up we have a double-8bit remix from my buddy g1 Kenshiro3.  The name is of the song "Justice" from "Shingetsutan Tsukihime".  Sorry to say that I've never heard of the show but then again, my anime days are long behind me.



This is closer to a jingle than a song (if only for its length) but g1 J64 made this little diddly for us and called it "PAX Jam".



Halloween is just around the corner and g1 JamesRonald is keeping to the spirit of the holiday with a love song.  About zombies.  Is there nothing he can't do?



Are you all music-ed up?  Good because that's all you get, we're not bloody iTunes now are we? 



I call the finger paints!  Don't let me near the kiln or I'll set another fire...don't ask. 


First up today we have a newcomer to the site.  g1 gheonden (or Nash as he likes to be called) made this and more in his introduction blog.


We also have this little number from g1 Jesia.



In anticipation of the next DEATH BATTLE, TokyoZombie has created yet another fine piece of art depicting both fighters getting ready to fire a signature attack. 



This is going to be a hell of a fight, but I definitely agree with some notable DEATH BATTLE experts' assessment of this being a battle that we may come to regret ever having come into being.



Help Some Kids In Need

g1 dustballin made a promise for the SGC Kickstarter to get an indie bundle pack together.  Well he's gotten the bundle and has partnered with The t Well Gamers Foundation to help provide games to kids in hospitals; thing is that he needs our help to make a strong finish.  See if you can lend a hand.


Flapperdoodle Is Going To Have A Hard Time With This One

g1 2200 is setting up another g1 Community List, this one is going to ve over the Top 10 2D Platformers.  This could be the most closely contested list to date so make sure you get your opinion in before it's too late.



To Arms My Brethren!

Pokemon's kind of a big deal right?  Well g1 KH sure hopes so too, the call has gone out for anyone with Pokemon Black/White 2 to start interacting by trading, battling, or what have you among g1s.  Have at it friends.


It's Like Our Own Little Veterans Affairs Meeting

g1 NemesisTrestkon has seen the darkest days of the war with the aliens in XCOM.  He has seen great triumph and mourned the loss of comrades.  Now it is your time to tell us all of your greatest XCOM stories, so that we might remember those that have fallen to the grey menace. 


I'm Going To Need You To Sig This...

We have some really great signatures from this past week.  The creators in order are g1s: ChaoticMeltdown, Thunderplant, and Distrotion.




As always you can request a great sig by asking the sig masters at the forum here.



Over the last two weeks things have been mostly quiet regarding the Crew.  Except for a bunch of reviews, and a few vaults, Craig is going to a film festival in LA, Nick and Bryan suffering through Typing of the Dead on Roulette Tuesday, and this guy showing up on SideScrollers...



Oh yeah, (how silly of me) this is a thing again too.



One last note here: Craig will be announcing the location and dates of SGC on Monday, October 22nd.  Chances are he'll announce it on Screwin' Around and put it up on his Twitter and Facebook around the same time.


Well here is the all-you-can-read/see buffet of this Spotlight.  I hope you saved up that music, went to the bathroom, and told your friends you're in a coma because there's a lot to look at here.  Oh, and we also have another present for you guys:




First Nintendo Power And Now This

g1 HybridRain has some bad news for us: the ScrewAttack Magazine is coming to an end.  To this end he has made this video to address the issue, he can explain it better than I can.  It had a great run Hybrid, you should be proud.


Fighters In Your Hands

g1 AsaiNeroTran just got a nifty new camera and he's showing it off by giving us a little history lesson on the Neo Geo Pocket Color.  By the end of it you'll be wondering just how many fighters SNK actually made during their heyday. 


Well This Game Is Bound For Terrible Thursday

The guys at ContinueShow recorded a playthrough and provided commentary for an old Genesis shooter by the name of Zero Tolerance.  All I can tell you is that you'll be scratching your head at this game and laughing along.  Full spectrum feet lasers activate!


Stupid Guards + Killing Furries = Best.  Game.  Ever.

g1 Tudd Fudders recently got Dishonored and was surprised by some of the things the game allowed him to do.  This game just became three times as cool to me through this video alone.  Enjoy the chaos.


Anyone Remeber That Great Shogun 2 Riff From Back In April?

Well the guys who run A Tale of Two Gamers (g1 Soulefoin) who made that video are making their official introduction video.  They've been putting up some Let's Plays but have some bigger plans in the works, but I won't spoil anything here.  Go ahead and watch their video and show some support, they're eager to be here and we should be eager to have them.


Running Down Pedestrians Never Looked So Pixelated

g1 ARProductions (aka The Heavy Metal Gamer) has done a pretty kick ass review on Retro City Rampage and left me wanting the game myself.  Seriously, why doesn't this have more views?  Watch it!!


I Demand More Gore!

Halloween is such a great time of year.  The changing weather, the promise of candy, the festive spirit, and of course the mountains of corpses and oceans of blood left in your wake.  At least that's what my Halloween is like, I guess the rest of you can do like g1 kevinwska and play Splatterhouse 2.


Tim Burton Is Back In Theaters

But the question remains, is his new film, Frankenweenie worth it?  Well g1 The Stickman sets us straight on whether Burton has returned to form or should have let this one die.  (I know puns are horrible but you try writing for all this Halloween stuff!)  Check it out now.


It's A Legitimate Platform!

Mobile games are a thing now, if you haven't accepted it then you'll be in for a rude awakening before too long.  To this end, g1 MetalJesusRocks has put together a review of multiple titles for the iPad (sorry Android users).  I've got to admit that the graphics and setup to these games is getting surprisingly good. 


Take Pictures With Your Wii!

Okay not really, but you can simulate the experience by playing the Fatal Frame games for the system.  g1 EnigmaXtreme takes a look at the titles released for the Wii and actually found out that Nintendo actually has a reason for not releasing these games to the US.  Go figure.



Your Productivity On Thursday Has Just Fallen

Why?  Because Flapperdoodle and Kailoli are back with a new season of SIDETRACKED.  There are a lot of changes to the show and it looks better than ever.  Congrats to Flaps and all of g1 Features because it's a real group effort now.  Watch and be amazed.



BobboHead13 heads up this week's edition of the Randumb podcast.  If you feel like reminiscing about Sega or want to hear everyone's comments on, "going in dry" then this is definitely worth your time.  Oh and by the way, this was recorded during g1 After Dark (thought I should mention that).  MUAHAHAHAHAHA!



Have Yourself A Bloody Good Time

Indie Shack is serving up a blood soaked edition with three games that pump out enough blood to make even Peter Jackson's Dead Alive (aka Braindead) jealous.  Satisfy your blood lust today.



If it's not Zelda, then it's zombies that show up the most in every Spotlight.  Well you all can thank Tom the Iron Man for this one as he recorded himself playing with his usual band of misfits in the game Killing Floor.  By the way, this is why you should watch Tom's streams.


I Got A Fish, Would You Like To Make A Wish?

Anyone who knows that reference is either facepalming or cracking up laughing right about now.  Anyway, g1 Flapperdoodle's latest entry in his THE PERFECT PLATFORMER series focuses on the denizens of the sea.  The harpoons, man them!


And You Thought Mario Party Was Controversial

Take a large group of g1s, deprive them of sleep, then pump then full of alcohol.  What do you get?  g1 After Dark.  In g1 After Dark nothing is off limits and that's what makes it so fun.  Alright so I might be a little biased in saying that, but g1 Shiznita has a nice promo for it nonetheless.



This Almost Needs No Introduction

But for those who may have missed it I will anyway.  While perusing through some old Spotlights for this section it occured to me that there's no better blog to put on here than Alpha Units tour de force: Sean Hinz: Emperor of Kings.




WTF Japan?  Just....WTF?

Ever go to Newgrounds and see all the dating sim games they have?  Well as bad as you may think those are, g1 Gaijin Goomba is here to tell us that it's so much worse in Japan in his latest episode of Game Exchange.  While I can understand how a game can be very engrossing and that being a social shut-in can lead you to dive into something more than you should, I would never think to substitute it for actual human interaction.


But more than just the ridiculousness of the depths that this dating sim obsession goes, I chose this because it really shows a side of Japan we don't hear about and shows just how far some gamers can really sink into their love of synthetic relationships.  Gaijin also opens up to us a bit about his own experience on this matter and I truly respect him for it.


Enough yammering, check it out if you haven't already.


Whoo.  Well that was one heck of a Spotlight if I do say so myself. 


I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Smoke108 who went above and beyond his duties as researcher this week, especially in the face of the difficulties we had.

As always feel free to leave a comment in the section below.





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