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Well hello there fellow g1s. MashFan81 here... bringing you another terrific spotlight. I wanted this one to be my best one yet, but unfortunately I started a new job and well... things didn't go as planned.

Anyway... I hope you enjoy this spotlight. Mach5Mike sent me a load of stuff.


And now it's time for some titillating rhythms.

Collision Zero makes love to our ear holes... with Arrows. Oh myyy!


theweirdomaxim gives us a remix of a Zelda classic, Forest Maze.


And last, but certainly not least... some Super Mario 64 remix action from WirelessYoshi


JohnnyCrimson2000 shows us some of his graphic arts skills


Mel Rains doing some speed drawing.



It's Time for Us to go to HELL! YouTube Hell!!

SCG is coming soon folks and yet again the call has went out for g1s to give their submissions for this year's YouTube Hell. Cyrax and Brakywaki are in charge and they WANT YOU! (Or at least the weirdest videos you know of)


Back in my day...

Informed minds want to pick your brain. The topic of discussion: "Do you remember your very first video game, ever?" Well... DO YOU? Think really hard. And if that creates an inordinate amount of smoke, think outside or at least open a window. We don't want to set any fire alarms off, now do we?


Simply Marvel-ous!

The forums get down and dirty with some talk on the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy. What's your take?



g1AD is turning 2 YEARS OLD on 4-20!!! Check out the official g1 After Dark thread and get ready for some unprecedented shenanigans and malarkey this next weekend. Come get ya some!!!


And what is reportedly a new sig from Smoke108.


Craig and the crew are at PAX East this weekend... so there hasn't been very much besides the normal Hard News and the such. But there is a new Death Battle. A 3-way battle between the evolved forms of the 3 original starter Pokemon. Yup... no good can come of this.



So let me make this crystal clear right now... Mach5Mike did and AMAZING job this week of sending me gobs of links to TONS of g1 content. I could have seriously just made a list of the links and this thing would have been longer than normal. However, we simply just cannot include everything that is always available. There were so many reviews, firstlooks and opinion pieces that we could have done a spotlight alone on them all. I do hope you enjoy the links I chose to include and I am truly sorry for those who I may have overlooked. No hard feelings. :)


TP For Your Bunghole

Heavy Metal Gamer goes all nostalgic and reviews Beavis and Butthead for the SNES and takes us back to a time when potty jokes were still funny. Wait... sorry... I forgot who my audience is... poop jokes are still the norm around here... carry on.


Makin Bacon

Tomba! for PS1 might very well be one of those forgotten gems that some of us have played and some have not. Either way, Woodyman reviews it for RAGGD (Review A GREAT Game Day) and hopefully either gets you re-introduced or newly acquainted to what he thinks is a timeless classic.


Classic among Classics

What would RAGGD be without someone reviewing that Cold War classic Tetris? I don't know because Bigjoe91 did it for us this year. He goes old-school on us and delivers a rather insightful review on a timeless favorite.


Jumping Slime. Yup.

And yet another RAGGD review... MegaSilverX1 takes a look at Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. A title I personally had never heard of, but it does sound interesting enough I probably will give it a go once I get my hands on another Gameboy.


Controversy in gaming you say? That's just ridiculous.

livielu98 gives us a fair list of some rather humorous gaming controversies. There may be some others that some people feel are more appropriate, but tough... make your own list.


Not-so-Super Superman and Friends

When it comes to a glitches, we all have had at least one of those games that drives us crazy at the most inopportune time. A stupid mistake line of code in the programming that causes some random malfunction in the playability of whatever game it may be. And then some games seem to be more buggy than Beetlejuice. This week in g1 Features is a compilation of The g1 Worst Ever: Glitchy Games. Give it a read... or I'll come to your house and make you play Atari E.T.!


The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Master Wayne interviews James Ronald (aka Epic Game Music) for g1 Features.


Just Kickin a Hat Down the Road

This week we have a first look at a platformer indie game called A Hat In Time brought to us by EnigmaXtreme. I'm not a huge indie game person by any means, but this looks like it's gonna be hella fun!



Ptboro6 delivers some unbelievably well crafted writing in the latest installment of their new book. I HIGHLY recommend going back to Chapter 1 and begin reading from there, it won't disappoint. The characters are being developed expertly and the dialog and interaction is palatable. As a fellow writer I see amazing potential in this story.


Literary Luminary

So apparently there was only one entry in the Creative Writing Challenge, but I do have to say it is quite good. So go on over here and read KingN641994's entry. You might have to read it a couple times to fully appreciate it, but it is a prime example of quality.


Jam on the Brakes

HybridRain shares with us what went on during Game_Jam and the mess it became.


Virtual Unreality

Is virtual reality the next step in the evolution of gaming? I think that question is quite seriously open for debate by many standards, but... 8BitEric decided to delve into this topic. Godspeed sir.


Mad Heroes

Mad World vs No More Heroes... Who wins out in this epic battle of M-Rated Wii games? Find out in this incredibly well put together winner take all by Flashpenny.



Mach picked this as his personal favorite and suggested it as our POTW and after I gave it a read I came to agree. In one of the most interesting articles I have read in a long time, Captain Gamer gives a commentary on what connections we establish with our video games and personal entertainment. The level of intimacy we get involved with has hit new heights with no signs of coming down. It ends with a question that leaves the reader thinking about their interactions with multimedia in a very profound way. Kudos to this week's PICK OF THE WEEK!


Well I think that will do it for me this week folks. I hope I represented the g1 base accurately. I unfortunately had to start a new job this last week and it involves overnight work so I could not give the 110% I had originally planned to give this weeks spotlight. A BIG THANKS to all those who helped me out. And a SPECIAL THANKS to my researcher MACH5MIKE and to the big man himself WOODYMAN. Woody put the final touches on the spotlight because of my personal obligations and schedule.


And with that I take my leave in customary fashion:



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