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Hello there g1s, how have you all been doing this week? Last week you all welcomed one of our new writers, thewierdomaxim. This week, you're stuck with me. I know, after 2 and a half years, I would think you'd get tired of me too, but lo and behold here we still are.


You know what though? This week we were breaking in a new researcher, oh, should I not tell them that we break them? Okay, we... re-educated a new researcher this week. So be sure to say hi, but please don't feed him, he's on a strict diet.

Holy music, Batman! So much music this week. I mean there might be more music than there are reviews. There was a whole lot of tunes.

First off we have a Bomerman 64 remix of Green Gardens by g1 deadite1288


Want some more Nintendo 64 remixes? Good, here is one by g1 Wireless Yoshi with some beautiful acoustic guitar of Frappe Snowland/Sherbet Land from Mario Kart 64.


Want more guitar? Good, here is g1 SuperSmashDan with some electric guitar doing some sweet strumming of Dr. Wily's Castle from Mega Man 2.


MORE guitar? You people are relentless! Thankfully, g1 DarksideEternity has the fix for your ills. This time we have a guitar cover of Don Weaso's Theme from Conker's Bad Fur Day. 


Leading off the visual art this week is g1 Mokuu with a drawing of M. Bison telling you all about his favorite kind of coffee, trust me it makes sense.


And for some more of the visual arts, g1 shifu medic was at Wondercon 2014 and has an album of photos for your viewing pleasure. Just be warned, there is a picture of quite possibly the most disturbing Princess Leia cosplay you've seen in a while and the most adorable Batman ever.

I Heard You Like Yoshi

So did g1 JohnnyCrimson2000 and he is giving away a Yoshi poster. All you have to do is enter to win. Doesn't everyone want a Yoshi poster? It looks pretty sick, a mash-up of Yoshi's Island and Jurassic Park. Go check it out and go win it for yourself or someone you love. Gotta enter by May 4th though.


Epic YouTube Music

That title sounded better in my head... Anyway, g1 JamesRoland is doing the themes of YouTube personalities next month. Which ones? That's where you come in. YOU DECIDE! Go cast your votes

One of Mine is Mean Girls

Guilty Pleasures, we all have them, g1 DeathBattleMike wants to know your guilty pleasures in movies. Another one would have to be Radio.


Wii Music, That's Right, Come at Me

Not unlike our previous entry, g1 Ferret75 wants to know what games you like that have been generally panned. Old or new, what games do you love that everyone else hates?


In this week ScrewAttack was Screwin' Around with World of Tanks. They also shared the WORST EVER Superhero game (Not counting Superman 64) (Also for some reason the YouTube comments are suggesting Sonic 06). Finally, Fulgore's opponent for the next DEATH BATTLE has been announced...


YAY! Time to put some names up in lights!

Super Sonic Galaxy

g1 the8bitericshow gives us his take on Sonic Lost Worlds on the Wii U. Does it continue Sonic's upward trend, or does it revert back to the dark times of Sonic 06? Watch the review to find out!


I've Watched this Three Times, Still Can't Grasp the True Nature of the Game

g1 The Brotherhood of Gaming recently made a review for BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. What is a Chrono Phantasma? I have no idea. Why is there a dude that looks like a hot chick? I have no idea. Why are swords falling from the sky? I have no idea. Why is Mario in the lower right corner? I have no idea. Is it a good game? I have no idea, that's why they made the video, not me.


That is Quite Possibly the Weirdest Thing I've Ever Seen

Yume Nikki is one of the oddest games I have ever seen or played. I never played it to completion because quite honestly, I was too weirded out (WHY UBOA, WHY?!)... also I never found the bike. However, g1 Garanikor was much more determined than I and now we have a great video. As a warning, this game goes to some dark places and covers some very serious topics, so the video has to as well.


A Numbered Sequel with Nothing in Common with the Previous? Is it Final Fantasy?

g1 ebtks brings up a good point in his review, I have never heard anyone talk about Tetris 2. I honestly didn't even know there was a numbered sequel to the original. The more you know! But hey, here is his video, watch and enjoy.


Is That Jose Cuervo?

g1 jimandthem did a little bit of a trivia contest in their latest video. All I can say is it involves some serious alcohol. And wrong answers, a lot of wrong answers. Also, don't drink and drive kids.


Information, We Got It

g1 CraigheadPro shows you his computer.  Yup, that pretty much explains it. Want to build a computer? Are you a cheap ass like CraigheadPro? Well, see his components for his $800 computer. It's pretty legit, if I dare say so myself.


I Wish I Could Just Find Stuff...

g1 nostalgicroe made me jealous with all of this awesome stuff he found in thrift stores, Goodwill, and other various stores. I mean, Kirby Air Ride and Sonic Colors factory sealed, super jelly. And Tony Hawk 2, dude, now you are just showing off.


I Love that Big Band Sound

Skullgirls has quite the following. I don't play fighting games that much and even I know what Skullgirls is. g1 Zubzero120 gives us 4 reasons why it is amazing. From the major things like story and gameplay to the little nuances. Apparently there is a lot to like about the game.


All This from A Cliffy B Quote?

We all know Gears of War and its controversial creator Cliff Blasznski. Cliffy B has often made waves with statements ranging from stuff I don't care about to stuff I don't care about his opinion about. Well one quote stuck with g1 Captain Gamer and inspired an in depth look at Cliff's brain child, Gears of War.


Note from Woodyman:

The Guardian was a good writer this week for not including his own blog into the Spotlight. However, I read it and thought it was good enough where I can break the rule about spotlighters spotlighting their own work. The Guardian has a theory, that game theory might be wrong.

The moment everyone has been waiting for, the creme de la creme. I always ask my researcher's opinion on this and honestly, it was hard this week to pick one. But honestly, it is hard to compete with an entire music album.


That's right, this week's Pick of the Week goes to g1 psyguy and his Super Mario 64 Remix Album. I has 12 tracks that you can download on Itunes or Bandcamp and every single one of them is really solid. I mean, clearly it must be solid... Pick of the Week... Hello! Go listen.


You've all been a bunch of really cool party people. Shoutout to THE Researcher TheLoneGamer who knocked it out of the park for his first rodeo. Thanks to Woodyman for putting up with me pushing to the very end of deadlines and other things over the last 18 months of my writing.


And shout out to you because you seem like a really cool person. Has anyone told you you're beautiful yet today? Because it's true, don't let anyone tell you different. 

Okay, I'm done.


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