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Hello there g1s, how are you doing on this fine weekend? I can tell you I'm having a great weekend here on vacation. Yes, while you're reading this, I'll be on a beach getting my tan on in Northern Minnesota. I know what you're thinking, but no there isn't any snow on the ground, it was actually 103 on the 4th.


Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to America, huh? 236 years of saying "Screw you!" to colonization and kings. Sorry to all the British g1s.


What was I doing again? Oh yeah, g1 spotlight. So how about we dive right into this seven course meal?


First off we have Jerry Skids cover of brentalfloss' love ballad "Corey"


Next we have DomX7Zero with a piano cover of Ducktales Moon Theme


and finally we have g1 Supreme beatboxing the Mario Underground theme

g1 Jesia is back with some more artwork. Seems like she has become the official artist of the spotlight for the time being. Well either way here's a disturbing pic of a monkey...

but if you wanna see more (including a sexy Jigglypuff) you'll hafta view the blog.


Are you a bad enough dude to save a museum?

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) , unfortunately, does not have it made. Struggling to get by after funds dried up 4 months ago, it's looking bleak for this video game museum. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can save it and here's how. This is the same g1 community that raised $13,500 in 24 hours, I think we got this, right?


Operation Supply Drop

What is it? It's dropping some serious gaming goodness on our troops overseas. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by supporting our troops. Am I right or am I right? So here you go, make it rain games on some troops in Afghanistan.


Sub Saturday - Eat Fresh!

Do you wanna sub to awesome g1s, but don't know who to sub to?

Well then umm... read this... Erotica

Turning back the clock

Over on the other side of our world, g1 Anza posted in the forums about a Summer Retro RPG binge that's planned from July through August. Some of the games planned are Lufia 2, Secret of Evermore, and  Final Fantasy VI. What do you have planned for the summer?


Anime, and Soulja Boi aren't here to ruin it

For those who don't get that title, Soulja Boi released a song a few years ago titled Anime and was one of the worst things I'd ever heard, which is why I didn't link it, thank me later. But back to business, g1 KH posted about their favorite memories from Anime conventions. Among them are meeting the voices behind characters like Alucard, Chun-li, and Ash Ketchum.


Summer RPG

Summer is the time for gamers to catch up with there games. Well Anza is using it to replay a bunch of RPGs. Join in and pledge some games that you plan on beating.





Zelda Wednesday is finally over... Ben and Lauren defeated the evil Ganon and plunged a sword right through his head!

Watch the finale here!

Also next week is the Iron Man of ScrewAttack Japan Edition... and Woodyman is rooting for Sean, Sam, or Drake! WHOO!!!

So I Hear an American Holiday Happened

And a pair of g1s jumped at the chance to show America some lovin' in the way only g1s can, with games and lists. G1_Jolly  is coming at ya with the top 10 All-Americans in gaming. Meanwhile, g1 darkhyrulelord wrote a list of the top 10 UMERICA Games. So all of you can get ready for some Bad Dudes, Duke, Snake and Guile. Probably some commie killing as well.


I Told You We Had Music

g1 GDJ  takes a bold step in the pilot episode of Ready, Set, Game! by looking at his top 10 favorite RPG boss themes. Why is this such a strong move? A bit of a surprise at #1, a lot of little heard songs and no One-Winged Angel, which I enthusiasticly applaud.


Talk about a List No One Will Agree On

g1 Canadian Brony came to us this week withquite possibly the most contencious list anyone could make because no one's is the same. What is this list you ask... Top 10 Favorite Games. Click and prepare to be amazed. Early spoiler alert, Mario makes an appearance.


Speaking of Controversial Lists...

We all love games, and music is pretty much inseperable from our favorite characters and moments. Narrowing it down to just 10, that is a task. g1 Jefferyrlc took on the task of finding the 10 Most Beautiful Songs. While I agree with only 2 choices, just taking on the job of narrowing down songs for a list, as Craig said with ScrewAttack's top 10 Themes list, "It was like picking which kid you loved more... it sucked."


Sounds like a porn title

 Ravenrage07 aka Obscure Horror Guy does a Let's Play of one of the scariest horror DOS PC FMV (insert other acronyms here) ever! That's right g1s... it's a Let's Play of  Phantasmagoria. "I had a bad dream, I was frightened, so now I'm just gonna have sex to make up for it."


Who would've thought...

that a g1 with the name KwingReviews actually REVIEWS games? NO WAY!!! Well it's true and this time he's in the spotlight for his amazing review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. PIZZA POWER!


It's too tough for us...

You all know the whole Super Mario Bros 2 and Doki Doki swap story that I really don't need to go into it here.  In short Japan SMB2 wasn't brought over cause it was too difficult. Well I Beat That Nintendo actually BEAT IT! Do you wanna see the mindfuck last level, and flying pink bloopers? then click the link "That cage should be a rockin'"


Time keeps on changin'

Especially the Zelda Timeline... there are so many different theories and timelines... if you want another view on the Zelda Timeline then check out Sharkjack's blog


Make Tables...
Without looking like an idiot...
With g1 Jetz.acx


I unlocked this blog on insane difficulty

There is a common saying amoung gamers that games are too easy nowaday. The hardcore gamers complain about it all the time. BizarroZorak says that a games difficulty is a careful balancing act. If a games to hard the newbs wont play, if it's too difficult the hardcore get pissed. Can you balance the difficulty?


We have a lot of podcasts...

on ScrewAttack. The field is overcrowded but a new one popped up recently that I really enjoyed. It's Randumb with BobboHead13 and here is Ep 2: Shitting a Brick House


I Love Cartoons...

Do you love cartoons? Then just be sure to watch Madhog Thy Master's video on why he loves cartoons. Inspired by Film Critic Hulk and The Game Overthinker... Warning: It'll make you nostalgic.


Wiggle Waggle

Do you like motion controls? If you're hardcore then no effing way! It seems like everyone is bashing on motion controlled games nowadays, but Guru Guru is here to defend em.


When KingSigy...

Starts getting all introspective, you know you're in for a great read and this blog is no exception. In it he worries and deals with a feeling that he objectifies women too much. There's not much else I can say. Read this blog.


Pay 15 to Unlock this Blog in a dif font!

Elrood is in the spotlight for an interesting look at DLC or Downloadable Content. He doesn't take a positive or negative view on DLC as a whole, but instead looks at examples of good dlc and bad dlc.


Interviews gallore!

Seems like the ScrewAttack staff has been getting interviewed URRVREYWHERE! First off we have Drake aka Trailer God being intervied by the NathanGraves show. Then we got a Random Interview with Pro Jared, done by TonyD3FG... then of course we have a main staple of g1 Features. That's right, Alpha Unit is back with g1 Interviews. This time he's interviewing a bunch of Pokefans...  MUDKIP!


Is it Amazing?

The Stickman is back for one of his spectacular movie reviews. If you couldn't tell by the title, then I'll just say The Amazing Stickman is reviewing The Amazing Spider-Man! Is it good, is it bad? Read this spoiler free review to find out.


Speaking of Spider-Man

With every big blockbuster, there has to be a video game tie in and The Amazing Spider-Man is no exception. Luckily Fandango is here to review the PS3 version of the game. It's good... but is it Spider-Man 2 good? I guess you'll hafta read to find out. 


It's like that Eddie Murphy movie no one saw...

New g1 JustAKoopa, makes his spotlight debut (I think it is... I could be wrong) with a review of the XBLA Indie title, Wizorb. The catch? He only has 100 words to review to game! Dun Dun DUNNNNN!


And.... Another Review!

We sure got a lot of them this week. In this one CazMeister gives an amazingly in depth review of Pokemon Conquest... If you're thinking of picking up this title or are just confused by it, then watch the review right meow. WHY ARE THERE POKEMONS HERE? WHAT ARE THEY DOING? WHERE IS TEAM ROCKET!!!??? I'M SO CONFUSED!!!


We all love ScrewAttack...

Love it so hard! Wait... umm... sorry. Well here is Slayer478's Love Letter to ScrewAttack. Check out his nostalgia trip here and help him celebrate the amazingness of ScrewAttack.


Ninja Strike!

Robert G Ernst 64 (One of the toughest usernames I ever had to write) decided to stop lurking and start being active in the g1 community. Give him a warm welcome here.



Game Wars? PEW PEW PEW!

g1 Elmo 3000 has a series in which he compares two similar games and decides which one is superior. It's kinda like DEATHBATTLE  without the death... and with games instead of characters... alright its nothing like DEATHBATTLE, but screw you it's still good!  So sit back, go vroom, and take a look at Game Wars: Mach Rider v. ExciteBike


The Guardian... how'd you get here?

Well actually he's on vacation so I (Woodyman) am finishing up the Spotlight. In my travels, I found one of his blogs, Favorite Remixes of Songs I Love: Fear of the Heavens and decided to spotlight it myself... BOOYAKASHA!


MineCraft is a Scary Place...

I for one cannot stand The Endermen and especially The End... or that damn dragon. Sure from an outside perspective, Minecraft looks like a fun place where you punch trees, ride pigs, and blow up ponies... but users like Digmbot (Dig-em bot) know... MineCraft is TERRIFYING


Bruce Willis should be dead...

If there's anything I learned from the latest episode of Newsroom it's that sometimes media needs different endings. IkiFoo has a list of endings redux... comment in his blog some endings you think need to be redone.


Does it get better...?

Sonic the Hedgehog  has had a troubling career. At one point he was on top, and then on life support. With Sonic Generations I feel like Sonic is on the rise again, and so does Dark Magician... but can it get any better than the greatest 3D Sonic game of all time? You'll have to read Dark Magician's blog  to find out his opinion.


So much research!!!

DEATHBATTLE is one of the greatest shows of all time. I'm amazed by the amount of research they do for each battle. Well ultraguy did his own research for a DEATHBATTLE that hasn't happened and hasn't even been hinted out. Check out his prediction for a DEATHBATTLE between Samus and Master Chief.


Desert Island Cartidges

The Stickman wants to know what you'd want to bring with you if you were stuck on a desert island.  What games? What films? and What music?  For this episode we dive into the mind of MisterBo and what he'd bring, but maybe if you ask nicely, you can be next.


Mega Mega!

Our resident Mega Man expert MegaSilverX1, takes ANOTHER look at some overlooked and obscure Mega Man games. If you're looking to get your mega fix, then check out these mega games.


What if...

Minecraft was combined with Avatar: The Last Airbender? It would be amazing!!! Well luckily we have Slamacow, an amazing animator, to show us what'd happen if Earthbending was in Minecraft.


Overanalyzers? Is that you?

No it's not... it's g1 EmceeProphet with an in depth look at the themes and motifs on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. I'm linking you to part 3 here, but you should check out all of em.

Note from Woodyman: Moar ZELDA?


g1s Making Games!

g1 Mcgunn is making an unofficial game based on ScrewAttack. To see a story teaser and some gameplay, then click it! In addition, former g1 of the year, Terra_Corrupt is making a game called Spectrum, and hopefully submitting  it to the Irish Indie Bundle soon. Show him some support.



I know I spotlighted this when it first came out, but I just enjoyed this story so much I have to spotlight it again. 

If there's one fan story about Super Smash Bros written by FlashPenny... then make it this one, because it's epic, amazing, and just well written...



I like many of you missed SGC 09 and SGC 10 luckily I have the SGC DVD but it's still not the same... I really hope SGC happens again, because if it did I'd be there.

While we are waiting patiently... 

We can look at g1 SoulCrash's photo albums from

SGC 09


SGC 10


Oh wait! There's more!!! 

Part 2 of the Pick of the Week is an amazing fan fiction of Lauren and Cats... 

That's right, I'm picking Jawbreaker Alumni's story of Lauren Moore , Queen of Cats.

This here is Part 5... the Conclusion, but I recommend you read em all.

Da end... 

Thanks to Woodyman and Mach5Mike.

Now it's time for my vacation!

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