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Posted on May 4, 2014 - 5:12pm by g1_Spotlight


This week's g1 spotlight is brought to you by g1s like you;

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Woodyman SpoonMan Abram X Blackstorm

All the best g1 made content from 4-27 to 5-3





Spoon and Salutations, g1s, it is I, the Legendary SpoonMan Abrams X! It has been a long while, hasn't it? Nearly 5 months?! HOLY RUSTY SPOON!


Fret not, for I am returned like a bad Christmas gift, along with my new sidekick/new researcher g1 Blackstorm to bring you the best g1 made content from the week!


Let's not waste any time! EXCELSIOR!



Check it. To start us off we have Fond3ll poppin' dem bits to give us a remix of the classic Gerudo Valley... catchy!



Next, Collision Zero shows us the original "King of All Monsters", a tribute to Godzilla and the new movie coming out VERY soon!



El Kartun brings us Big Bang Theory in the form of some 'toony awesomeness!


W.I.P. or not, it's leagues beyond what I can do, so it gets featured! Excellent work, Mokuu!




Desperate Dissertation Dissection & Deliberation

Yes you read that right *or not*, but g1 Blaztoisetacular needs YOUR help! He's doing a dissertation on Video Game communities, and needs the g1s input. Yes it's on the forums, but you don't have to sign-up to participate! Just follow the link and the directions, easy peasy lemon squeezy!



MAFIA IS UPON US (once again)

Hosted by g1s XaviorTheSavior and Wildman93, the newest round is themed around the Mass Effect series. Make the jump and join in the forum awesomeness





Everyone has that hunk of man that they will always mark out for at the very site of... you know, I know, even Woodyman knows it. So who's yours? ***WOODYMAN SHARE YOUR HUNK OF MANLYNESS***

Note from Woodyman: Damn straight...


Does Whatever a SpoonMan can

That includes many things with SPOONs and/or SPOONING... Spider-Man on the other hand has a new movie out, and Fox would like you to share your thoughts on it.



... in Smash Bros. that is! An older thread, but one that has seen much discussion, especially recently with the plethora of updates that have come forth. Hop on over and join the discussion!




by Jawshy


by Darkseid



EA is terrible...

Just look at all the great companies they destroyed in ScrewAttack's latest, THE BEST EVER!


Also it was recently announced that Shauntern is taking over the Advantage Program. Let's all wish him the best of luck, but also insult him ruthlessly if he fails. No pressure buddy. 

If you forgot who Shauntern is, he's this guy!







Not every installment is the Spider-Man 2 movie tie in of excellence... but does it have to be? dbzfanboy-presshereformuffins shows us one that is still worth looking at in Web of Shadows!


I need more challenge in my retro

Love it or hate it, the original did well enough that Nintendo released a sequel in NES Remix 2. How does it fair? the8bitericshow tells us exactly how


SHIPDAH-MON 2! (Amazing)

On the flip side, we've got the recently released (as of this blog writing, 2 days previous) Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters. Rule Thirds looks at the movie and tells us if it's worth your time.


Lighted Chlidren?

ubertrance brings us their first written review on the game Child of Light, the new JRPG from Ubisoft. How does it stack? Read on and find out!


Isn't it that prequel?

On the last installment of Roulette Sunday, JohnnyCrimson2000 looked at the PlayStation cult classic Ico. Check it and see if he dug it and you should to!



HeavyMetalGamer  the FPS & Alien Invasion classic Redneck Rampage... Wait what? I don't think I need to say more.



Past, Present, and Future of a Pro

CraigheadPro has been around for a bit now, and it's near impossible to scroll through the g1 community lists w/o finding some contribution of his. This particular video, however, he talks about what he has done and what he does now in a cool pseudo-introduction video. Check it out and once your done go check out some other things he's made!


Get off mah lawn, Hedgehog!

In a pseudo review & retrospective, Slayer478 looks at the Sega CD classic, Sonic CD in the latest "Respect your Elders". Does it earn your respect?



Moderator Phone Home

Have you heard? They found the fabled Atari/E.T. Landfill in New Mexico! If not (or you just enjoy hearing people talk about such nonsense), then Cyrax and Debaser have got you covered in this week's edition of the Reset Button!



Glitches in me britches... are good?

Maybe NOT in your pants, but in video games they can actually be beneficial, and g1 Prowler64 tells us why.



Castlevania Nerds Unite!

GaminTank and Dark Morris team up to tackle the NES Classic Castlevania on the NES. Watch it and find out what they think!




I do enjoy me a good list, and while this week was rather sparse in that department, one of the few there was really stood out.

LurchenGamer sounds off 10 valuable life lessons that vidya has taught him, and shares it with the rest of the g1 community.

I enjoy this blog for many reasons; It is simultaneously well written, thoughtful, and has a good sense of humor. Well Mr. Gamer, Well done and welcome to the pick of the week!



Welp, that wraps up this week's spotlight of g1ness. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


A special thanks/shout out to Woodyman & Smoke for letting me write this once again and Blackstorm for his assistance on finding some real gems out there, even though this week was a bit on the sparse side.


Until next time, g1s

Cheers and Stay Classy!~

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