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Hello, g1s. Welcome to another feature of the g1 Spotlight, this week helmed by the Jetman. Research has been offered by my friend Viper.fox (who BTW has a an extension in her name just like mine, how sweet! What type of file is .fox, anyway?).

First of all, let us all take a dear moment here and give thanks to the wonderful year we had…for everything. And of course…for the most awesomerrific November we’ve had in a while. Seriously, LOOK AT ALL THESE GAMES!!

(Special thanks to g1 iStricer for this pic. Impressive collection! If only a real turkey with tons of bacon and stuffing would be at its side…)

Okay, let’s get this thing started. CUE THE MUSIC!!

Aww, c'mon. GXSCC? And a Blip.tv player? Look, Kenshiro3, I love the fact that you care about free speech and want to represent the internetz with this 8-bit rendition of Uprising from Muse, but…hmm…ya know, this ain’t half bad. Not at all. In fact, it’s awesome. It makes me bonerific! (too early?)


Almost the end...

MisterBo’s g1 Tournament Bracket is now heading to the final round, and unlike previous entries, you get to know the topic of debate before-hand! Go ahead and sneak in his blog to spoil yourself.


Win Free Stuff... Seriously

Elmo 3000 is holding a contest in which you attempt to guess which g1 wrote which review. The prizes are merch from ScrewAttack store. Read more about this contest and good luck to all.


More like Lon Lon Ranch...

The Speed Gamers are hosting a 72-hour Zelda Marathon to raise money for Rocking H Ranch. December 16th-19th. Be sure to show your support.

Lots of Death Battle teasers regarding Dr. Wily vs. Dr. Robotnik. Plus a message from Dr. Light…something about a new feature? Let the speculations begin.

Oh Jared, you never fail to amuse me. Taking pages from Ben and Nick, he goes Metal Gear and breaks a few walls to get some keys. Yeah, your typical day in the Life.

(BTW This was done by g1 debouger)

Also, ScrewAttack has a lot to thank for this year, too…but apparently something went horribly, HORRIBLY wrong.

Even Nick knows how wrong.

And we have LIFTOFF!!


The Worst add-on ever made?

That would be the Kinect, thank you very much. But the Nintendo 64 DD is right up there. g1 ParadiseandFaries dives in to talk about this little oddity.



It’s holiday season, and boy did so many games were released these past few weeks (Just look up and see what I mean). g1 Dark Magician gives you some 101s about what to do when buying new games.


Bet on big, or play it safe?

That’s the big question publishers have every time they produce a new game, as risks must be made to advance, but also never forget about your roots. g1 Air Force One goes in depth of this debate.


Is Sonic 2006 really THAT bad?

g1 Detinator Monkey plays the role of Devil’s Advocate and tells the world that Sonic the Hedgehog was just misunderstood. (BTW, here’s a flame shield, you’re gonna need it.)


Robot Masters.

Trailer Drake polled the internet, and ScrewAttack.com and came up with an extensive list of ALL Megaman Robot Master themes... from worst to best.


Bandits are blasting off again!

Part of the fun of Skyrim is actually the hilarious glitches around the game. Wanna see how a bandit tries to steal Team Rocket’s own book of gags? g1 Odyssic shows it to you in all its glory


Happy November 20th!

No, this has nothing to do with Skyward Sword, idiot. It has to do with Bemani. Um, the developer behind DDR? Ok. So…yeah, g1 RyanStout gives you the Top 10 Bemani songs. (Don’t ask me, I’m still confused.)


Skyward Sword

Has been released recently, so that prompted g1 DarkMagician to put together an extensive look back at the Zelda series and his personal connections.


More Skyward Sword

If you're looking for a straigh up review of Skyward Sword, and wanna learn the good and the bad, be sure to check out The Stickman's Review. One thing I agree with, Fi needs to SHUT UP.


How does one Make The Creed?

Esta es la la versión Subtitulada en Inglés del "Detras de Cámaras -The Creed-" para la presentación de mi proyecto de grado.

If you can't read Spanish then basically, HybridRain made a fan series based on Assassin's Creed, this is the Making of... video. In English or Spanish.


Even More, More Skyward Sword!

Don’t worry, there ain’t spoilers in this one. It’s just good ol’ unboxing courtesy of g1 killlatia. The Limited Edition, free-Gold-Wiimote-inside one. If you didn’t buy it yourself.


Assassins Creed: Revelations review.

Well, what more can I say? This review from g1 AsaiNeroTran is extremely well written and a good read. Mind you, there might be a few minor spoilers in there (I didn’t see any myself though).


Here’s another review.

It’s Evil Dead this time. g1 TWiSTEDmerc played the 2003 PS2 title, A Fistful of Boomstick, and have his thoughts right here.


Princess Tutu...

Sounds like a horrible idea... but I could be wrong. g1 Whitley decides if it's girly garbage or a clever fantasy story.



Never played this game. Yeah, I’m missing out. So I’m glad my pal g1 SentryIII over here gave me this in-depth review (more like insight) about the FPS classic.


I’m new to this section, but seeing as it’s a good excuse to showcase some GOOD re-uploads, I’m okay with this. So let’s get into the time machine and travel back in time, cuz according to ScrewAttack’s Official Facts, time traveling makes everything better.

Be creative!

So want to find out what are the games that actually make your imagination run wild like The Imaginer’s? Play any of these ten games in g1 Cow2496’s Top 10 Creation Tools in Games.


I have to agree with my dear researcher Viper.fox: this is one excellent piece of writing. Very elaborate and in-depth, g1 monkeyboy7 earns the prestigious Submission Sunday prize this week with his opinion towards DLC and its interesting advantages, for better or worse.

Phew! Gotta say, this was an interesting week, so to speak. That’s it, g1s. Go back and play your favorite AAA game, whether it’s Skyrim, Skyward Sword or even some military shooter that I won’t mention its name in fear of a headshot, but not before reading these blogs. Seriously, do so. I beg of you.

Ah, and for those who ask about the Digital Forecast (specifically my version), stay tuned and follow me through Twitter, for I have an announcement to make real soon during the course of the week.

So until then, this is JETZ.acx, signing off.

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