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g1 Spotlight: Wings of the Goddess

12/9/13 2:30pm

Made for g1s, by g1s like you;

Creator: Writer: Researcher:
Woodyman SpoonMan Abrams X bigjoe91

All the best g1 made content from 12/2 to 12/8


Spoon and Salutations, once again g1s!

It is that time again, where I (The SpoonMan Abrams X) am teamed up with a valiant g1 researcher (my most favorite feline g1, bigjoe91) to bring you the best of thebest in g1 created content on ScrewAttack!

What are we waiting for? THERE'S NO TIME TO WASTE!


Yungtown throws it down with a diddy about his favorite character announcement from the new Smash Bros; The Wii Fit Trainer.


And of course James Ronald comes at us with another bit of Epic Game Music, this time an awesome cover of the Main World Theme from Super Mario 3D World




Join the outfit!

Ivan2294 wants YOU (yes, you!) to join him in a clan on the F2P MMO Planetside 2! Read on and see how you can join & help the outfit!


He's going the distance...

He's going for... progress! 90's alternative rock lyrics aside, Darkseid is still looking for a few good people to help round out the staff for the Top 50 PS2 games project. Make the jump and see how you can help!



Coming the 20th of this month, our own Woodiest of g1s Woodyman is hosting his annual Holiday party on tinychat! Check out the blog to find out mroe, or simply just check out the handy graephix! Hope to see you there!


It's time for THAT THING!

Well, almost time. Soon an oft-requested match between two technological titans will be upon us, but who do YOU think will win? Stop on by and join the discussion


In a most unpleasant way possible, I'm sure

How the person above died that is, and interesting little forum game where you predict how the poster above will die! Slightly morbid and lots of fun, just be sure to keep it within the rules, 'kay?



The Cross-forum Sig Contest is winding to a close... for entries, that is! If your interested, make the jump and check out the competition, as well as learn how to enter if you haven't already! Here's a little sneak peak of some of the awesomeness;

by g1 Thunderplant


by g1 JohnnyFarrar




While it is unfortunate that the squall of of bad weather that is befalling Texas and the SA HQ has postponed a few things such as the Bottoms Up Cup, doesn't mean there hasn't been awesome content to enjoy! If you haven't, don't forget to check out the newest Worst Ever: Video Game Movies, as well as a new Top 5 about Reboots. If that's not enough, then get your dose of silly in the Fruit Snack Challenge!


... What's that, still not enough? Well then, how about some SGC news?

Get hype!



We now return you to your regularly scheduled spotlight...



Type for the head!

The Heavy Metal Gamer harnesses the power of words in order to stop teh zombies in his latest review; Typing of the Dead. Watch on and see how it stacks up.


How you do that again?

Master Wayne shows us as he plays a Capcom classic; Chikki Chikki Boys! Did naming the character after himself cause him misfortune? Watch part 1 and find out!



Which is the least that can be said about the game Sonic 3D Blast, as Joshg95 takes on this (in)famous entry in the Sonic franchise... but is it as bad as everyone says it is?


Gah! Face Huggers!

Those and so much more in Leftover Culture's review of an oft overlooked movie game tie in; Alien Resurrection. How does it hold up? Like I need to tell you what to do...


I don't think he has any idea...

But Matt Visual still took the leap into the ever intimidating world of Super Meat Boy. How did he do? Didn't we just go over this?





Lineage of a PS3

With the newest generation of game consoles having officially begun, g1 Mazer looks back and picks his favorite game for each genre on the PS3. Read on and see if your favorites made it in the final list.


Return to TV land!

Or something of the like. Regardless, with the recent announcement of Persona 5 this month, many gamers are buzzing with excitement over the next installment of the series, CaztheGamerGuy among them. See his Top 5 hope for the game and be sure to let him know if you agree or not!



That's right, right? OK, obviously not, but maybe Infernikus is with his picks for Top 5 Fighting Games! 



Fire Catching

Or was it the other way around?... Either way, another episode of CinemAttack is here as the guys take on the second installment of the Hunger Game series, and then some!



How seriously can a villain take the hero, especially when they're wearing a cat suit? Ebolaworld shows us just that.




At least it doesn't grind completely into dust

And it isn't all about the Xbone either, as Cyrax and Debaser discuss a plethora of other things on the latest edition of the Reset Button!



Still playing?

That is the question CyberAngel573 wants console developers to be asking. What do you think? Read the blog and share your own thoughts


What time is it?

Time for another Whitly Rant, as this time he tackles the new Disney movie Frozen. Does the movie have Whit feeling warm and fuzzy or leave him out in the cold?... Please pardon the pun and see for yourself.


How popular is too popular?

LuminousWolf explores that as they explore the hows and whats of a character becoming to big for their franchise's britches. Do you agree?




I thought it was Smarch...

Instead, we have December, and this time g1 MadHero15 teams up with NobleTeam to preview a slew of upcomming games for the wintery month. Thumbs up or down?





Like it, hate it, or feeling immensely indifferent about it, there is no denying that were now out of the frying pan and into the fire of the next gen game consoles. But it is really that great?

Darkseid takes a look at Microsoft's behemoth Xbox One, and it's pretty obvious he doesn't like it. What's not to love (besides the originally horrendous but later removed DRM restrictions)? Well you should already be reading on and finding out.

Regardless if you agree or disagree to whatever degree, the article is very well written and informative, one of my favorite opinion pieces to come from anyone in quite some time. That is why it is my pick of the week for this week.



Well ladies and gents, that wraps up another addition of the g1 spotlight!

I'd like to thank bigjoe91 for being a most excellent researcher and being on top of the game even though I was a bit late in contacting him (just a testament to how awesome & cool of a cat he is~) as well as the Woodyman for once again affording me this opportunity to flex my creative/writing skills. I hope I didn't & don't disappoint!

I also would like to take this time to wish all you g1s a safe and happy holiday season to come in the coming weeks!



Until next time, stay warm & classy, g1s!


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