<Response> G1's thoughts "What Namco character do you want in Smash?"

Posted on June 24, 2012 - 12:29pm by Dark_Link_Killer


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Pac-Man is the only one I've really played. So yeah...


Could be either Klonoa or Kazuya for me. Pac-man? Sure.


Lloyd Irving from "Tales of Symphonia". He's a swordsman with some magic attacks so he could be an interesting fighter.


I've never played any Namco games besides Pac-Man, but Klonoa looks like he would be a fun character to play as in the new smash game. Perhaps Pac-Man could be one of the assist trophies. Opponents would turn blue and Pac-Man would try to eat them


Pac Man! Although I have no idea what his attacks would be, he's a classic character and would fit nicely with the rest of them. Klonoa, Seto, maybe somebody from Sould Calibur.


Thanks for commenting and the next one WILL be the big topic. In case you forgot it, it's "motion controls, like it or hate it" If you can't wait for the actual post in a week or two, just comment on my wall. Until next time.

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