Gabe Newell does a guest spot in a random Kickstarter video

Posted on June 10, 2012 - 10:50pm by Ryan Conway

As I searched and searched for relevant video game news hidden beneath the waves of E3 impression blogs and videos, I stumbled upon a rather odd story on Game Informer about this Kickstarter campaign lead by sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson.

You’d think this campaign is a part of an effort for him to self-publish a book or something but “Screw that!” He wants to create a video game. But not just any video game. He wants to fulfil a dream of his to create a fully motion-controlled arena sword fighter.

He admits that he doesn’t expect the game to be a perfect masterpiece or anything, but it is his hope that other developers will be able to use it as a building block to create something truly magnificent.

Stephenson released a video to kick off the campaign (which is viewable below) and it’s actually pretty damned hilarious and is definitely well worth a look.

Oh and yes. As the title of this story reads, Valve CEO Gable Newell does indeed make an appearance as a blacksmith in Stephenson’s sword lab, although he can’t seem to tell the difference between a sword and crowbar.

Oh Gabe. You just couldn’t resist some Half-Life 3 related trolling now could you?

Anyway, take a look at the video:

I’m not sure if the final product will be a classic title or anything but the passion is clearly there among the development team, so hopefully something great can come out of it, even if it isn’t necessarily the game itself.

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