GACKT headlines live-action "Sengoku Basara" as the "Devil King" Oda Nobunaga

Posted on June 25, 2012 - 8:00am by Akiterra


From JPopAsia: "It has been reported that musician/actor GACKT will play as the "Devil King" Obu Nobunaga in the upcoming live adaptation of "Sengoku Basara"."

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Allow me to start by saying that I haven't played much of the 'Basara' series but I do love me some GACKT. Never heard of him? Well, if you've played Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, then you have heard him and seen him. GACKT performed the opening song "Redemption" for the game and his likeness and voice was used for the character Genesis Rhapsodos.         

On the left, Genesis. On the right, GACKT. 

Anyone who knows me really, REALLY well knows darn well that I love visual kei music. They also know I love video games. With GACKT portraying one f the most badass warlords of history to be resurrected in a video game two of my most favorite things are coming together; video games and visual kei. It make me happeh. <(^.^)> 

I just gotta say, I would love love LOVE to watch this adaption, which is set to air on July 12th. I think GACKT is pretty dang good fit to be Nobunaga. 

Rockin' that stash. Like a boss. 

According to JPopAsia, "GACKT will be joined by Hayashi Kento as the warlord Date Masamune and Takeda Kouhei (voice of  Vaan in Final Fantasy XII) as his rival-Sanada Yukimura."  DAW! They look so adorable!!


More details on this adaption will be provided as I can find them. Such as a list of other characters portrayed and airing times, etc... I expect it to be at least halfway decent. I mean, it can't POSSIBLY be as bad as our American attempt at Street Fighter, can it?

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