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Posted on July 9, 2012 - 7:54pm by gamerninjaxl


 Is this game a worthy game or is it a watered down sequel like a lot of other game franchised transitioning to the gameboy.

 Hello and welcome to my review of Metroid 2 for the gameboy, YES the gameboy, this is a direct sequel to the first game on the NES. Very few games have a home console game and then make a sequel to this game, but in my opinion, this game is even BETTER than metroid on the NES. So lets get started!




HISTORY: Metroid 2 was released in 1991 on the original gameboy, the direct sequel to Metroid on the NES . I know some of you people  are thinking "......WHHHYYYY?" Well lets have a little history lesson here; In 1986 the original metroid came out for the NES  which was created by the RND-1 division of Nintendo, and the runner up of this game is a guy named Gunpi Yokio, and you know what? He so happened to make the FREAKIN GAMEBOY in 1989. So that is why he released Metroid 2 on the gameboy (and also Kid Icarus 2 on the gameboy) because it would make sense to put HIS  two most important franchises on HIS game system.  And this happens to be one of my favorite gameboy games ever, so lets get this show on the road.


GRAPHICS: The  graphics on this game are tremendous for a gameboy game. It runs at a smooth framerate which somehow has an even better framerate then the NES title. The areas are vast and varied, but do get just a little stale only because of the black and white screen. This game has nice big sprites, that can either be a problem for some gameboy games or a good thing, in this case, its a VERY GOOD thing. It helps drive this games isolation, and not knowing where the heck you are (in a good way). Speaking of isolation, this game is slightly shorter and more contained than the original metroid for the NES, which is ok, im not holding  against it since this is an early gameboy title. So overall  this game looks great.


STORY: Finally, Samus defeated the Mother Brain and the metroids on her home world. there is finally peace....BUT IS THERE! No there is not, it turns out that there  were  Metroids  left over  and  they migrated to a planet called SR-388, where there are over 40 metroids, and interestingly enough, new types of metroids (correct me if im wrong, I suck at this game lol). So samus's objective is to finish off the remaining metroids on the planet. Its your basic metroid story, but again, gameplay in Metroid always overshadowed the story so its understandable that it is pretty basic.


SOUND:  If there was one thing that I would have to complain about in this game, then it would be the music. The music is generic (besides the first theme you hear when you land on the planet, that theme is awesome) and alot of times, it doesn't even fit on what your doing, and it is VERY REPETITIVE!!!! (LOOK INTO MY-uh-words) this is easily the worst soundtrack out of a series that usually has an incredible soundtrack. At least the sound effects are ok, I like samus's arm canon noise, but the beeping when your close to dying is still annoying as hell but it should be! So sound may not be the stronger part of the game, but trust me, this game is still solid.

GAMEPLAY: I am suprised to say that I dont have as much to explain in the gameplay segment as much as I did in my last review, because Metroid 2 is a lot like the original Metroid in almost every way. But, one thing that is different in this one are the powerups, mainly, the spiderball powerup, which is a huge addition and it would later catch on into the Metroid Prime series. Also your overall objective is different, instead of searching the planet for power ups and  basically getting ready for the battle with Mother Brain. Now its basically one huge search and destroy, which is interesting for a whole metroid game to have that objective, because now, your not only finding power ups, but also finding the metroid that you have to destroy. I think it works well in this game. Also the environments are scaled down like I said before, it is a bit more linear than the first game, which I like because the original metroid plus this game didnt have a map, so I think its less confusing overall. The controls are really smooth, you move at a great pace, the jump ark is great, they are great, but my only complaint with the controls is the spiderball powerup. This thing is really hard to control, the controls get sort of inverted and it gets annoying when you want to bomb a cieling and then you fall off the ceiling. So that is all I have to say about the gameplay, its solid overall.


PROS:  The game runs very smoothly on the original gameboy, it looks great, it controls smoothly and the whole game is just well put together. Also the inclusion of a SAVE SYSTEM is probably one of my favorite things about this game., also the fact that this is less confusing than the original because its more linear. Overall, its a great game that is well worth your time.


CONS: There are only a few problems that I have with this game. Even though I like the bigger sprites and the smaller range, it does sort of get in the way when you are trying to shoot at a long distance, which drives this games suprising difficulty. The original was difficult enough but in this game I am always close to dying  and when you go back to your save spot you are probably close to  dying  anyways! Also the soundtrack is abnoxious and repetitive besides the first song, and thats all of my complaints.


Final Thoughts: This game is a great game on the gameboy, this really shows how you can make a great sequel on a handheld and somehow make it arguably better than the original. I love this game, it deserves way more attention than it does now, and it is one of the most underrated classics I have ever played. It does have a few errors, and it is a lot like the first one where you can only shoot up and forward, but I feel that it really works around those mechanincs this time around and makes it less frustrating to try and shoot things. This is a great game and I recommend it to all metroid fans who havent played this yet, it is on the eshop (which is the version I have) and it is about $4.00 so its money well spent.


Thank you for reading my review, and things are going to get good, REALLY, REALLY GOOD, with Super Metroid, oh boy I cant wait to review this game! Stay tuned tommorow. Sorry that this review was a little late and I hope you enjoyed again.

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