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Games of a Generation: Playstation 3

12/6/13 3:50pm

With the release of the X1 and PS4, the next generation has finally started (I would argue that it started with the WiiU but it is fair to wait until all 3 systems are on the market at once). On top of that 2014 is just around the corner and as such I believe it is time to finally give my personal awards for the Best PS3 games of the ENTIRE generation.

The categories will be as follows:

  • Best Racer
  • Best JPRG
  • Best FPS
  • Best Third Person Shooter
  • Best Action Adventure
  • Best Movie Game
  • Best Puzzle Game
  • Best Hack N Slash
  • Best Fighter
  • Best WTF
  • Best Open World Game
  • Game of the Generation


So without further ado let's get to the list for the Best PS3 games of the Generation!


Best Racing Game

The award goes to: Split Second

I am not much of a racing game fan but all that changed with the release of BurnOut. I've been waiting for another BurnOut Revenge to be released as opposed to the open world style that is BurnOut Paradise but it never came out. Instead, I was given Split Second - a game that focused not only on crashes and high speed thrills but destructible environment that alter the race track. It is a fantastic game that looks as great as it plays.

Runner Up: Need For Speed: Most Wanted


Best JRPG: Resonance of Fate

Resonance of Fate dared to break away from the typical JRPG mold by giving us a mixture of action and strategy when it comes to the battle system. Inspired by John Woo films, this game gives us an over-the-top run and gun system that has our character doing acrobatics as they blast their enemies into oblivion. Not to mention that the characters are fascinating in their backgrounds and you can customize how they look (both in cut-scenes and in-game) and you have a great JRPG.

Runner Up: N/A


Best First Person Shooter: Far Cry 3


This one was a tough one because the Runner Up was one of my favorite FPS games of this generation but Far Cry 3 comes out on top thanks to the superior writing of the secondary villain Vaas. Vaas is by far one of my favorite villains of all time but FC3 has more than Vaas going for it. It has beautiful environments, a great combat and leveling up system, and spot-on controls. It really sucked me in.

Runner Up: The Resistance Trilogy


Best Third Person Shooter: Uncharted 2

This one was a hard on only because I love the runner-up so much but I had to go with how the game made me feel throughout the entire experience and Uncharted 2's story helped it's place here on this list. This is the first Uncharted game I've played and it hit all the marks beautifully - well written, well acted, fast action, and Hollywood-style pacing. It really was a great game.

Runner Up: WET


Best Action-Adventure: The Reckoning

The Reckoning's demo grabbed my attention the moment I saw that there was a magic spell that let you grab enemies and yank them towards you ala Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. After purchasing the game, I was immersed in a massive world with tons of side-quests, collectibles, weapons, and armor. Did I really understand what the story was? No. Did I care? No. All that mattered to me in this game was just how much damn fun it was and that is all that matters!

Runner Up: Infamous 2


Best Movie Game: Ghostbusters

Honestly, the lack of attention this game gets really bothers me. Seriously; how many games based off of movies include not only the entire cast from said movies, but is also written by the actors who made the movies to begin with? This is the Ghostbusters game fans have been waiting for. It delves very deep into the Ghostbusters' mythology explaining the background of some of the ghosts and how they died (Seriously - the Librarian ghost was pretty grisly). This is not just a great Movie-Based game, it is a great game period.

Runner Up: N/A


Best Puzzle Game: Catherine

Catherine is a strange game. It comes across as a dating simulator once you see your character trying to choose between two women but it actually is a psychotic puzzle game that has you pushing and pulling blocks in order to escape a shadowy she-demon who wants to impale you with a fork. On top of that, you need to avoid talking sheep as they try to throw you off the block tower and everything you do affects your relationship with the girls. It's easily one of the most unique puzzle games ever made.

Runner Up: Limbo


Best Hack N Slash: Lollipop Chainsaw

Sure it may not be as fluid or high-octane as other games in this category but it wins points for its crazy storyline, tongue-in-cheek humor, it's kick-ass soundtrack, and its constant parodies of both video-games and movies. Sure the game has some issues here and there but honestly when will you ever play a chainsaw wielding cheerleader who fights zombie lords who are based off different genres of music? Only in Lollipop Chainsaw!

Runner Up: NeverDead


Best Fighter: Mortal Kombat 9


Oh man, where do I begin with this game? First of all it is one of the very few Fighting Games to provide players with a 6-hour storyline that spans the first three Mortal Kombat games (thus giving players a deeper understanding of what went on during those games). It is also chalk full of single-player content from the typical Arcade mode to the aforementioned Story Mode to the Kombat Tower, and tons of unlockables in the Krypt. On top of all of this, we are given some fun mulitplayer modes such as Test Your Luck. Finally comes the graphics and fighting system itself - returning to its 2D roots, MK9 provides us with fast-paced combat.

Not to mention that the X-ray moves and fatalieis really make you squirm!

Runner up: Persona 4 Arena


Best WTF Game: Aquanaut's Holiday

Okay now follow me on this one. You are playing a marine biologist who is looking for his missing friend who vanished while exploring a cove. At first it seems like a peaceful game that is reminiscent of Pokemon Snap in where you can take photos/scans of sea life in order to fill a journal. Things change rather quickly, however, when you realize that there is something very strange with this cove. You soon realize that things are not what they seem in the cove as you discover a sunken city from the 1950s, realize that the fish themselves are holding eerie secrets from another world, and when you begin to discover the truth of what happened to your friend. It is a very eerie game indeed...

Runner Up: Killer is Dead


Best Open World Game: Saboteur

Another underrated game, the Saboteur hit all the marks when it comes to an open world game. It had great gun-play, tight driving controls, and a very interesting storyline. It also contained a very interesting gimmick in which the regions controlled by the Nazis are black and white. When you drive the Nazis out of these sectors, that region is bathed in glorious color. I really enjoyed the game from start to finish and it is easily the best game to come from Pandemic Studios.

Runner Up: Infamous 2


Alright. With those out of the way we have the game everyone has been waiting for. The GAME OF THE GENERATION. This is the game that trumps all others in terms of entertainment. For a game to earn this award, it had to be entertaining from start to finish. There cannot be a single moment in this game where I felt bored and it had to be so addicting that I had to  put down every other game I own in order to complete this game 100%.

There is only one game on the Playstation 3 that hits the mark and that game is....


Game of the Generation:

Saints Row the Third


Saints Row the Third was the first game in the franchise that I've ever played. I've heard of the first two games but I never gave them a shot as I was never a fan of the  whole thug-life videogame concept. However, after seeing the trailers for SRt3 and hearing good things from friends of mine who have played the first two games, I decided to give SRt3 a chance.

I cannot explain how much I enjoyed this game. Seriously, I was grinning ear-to-ear as I experienced the entirety of the game. The gameplay may not be revolutionary but seeing my ponytailed, British-speaking gang leader running around in a steam-punk outfit while shooting explosive incendiary rounds into countless of enemies made me squirm in my seat with joy.

The game is a parody of not only other games in the same genre, but the video-game industry as a whole. It makes fun of the cliches of video games and the gamers who play them.

The insane over-the-top weapons were a blast as well. Upgrading your weapons to shoot fire or cause enemies to explode on contact? Beautiful!

Oh and don't get me started on the writing. The script for this game was just hilarious. I was laughing tears at some points in the game and the voice acting was spot on.

But the biggest selling point for this game was the variety. I've played other games in this genre but none of them had the variety that this one had. One minute I am being my awesome Saints Leader self, and the next I am in a virtual world as a toilet with a Mega-Man inspired arm cannon. I can be speeding down the freeway in a sexy sports car or I can tear down the sidewalks in a pimped out Hearse with spiked wheels and infinite boost.

Experiencing a fire fight while free falling through the sky; fighting a never ending wave of zombies, biological supermen, zany weapons, sexy geeky girls, gimps, laser swords...this game has everything that I've always wanted in a modern game. In  world that takes itself too seriously, it is so nice to see a game that throws all seriousness out the window in exchange for pure, unadulterated fun.

Oh, an if you need further proof of my love for the game; the Saints Row Ringtone used in the game has been my ringtone for my cell phone since the game's release and I don't see myself changing it any time soon.

Runner Up: Saints Row 4





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