Games I want on Virtual Console.

Posted on November 21, 2011 - 11:44pm by Alpha Unit


These games deserve to be on Virtual Console,

But they sadly aren't.


 I'm one of those so called retro gamers. They like playing with the past no matter how bright the future is. They want to relive the moments they had when they were small enough to actually enjoy  Sesame Street. I love new consoles, but sometimes I have doubts on where the entire industry is headed for. It kind of intimidates me, and so I play old video games for comfort.


I don't own things like my old N64 and  Gameboy (Although I've bought a new gray brick Gameboy). One thing I've been able to do is depend on services like the Wii Virtual Console and Good Old Games to help me re-experience my childhood, and play classics I never had the chance to play. 


One thing that I feel is absolutly criminal is the fact that there are some games I can't play anymore, and aren't available to play without emulation because they're so hard to find. The arcade my town that once had classics like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Daytona USA has gone out of business, and has been out of action for about 5 years now. I can go to my local swapmeet and buy old games, but I'm going have to buy a whole bunch of consoles like the PS1 and the Sega Dreamcast in order to fill the void within me. But it sucks because some games I want aren't available to me because my current game fix is comprised out of my PC and my Wii.(with Xbox 360 on the way)


The only service I'm really going to mention here is the Wii Virtual console because of it's vast retro library, which is one of the few things it out did it's competitors in. I have a PC and can use Steam and Good Old Games, but I haven't been using the services lately. I'm going to purchase an Xbox 360 console, but I'm saving that for the holidays.


So without further or due, here's the classics I want crammed down my throat:


Xmen Vs. Street Fighter

You bet your ass I'll be buying Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and 3 on Xbox 360, but I wish the Virtual  Arcade section on Wii really had this game. It was the first entry in the Marvel vs Capcom series preceding Marvel Vs. Capcom! It looks bright and colorful, and hearing Dhalsim say "Yoga" in this game is... Addicting to me. This game was an absolutly colorful romp, and it's sad to say Cyclops isn't even in MVC3 when he was shaking hands with Ryu!


Also, the melody @0:03 is freakin' beautiful!


Everything Rare made with Nintendo

Rare made my childhood. They made me who I am. Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye, Conker, Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instict and many more defined what's probably my favorite era in Nintendo's history. You want to know why I got an N64 instead of a Playstation back in the day? Boom. (Okay, I wanted Mario 64 the most, but I wanted Rare's stuff, too.)


Ever since the Microsoft buy out, Rare has been castrated, and the talented folks who once worked there have already left for much greener pasteurs, in fact, the guy that made Conker has long since left, and the founders of Rare have retired from game making now. I'm going to come clean and say this, Rare sucks ass now. 


But as I've said before, if they put up material on Virtual console it would be good. I've actually played Banjo Kazooie and Tooie on my cousin;s Xbox, and I feel gross playing that way. One of my favorite games of the past, Diddy Kong Racing, hasn't made it yet. Goldeneye will probably never get a rerelease because Activision owns the James Bond license, Rare is now owned by Microsoft, and Nintendo is now owned by... Nintendo.


There are too many complications, so we may never get anymore Rare games. The DK Country games have made it to Virtual Console, maybe we'll get DK 64 also. Hey, maybe we'll get some BattleToads one day. Maybe even JetForce Gemini or Killer Instinct if we ask nicely.


But as always, chances are going to be left at "maybe", but those chances are getting real slim.


Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2

Wouldn't this be a cool idea? Okay, what if these two Pokemon games had a release on Virtual Console? What if Pokemons Red and Blue up to Pokemon Chrystal got release on the 3DS Virtual console? You'd have the best novely idea on Nintendo's retro service since the release of Sonic 3 and Knuckles! I can raze mah Pokemanz on mah 3ds an put 'em on mah Wii!



How about you read this?



Sukapon was pretty damn unique. It was one of the last major NES/Famicom games released, and it really pushed the console to it's 8 bit limit. This game was released in 1993, 2 whole years before Rayman, making  Sukapon the first limb less character if one wasn't released before. The game had a grand total of  36 characters, the largest fighting game roster ever until SNK's King of Fighter's '98, but you can still consider impressive since this was an 8-bit game. 


I think this game has a very likely release, and it would probably listed in the import section. This game wasn't a perfect fighter, but it's achievements and animation should be appluaded due to the suprising fact it was released on an outdated system.


Final Fantasy II, III, and V

I'm not a Final Fantasy nut, but I find it sad that these games never hit U.S., European, and Australian shores. Because of this game, we for quite a long time, had to deal with a funky naming system that had an impact on FFs IV and VI  which confused consumers and fans alike outside Japan.


I know these specific entries were extremely hard, and never had official translations upon their original release, but fan translations are amidst Square Enix, and I bet they could use an extra buck or two. These games are among the lower rated Final Fantasies excluding XII and XIV, but these were fun romps nonetheless.


Honorable Mentions:

Thse aren't high on my list, but I want them nonetheless.

Dragon Quests V and VI:

I always loved Dragon Quest more than Final Fantasy, and if you payed attention to the most recent installment, IX, it's starting to overtake FF itself in popularity. It's Japan's most popular game, and those slimes are absolutly adorable!

MegaMan & Bass:

Some call this "The alternate MegaMan 8". Unlike 8 which was the first and only MegaMan not to debut on Nintendo, this was released on Super Famicom. This game took place on an alternate timeline, and only two Robot Masters from 8 exist here.This game also managed to have a more positive reception than 8. SUCK IT 8!


Mighty Final Fight:

Best summed up by Craig.


Well guys, that's all I got. I really hope we get these games sometime, and I look forward to your thoughts in the comments bellow. 

I'm Alpha Unit, and I'll be seein' you guys! 


See ya on Twiiter!!/RedLightningX

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