GameStop CEO discusses the chain’s new Vintage resale strategy in greater depth

Posted on September 9, 2012 - 11:40pm by Ryan Conway

Last week, GameStop CEO Paul Raines stated that the global retail chain was thinking about reselling old school games and consoles. A lot of retro gamers were pleased at the possible convenience of finding loads of quality classics in a single location, while others were displeased with the sheer thought of taking their business to GameStop. But they were all curious about how this would work, as Raines didn’t get into specifics about this new business plan.

During a recent interview with Joystiq’s JC Fletcher, Raines shed a little more light on how GameStop could go about entering the retro resale market. While he didn’t want to give too much of the plan away, Raines did say he has the GS dotcom team ever searching through the web to find the best vintage products from all eras of console gaming, while admitting the company will also have to expand upon its current trade-in policy.

"Our dotcom team is right now grinding through a lot of opportunities to see what's out there and see what we can get our hands on and what we can merchandise. Part of what we have to do is we have to go source a lot of this product, get customers to trade some of their old product with us.”

One such method for making trading with GameStop more appealing to vintage collectors, is the possibility of winning some interesting "classic" rewards like brand-new models of classic consoles and may even some rare collectibles given out by some of the companies renowned business partners.

"We also have relationships with every major publisher in the world and console maker in the world, that we can talk to about what they have and what they can make."

He also admitted to the company already owning a lot of older games and consoles as well, although ironically, a good portion of these products are Game Boy Advance, original Xbox, and PS2 related. I say ironically because the trade and sale of GBA and Xbox stuff has been phased out over the past two-three years and the PS2 stuff is slowly being removed from shelves to make way for the incoming Wii U inventory.

However, it seems GameStop’s new plan when dealing with these items might be to launch a new website (or an expansion of GS’ homepage), which informs collectors about all of the GBA, Xbox, and PS2 merch that’s gathering dust in the back rooms of various locations and how they can be purchased.

I’d wager a good guess this hypothetical “website” could play a major role, or maybe even become the main method of selling and trading all of the incoming retro stock, as it could be sold through the back rooms of each location, leaving plenty of room for the pending influx of modern merchandise. But that’s just a guess on my part, so please don’t quote me on that. :P

Personally, as someone who wants to start up a classic game/console collection, this could potentially be a great and affordable way to pick up some great stuff.  

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