GameStop interested in used digital sales

Posted on July 28, 2012 - 5:20pm by Ryan Conway

GameStop has built a retail empire (of sorts) on used game sales and it seems the company is looking into the possibility of expanding this fairly large profit margin by taking the business model of selling used physical copies and applying it to the sale of digital games/content as well.

Wait a second. Is re-selling “used” digital content even possible?

Apparently so, as CEO Paul Raines recently said the company is currently in talks with a few European companies that have developed the technology to make these second-hand digital sales possible, although GameStop is only “interested” at this point.

“We’re interested; it’s not a meaningful business yet. Right now we’re not seeing that as a huge market, but I think we’re on the leading edge. There are a few companies, a few startups, out there that we’ve talked to that are doing this."

He is also refusing to discuss the matter further, as he doesn’t want to give a leg-up to any competing retailers.

If GameStop decides to implement any of these methods of developing “used digital licenses” it would definitely be poised to boost its monopoly on the used games market, on the other hand, it’d also likely cause greater animosity between the used market and game publishers.

I personally like this idea, as it gives gamers a more affordable option when buying games and add-on content but I think GameStop and developers/publishers need to find a friendly compromise. Like say GameStop giving the pubs and devs a cut on used sales, while GameStop is given a more fair cut on new sales.

That way customers aren’t punished when the publishers attempt to make their money back. *Cough* Online Passes. *Cough* 

And maybe GameStop would actually give customers a fair deal when it comes to trade-ins because of all the extra money they'd be making.


Just give me a few more minutes of denial.

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