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GameStop to sell golden PS3 controllers

6/16/12 6:02pm

Sony has announced a brand new "limited edition" PS3 controller … and it’s the same as the current PS3 controllers. Well, it’s not exactly the same. It happens to be a gold colored controller. Metallic Gold colored!

GameStop will be selling this bad boy exclusively in North America in October for $54.99. It should be noted that it will also see a release in the PAL regions later this month.

So, if you're a Sony collector who must have all of the SONY PRODUCTS or someone who happens to be in need of an extra controller, you should probably go out and pick one up when they arrive in your local shop.

I was going to make a Goldmember reference but I vaguely remember doing that recently, so here’s a video of Goldust as Darth Vader.

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