GameStop selling retro games at ridiculous prices

Posted on February 3, 2012 - 5:45pm by Jared

GameStop has a new feature for their PowerUp rewards card (that's the program they have where you get used game discounts and a year subscription to Game Informer magazine). Anyone who bought stuff or traded items in using that card when accumulate points. Previously, it was for things like coupons and little game knick knacks.

The e-mail from them shows off their brand new Retro Game Vault, where players can now redeem those points for retro games. Well, hot damn! They got things from NES, SNES, Genesis and Dreamcast in here! Whoa, wait... wait a second...

That's the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES. It costs 43,250 PowerUp points. That is ridiculously high.

Generally speaking, 1,000 points equates to a dollar. You get roughly 10 points for every dollar of something you buy  new, and 20 points per dollar on every trade-in and used purchse. Roughly.

Using this simple math, to get something like Super Mario Bros. pictured above, I would need to do, at minimum,  a total of $2,160 of used game purchases and trade-ins. For Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. can be bought online and in Mom & Pop stores for like three bucks. With the points-to-dollar conversion, Gamestop is asking for 14 times that amount. Even Double Dragon is listed at five times its worth.

I love the idea of using PowerUp rewards for retro games, but at this price? No thanks. I am not that big of a sucker. If these were at like, 1/8th of their listed value, I would even find that a little more reasonable.

Maybe now they'll get Battletoads.

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