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 Remember Jose's Puntos? Well, the Dark Lord attempts to bring it back via Ganon's Puntos! In this blog, I shall tell you how to pown in Battlefield 3.


Battlefield 3 --- Main theme


In my dark quest to resurface glorious shows from the past that have unfortunately been canceled, I seek to revive Jose's Puntos!  A show that was used in Version 4 of ScrewAttack that (usually) detailed five hints or tips on how to pown teh noobs in shooters.  ....However he has occassionally done a game on a different genre, so if I ever made another "puntos" blog, I may do on games other than shooters.

After at least 35 hours of play on the multiplayer (just to get to rank 45 for a silly little challenge), I deem myself worthy of giving you tips on how to succeed eventhoughIhaveacruddy.87kill/deathratiosinceIspentfartoolongjusttogetenoughkillsinjetstogetaribbon. BUT that's not important since the Dark Lord is still highly skilled nonetheless! Therefore, are you ready to know the dark secrets in order to best your way through Battlefield 3 and to be the best soldier online?  Well lock and load and take some notes because it will be well worth it!


NUMERO UNO!!  Flank, Flank, FLANK!!!

I can not stress this enough.  Opponents in BF3 seem to have more HP than they do in Call of Duty, for example.  Facing your enemies head-on will usually result in you getting injured or killed---especially if you are in front of them.  Regeneration and reloading in this game is slow, giving you more of a reason that you should take alternate routes.  Hitting them from behind tends to garner you more kills and points since most online opponents do not look behind them much.

Therefore, if you hear gunfire, try to take the backroads to get there, since the middle of the map tends to be very busy.  If you're lucky, you can sometimes even get behind a large group of enemies--netting you tons of points!  Also, try to not stay in one place for too long (or you will most likely have someone spawn behind you and knife you unless you utilize claymores) and try to be unpredictable.  It will help in the long run if you are playing against those that you normally play against.


NUMERO DOS!!!  Know your classes!

Knowing your classes early on will benefit you greatly in the long run.  Instead of making custom classes, you can (kinda) customize four sets of classes.

The Assault class I feel is best for the game mode where you defend a M-COM station.  The Assault class has a bunch of standard machine guns to use that do about average damage---making it what I feel as the worst class of the bunch.  However, the Assault class has the ability to revive fallen partners.  While this does net you 100 points per revival, it does leave you open (plus your opponents could score TWO easy kills if you're unlucky).  The class also can give out medic boxes for teammates...but it doesn't seem to give out too much least for me.  Therefore, this class is best suited for defense only.

The Engineer class is best for conquest or maps that have vehicles.  While this class has the weakest gun choices in the game, the Engineer class comes with an RPG fairly quickly when leveling up--meaning that you can take out tanks faster and more prociently.  This class also has the ability to repair vehicles.  Since conquest is filled with vehicles, this class is a necessity.  Plus, repairing vehicles gives you lots of points as well.

The Support class is what I feel to be the best all-around class in the game.  This class has highly powerful guns with lots of ammo.  Since the reload time for most of the guns in the game will probably already get you killed if you are unlucky, the slower reload time for this class isn't really that big of an issue.  The Support class has C4 that you can use and is incredibly cheap if you are one of those people that prefer to stay in one spot.  The Support class also has the ability to throw out ammo boxes, meaning that if one of your teammates touch it, you will get reload points.  You can get LOTS of points this way, believe me!  The Support class is good for mid-range and close-range, meaning that it's best used for deathmatch or for conquest games.

The Recon class is interesting.  If you have enough skill, this can technically be the best class.  If not, then this class is terrible.  This class comes with a bunch of sniper rifles (and shotguns) to use.  This class has the most powerful guns in the game with some only taking one or two shots to kill!  However, the shotgun is terrible in mid or long range.  The sniper rifles are excellent in long-range.  Unless you are highly skilled, then the sniper rifles won't do so well in long range.  This class also has interesting gadgets you can use--one of which can net you lots of points if you level up high enough where you get a floating camera out and you get tons of assist points by pressing SELECT over foes.  It's best to use this class if you are good with sniping or if you are in Close Quarters Deathmatch.


NUMERO TRES!!!  Points are the name of the game!

 Winning and losing does not affect your in-game ranking---your points do, however.  Also, the leaderboards in each match (where you can be the MVP of the match) is determined by points, not by kills.  While yes, the team wins or loses by how many deaths/kills it takes, it is very, very difficult to have your team win if they are on a losing streak.  There is very little you can do to actually turn a game around  since there are practically NO free-for-all modes in the game and teams are made up of many members.  Therefore, focus on points and helping your team out.

Know that assists on enemies will net you points.  Destroying vehicles...heck, even DISABLING vehicles will net you points!  Make sure you use the specials in each class to get more points, such as resupplies, reviving, etc.  Using vehicles will usually get you a lot of points as well, so make a beeline to those things when you can.  Make sure that you are an Engineer when you use vehicles though.  Helicopters are nice if you can get them, but avoid jets since they caused a bit of frustration in me (plus it's slow to get kills on them).


NUMERO QUATRO!!!  Know the battlefield!

 I know it's obvious, but truer words have never been said.  Whenever you are playing on a new map, take your time and explore the surroundings, because later on if you or your team is in a pickle, you can plan some flanking or escape routes from swarms of enemies.  It's also good to learn about some "safe spots" in the game too--especially for conquest or in a M-COM game.  Adapt to the playstyle and use different routes accordingly during different game modes and the amount of people playing.  Also know that only a few maps actually have jets/planes in them and that only conquest tends to have vehicles if you are trying to get vehicle ribbons.  Another tip you should follow is that you should stick to higher ground or places that have more cover, since opponents do not tend to look up often.  


NUMERO CINCO!!!  Teamwork is vital!

 Playing lone-wolf (albeit cool) will not your team well or your point total well either (unless you are playing Close Quarters Deathmatch).  Remember that you are fighting against a bunch of other players as picking them off one by one will not do justice since they can usually just respawn and get back to the same place in a matter of seconds.  If you have a microphone, communicate to others as much as possible to set up strategies and flanking Dark Lords always do.  If a situation calls for snipers, then tell your teammates to use sniper rifles.  You get the idea.  Also, try to convince others to have a wide variety of classes in the team unless the situation calls for something else.

If you don't have a mic, then at the very least ALWAYS STICK TOGETHER and occassionally look in different directions if others are trying to flank you.  Most of my deaths have either been caused by someone shooting at me from behind or if I was outnumbered.  Don't make the same mistake.  Groups are more powerful and more necessary in this game than it is in CoD.



Now you know the dark secrets to conquering this game, so off you go!  If you would like for me to give out any more evil tips on other games, then feel free to ask.

Next blog will not be gaming related (if all goes well), but it will certainly be worth your time dark warriors!

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