A German Court Orders Microsoft to stop selling 360s in Germany...wait WHAT!?

Posted on May 2, 2012 - 1:51pm by Kaibaman41

 Do you recall the Post I made last month about a issue Microsoft is having with Motorola about Microsoft being accused on violating it's patents in the 360? And how it could have been banned from being sold in the US? Well apparently the original article I found that info out in this Patent War Case got the possible Console Ban confused due to it's nature.

It appears Microsoft has been settling this case out with Motorola in the US when it comes to Patents but in Germany a Judge has  declared for Microsoft to stop selling it's 360s and  for some strange reason even Microsoft Windows 7 PC's Because of the 360 Patent Violation. To make matters even more confusing The Courts in the US dealing in this case as well told Microsoft to keep selling the devices in Germany while this is being delt with.

Yes I know this whole situation in itself is confusing as hell especially the Banning  of PC Systems of Microsoft Windows 7 in Germany...this was all about only one thing the 360 not two, at this point it really does look like Motorola as I feared in my original blog is the Patent Trolls around here because why would it also Ban PC's in a Country for Patent Violations.

Anyway are any of the g1s confused on this new development....cuz I sure as hell am!

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