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Posted on March 23, 2012 - 12:00pm by Roocrow


 Not to show up any other interns, but I thought I would give my little insight on the HQ that you all know and love so much.

Upon reading a blog entry from another colleague of mine, I decided that it would be a good idea to make one of my own. We have both had very different experience in the office and we only have one day where we actually work together. The rest of the time we are the only intern in the office on any other given day except for Wednesday.

Where I was when I started:

When I submitted my resume to Craig, I was looking to fill a female hostess position that was posted at my local college. I was excited because at the moment, I was just working a retail job and going to school part time (although I had meant to be full time). I got an email back in just a few days. Craig delivered the bad news that currently that position was filled, but there was an inter position that was open. It wasn't what I wanted but it sounded like a start. I needed to fill up my schedule for the spring, summer and fall of 2012 because I was going to be alone for the most part.

He warned me in the email that being an intern wasn't going to be fun, nor was I going to be taking an easy route. He was confirming what I already know about interning just about anywhere. Interns do not get much respect, no matter what company you work for.

Getting to the HQ:

My school informed me that I was not going to be able to get credit for this internship because I lacked a senior status in the college, although I was only 4 credit hours short. I began work at ScrewAttack soon after that because there was no paperwork that came along with my free labor.

Off the bat, I was put to work looking for Hot Around the Web clips. Since I am an internet junkie, this was going to be easy, or so I thought. I had to find new and specific videos that the g1's were going to enjoy. This was fine. What a life. An intern that spends her day fishing the internet for interesting videos. When I began work, Skyrim had just been released so the internet was flooded with Skyrim related videos. To be honest, it kind of made looking a little harder.

Soon after I started, the crew informed me that another intern had been hired. I suddenly felt a sense of competition rising in me. I wanted to be a good intern, better than whoever was hired.

Working together:

Despite this competitive feeling, I had to work together with my new colleague: Shawntern. For the most part, we were separated by our different work. That is when Craig came to me with this crazy idea of making a wall. After thirty minutes of brainstorming, we had made this insane idea with a deadline. Work began as soon as materials could be bought, but I was only one woman and this was a 10 character project.

I was very thankful that Shawn came to help. The amount of painting alone is enough to make an artist faint. We got done just in time for the marathon thank god. Ever since, we have pretty much gone back to picking on each other playfully and working in different places.

The Crew:

Remember the part about no intern gets respect? Well that's true, but it's not personal. It's fun to pick on the new guys, especially if they aren't getting paid. I spent most of my days in the front room (because that was the only place I could get a lot of room to work my 8 foot board). There I met Sam and Chad. I did get to know a lot about them because I like to make conversation while I work. Sam did give me a few licks here and there but you got to learn to take it in stride.

Jared has never really gone out of his way to make fun of me. I set myself up a lot of times. He's a pretty funny guy sometimes.

Lauren and Sean are pretty awesome. They are both funny together and have a good time. Lauren and Jared are hilarious to have in a room because they are always picking on each other.

Bryan is mostly busy doing something or another but for the most part is a pretty cool guy. He gets his quips in when he can.

Ben ended up sharing a class with me so I got to experience the world of western film with him. He's a pretty cool guy and for the most part sticks to his Death Battle stuff.

Nick is always doing something silly. I think he has some real skill editing wise and it definitely going places. I look forward to every Friday when we have to crank out a Clip of the Week.

Craig is always working. He makes sure everyone is doing something. Although stern sometimes, you can tell he really cares about ScrewAttack, the g1's and the people who work for him.

Why I'm here:

The shows that ScrewAttack produces are one of my interests. I love making videos and editing. Although I'm pretty green in the field, I still want to learn. I'm currently going to school for this and I would love to get my hands on a project to complete for the site. Currently I am working for something that will eventually go up on the site but it is going to be a learning experience for me. I am not familiar with Final Cut and Macs don't like me. I hope to stay here as long as I can and get some work experience before I complete my college degree.

Ups and Downs:

No job is complete with the elevator joyride. There are days I leave the HQ with my head high, proud of my work. Other days I shuffle out feeling like an outsider with not a shred of respect in my hands. I keep coming back though. I have a passion for film and videogames. I would pick this place over my current employment any day.

That's it for now. I hope to share more stories with you guys as we move on with the year. You can catch me chatting on Screwing around occasionally and sometimes you may even hear my disembodied voice from the intern closet. One of these days, I'm going to climb into the ceiling tiles and be free of this closet!

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