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Get some S on S drive action with new Xbox cable

9/27/11 10:00am

 It's no secret that the existing Xbox 360 transfer cable was a bit of a prude, and wasn't able to transfer between two Xbox 360  S hard drives. Now, that was all good and fine in the early days, when the Xbox 360 S was fresh on the scene; but the new Gears of War 3 model is out and things are getting a little grittier. It's time for a transfer cable that's willing to go all the way. 

Well, Xbox Live's Major Nelson announced on his blog that the call has been answered.  There's a new Xbox 360 transfer cable (pictured) that's not afraid to go S drive to S drive.  The only problem is that the new cable (while less prudish) seems a bit shy; it hasn't arrived at the Microsoft Store site yet.  There's also no indication that the cable will be bundled with the new console, or how much it will cost. They do give you step-by-step instructions on how to migrate your data, though.

We'll just have to take the good Major's word on it for now.


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