God of War IV confirmed by Amazon, named Ascension

Posted on April 19, 2012 - 9:00am by Dr. Wondertainment


The new God of War game has been confirmed in a leak by Amazon, and is either a prequel based on the time before Kratos became the Ghost of Sparta, or a tale about Kratos trying to rescue his family.

Amazon has jumped the gun and announced the newest game from Sony ahead of the publisher, and like everyone assumed, it's God of War IV.  Named God of War Ascension,there's a lot of forced bullshit to speak about "the most ambitious title yet" (I don't doubt it will be true, but it's meaningless unless we know how it will be ambitious), but what is most interesting is the trailer.

I will admit it does make for an cool premise, actually seeing Kratos before he became a beast. But, and this is the big but here, it doesn't sound like this leaves a lot of room for the big action that makes the series special.  Kratos was a military commander, where do giant scorpions you punch to death come into that?

Or maybe I'm reading this completely wrong, and its still set after  the events of God of War IV. In which case, we're back to nothing being left to kill. Death is dead, and Kratos has jumped through Hades so often, the premise being Kratos pulling an Orpheus is just stretching credibility. What, did Kratos's family get sent to the wrong afterlife by accident, now he's gotta go through Valhalla to find them?

....okay, that actually does sound awesome.

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