Goku Vs Superman

Posted on October 24, 2012 - 7:24pm by Superior


To truly understand why the guys at Screw Attack have not made a official Goku vs Superman video you must realize that that request requires immense research and even approval on what facts and information will prove valid to the fight  in the body  paragraph under  i felt the need to correct some things write about what i felt needed to be said from the beginning. This is a respond to the http://www.screwattack.com/news/death-battle-predictions-goku-vs-superman article which was originally a comment but felt i needed to put it as a blog.

There are many things here that i can counter argue for example people want to avoid saying Goku is faster than the speed of light by stating that Akira never said so but he made it clear goku speed is ultra fast by having him in ssj3 rival kid buu who destroyed multiple planets across the universe. Goku also implements instant transmission the ability to move anywhere in the universe instantly even without having to put his fingers on his forehead. Now that i settled speed i would like to go in to where one of you said Goku's physical attack will not harm superman because of his invulnerability. You must realize ALL of Goku's physical attack includes Ki to some extent meaning ALL his attacks will harm superman, saying his attacks will not superman is wrong. Another argument that people say is superman is stronger and he can transport planets across the galaxies. Goku bench presses giant namekians before he even fought raditz so its common sense to say goku can carry planets as well as far as moving them across the universe he can just instant transmission or move it manually, either way he can do it too. As for the "Has no knowledge of and little access to Superman’s weaknesses" Goku does not need knowledge he willingly challenges strong foes without cheating so i highly doubt he would even use the kryptonite even if he knew."Depending on which incarnation, is physically as strong or stronger than Goku in Super Saiyan 4" DBGT Goku is broken his strength is not understandable so it depends wether it is DBZ Goku or DBGT Goku here is an example on how odd the logic is: DB Goku can push a giant namekian away (yes i am using this example again) and DBGT base Goku cant lift up a building without turning ssj4. Also about Dragonball GT if i include that it will make Goku beyond broken because of its logic and its non canon. Also people say superman holds back most likely the fight will take place in a uninhabited planet as Goku often takes the fight far away from civilization as he has done numerous times so there be no reason for him to hold back. Also his "feats" outside battle is inconsistent with what he does in battle. If goku is not SSJ3 he as well is holding back. "Super Breath and Laser vision can match if not surpass Goku’s Ki attacks" this is unmeasurable for the reason that even though the heat temperature for superman laser beam was given no such heat temperature was given for any DBZ characters energy beam unless you want to ask Akira up front and have him confirm it. The whole problem with Goku Vs Superman concept is that it depends what kind of Superman (like Pre-crisis and post crisis)and what kind of Goku the one purely canon to the manga (DBZ Goku) or with all the movie and GT stuff too(DBGT Goku)? Or are you willing to do an impossibly unsupportable battle with the entirety of both Goku and Superman?

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