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Posted on January 2, 2013 - 1:15pm by DEATH BATTLE

Hey guys, we wanted to give you an update on Goku VS Superman. we've seen a lot of comments and questions, and we hate to keep you guys in the dark.

For those that don't know, ever since Zelda VS Peach we hired Jordan Lange, a talented animator, to build the fight animations we write. He does not work in our office, in fact he doesn't even live in the same state as us. While we'd love to have an animator in house, Lange was without a doubt our best option. He's an incredibly skilled animator whose skills and experience fit DEATH BATTLE like a glove. In addition, this fight is being built in 3D, so Lange has had a giant task of building cities, landscapes, character models and animating moves and effects.

Why was it delayed?
One reason: the fight sequence. Every other part has been 100% complete since before the 21st. However, we wrote an incredibly epic fight, which Lange has been working on since October. In pre-production, we were assured that a December 21st release date would be plenty of time to get the animation done. While Lange's original deadline 2 weeks prior was missed, up until a few days before release Lange assured us that we would absolutely have the fight on time. We all agreed that we needed to make this episode perfect for you guys, and cutting corners was not an option, so we were happy to give whatever time he needed before the 21st. Lange didn't want to let the fans down with a delay and was busting his ass to make it as awesome as it needs to be. However, there were some issues which caused unforeseen problems. So when the time came, the animation was not complete. NO ONE wanted this to be up on the 21st more than the three of us, but again, we refused to cut corners. You guys deserve better than that. In the end, we all decided the second half of the fight needed to be reanimated, which is what Lange has been working on day and night.

So when is it coming out?
It's almost complete. Unfortunately, Lange's animation methods make it hard for him to give us an exact completion date, only a vague estimate. So, before we give you a release date, we want to be sure beyond any shadow of a doubt that you will absolutely 100% get the episode on that date.  The next update from us will be THE release date for Goku VS Superman (and it will be very soon). When you see the episode, you'll see just how much work has been put into this fight.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your patience and support.

Wiz & Boomstick

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