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Hackers can recover credit card information from any Xbox 360 HDD

3/30/12 1:00pm

Microsoft has done a piss poor job of protecting our information from hackers, as a new report reveals that once a user has logged personal information on an Xbox 360 hard drive, it can be accessed indefinitely. Even if you had re-formatted the console hard drive and set it to factory settings. The report comes from Ashley Podhradsky of Drexel University who says Microsoft did a good job protecting its own information, but not the information of users.

"I think Microsoft has a longstanding pattern of this… When you go and reformat your computer, like a Windows system, it tells you that all of your data will be erased. In actuality that's not accurate—the data is still available... so when Microsoft tells you that you're resetting something, it's not accurate."

They discovered the issue by actually performing the hack themselves using a basic modding tool. There is little to protect casual users from this, butAshley also recommends hooking an old HDD up to your PC and using a sanitation program like Darik’s Boot & Nuke. My solution is to throw that old hard drive in a furnace. Considering I have thrown out at least two 20GB drives, this pretty much sucks. 

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