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Hackers discover a way to stream PC games to the Wii U GamePad

12/30/13 8:00pm
If you’re having trouble believing that headline, I assure you it’s true. A group of talented hackers have devised a method of reverse engineering the Wii U GamePad to allow users to stream their PC games straight onto the device…it’s just not possible to acquire a decent connection or a quality stream of a game of better quality than what you'd find on an emulator. At least not yet. 
These hackers demonstrated how the PC to Wii U streaming works during their presentation at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress, which was held this past weekend in Germany. Footage of the demo can be seen here, in which a Dolphin emulated version of Wind Waker is streamed to the GamePad, which is a pretty ironic choice. The hackers also showed a brief image of the Wii U's tablet streaming Final Fantasy VII from a PS1 emulator.  
But as you can see in the video, this proof-of-concept isn’t anywhere near being perfected, as PC to the Wii U streams are subjected to constant stalling, glitching, and freezing and that’s with these older titles. So trying to run games from your Steam library like say Team Fortress 2 or an upcoming graphical goliath like Titanfall onto the GamePad at this point simply wouldn’t work but this alpha build does prove that such a feat may in fact be possible eventually. 
This group says it’s also currently working on Android software, which can turn a common tablet into a substitute GamePad, although I wouldn’t expect Nintendo to lend its support to either project. 
It’s pretty cool to see this in action and I’m very intrigued to see what else can be done with this bit of technical innovation before a user friendly version is made available, not to mention I do like the thought of streaming my PC library onto a GamePad. 
But considering the Wii U is often updated with Nintendo’s official firmware, I don’t know if installing this Windows and OS X enabling software to the GamePad would be the safest of ideas, since you never know what kind of compatibility issue may arise...but it's still intriguing.
Sources: The Escapist and GameSpot

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