Halo 4 first look

Posted on June 4, 2012 - 11:15am by ScrewAttackSam

The first thing out of the Microsoft conference was Halo 4, which comes as no surprise to many.

Halo 4 emerges with a scripted segment of game play showing off graphics, physics, and a new type of enemy along with their weapons. And they seem pissed… While the Covenant makes their return as well, that pissed off rogue AI is using Forerunner technology. It looks much more interesting that the vanilla Elites and Grunts you are used to.

The Chief also seems to have a new visor feature allowing him to see thermal patterns in low visibility situations. The HUD looks reminiscent of Metroid Prime & Predator. Something tells me this isn’t the last will see of Master Chief this E3. Expect more news as E3 continues and “an ancient evil awakens”.

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