[Hands-on] The Devil May Cry but you really shouldn't

Posted on August 19, 2012 - 8:20pm by Andrej

I'll just skip the long-winded introduction and say this: If you still hate this game just because it's a reboot you really need to snap out of it, because Devil May Cry cranks the asskickery all the way up to 11.

The new demo developed especially for Gamescom had Dante jumping and running around an upside-down city filled with floating debris and makeshift platforms. The jumping controls work well and you've got an air glide move to give you an extra boost when you come up short. Two new abilities, the Angel Lift and the Demon Pull, can be used to fling yourself to higher ground or pull out platforms from the walls respectively.

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Both of these abilities can also be used during combat. They make building up your combo meter a lot easier, since you can either pull far-away enemies towards you or zip through the air, slashing at everything that crosses your path.  In general, the combat is just what you'd expect from a DMC title. It's incredibly fast, flexible and just plain awesome. It's easy to learn, hard to master and impossible to put down. You can assign up to three weapons to your D-Pad, allowing you to switch between them at any time, even during combos. And you're gonna need all of them, since many enemies can only be killed by a certain weapon or technique.

While the story and setting don't really have much in common with the older, gothic-style games in the franchise, the graphics actually manage to feel reminiscient of Capcom's endeavors. They are dark and twisted while at the same time managing to be vibrant and colorful, giving the game a very surreal look and feel. There are also enough latex-y squishy elements scattered around the world to remind you that you ARE dealing with some demonic substance matter here.

That's not a cutscene, by the way.

Here's the thing: If you are so invested in the universe and characters of the original DMC that you just can't accept a reboot, that's fine. However, if you like the series because of the gameplay, combat and general attitude, then do yourself a favor and pick this game up.  It delivers the gameplay we love while managing to make it all feel fresh again, something the franchise really needed in my opinion. So let the Devil do the crying and instead focus on kicking ass and having a good time when DmC hits store shelves early next year.

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