Happy Face/Sad Face - EA's E3 2012 Briefing

Posted on June 4, 2012 - 3:50pm by Bryan


EA had ten developers show off in their press briefing, where the underwhelming was overwhelming

EA was the first strictly games publisher up today and they brought games alright, but their show was underwhelming for the most part. The disappointing outweighs the enjoyable in this year's EA briefing

r0x0red mah s0xz0rs

Need for Speed: Most Wanted: Redux - Since NFS landed in the hands of Criterion they've been revisiting some of the series' better days. Most Wanted holds a special place in the Need for Speed lineage, going so far as to have its city re-released as Need for Speed: World not too long ago. Looks like the new cover car is a Porsche instead of the old M3 which makes me wonder if they kept the story or not. Really hope the story returns, that's what kept me going to the end of a racing game.

SimCity - The tools available to keep track of a real city have improved, and so have the tools in SimCity. The resources at player's hands are quite informative, and the prospect of multiplayer has my attention. Build a city together or try to ruin the other person's? No specifics yet but I have my hopes up.

Seeing Dana White for what he is -  Believe it was last year where Dana White revealed his distaste for EA after their dealings on a potential MMA game. Fast forward to today, THQ has fallen hard, EA swoops in on the UFC license, and Dana White puts on a shit eating grin to play nice at the E3 presser. Businessmen are concerned about the bottom line and the way White shoved whatever grudge he held as far in the closet as he could proved it.

mah body is NOT ready

Dead Space 3 - How scary the Dead Space games really are is debatable, but what they showed of Dead Space 3 looks like the undead baby went out with the bath water. The gameplay looked more like Gears of Lost Planet than anything, which I expect I'll enjoy but it won't be the series I took a chance on four years ago.

DLC on an E3 stage - Pimping additions to existing games at E3 just doesn't do it for me. We already knew a premium system was coming to Battlefield, and it was hard to see someone represent Bioware's remains trying to get The Old Republic off life support. They added new endgame material, a new companion, and a new playable race, but that race was not Ewoks or Jawas so I'll stay moved on to other titles.

EA's first person shooters - Man, Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and Crysis 3 did just this side of jack crap for me. The modern military shooter is a top selling formula but I'm ready for the next big thing, I need some innovation at this point. Crysis 3 has great visuals as you'd expect, but the other two made me catch up on other things until they were done.

Final thought

If we look at today's shows like a hammock, hopefully EA's briefing was the lowest point you could get comfy and nap through before Ubisoft and Sony bring things back up. Maybe they're just not trying too hard before the next gen systems, but they won't be trying to open my wallet, either.

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