Happy Face/Sad Face - Ubisoft's E3 2012 Briefing

Posted on June 4, 2012 - 6:50pm by Bryan


We wanted to see Ubisoft show more than how much they're going to support the Wii U, and boy did they do that.

Ubisoft was definitely a rebound from EA earlier this afternoon and as far as showing games goes, has had the strongest showing between themselves, EA, and Microsoft. That doesn't mean their presentation was hiccup free.

r0x0rz mah s0xz0rz

Assassin's Creed 3 - We saw the most people have seen of the latest Creed in a single sitting and we saw Connor do quite a bit. Starting with riding a horse into the heart of the British army and taking everyone on, then slinking through trees to infiltrate a British base, and concluding with tracking and killing more animals than PETA would ever condone. Even George Washington couldn't help but be impressed in the footage.

Splinter Cell Blacklist - Got a bit of an idea regarding the story, it seems Sam is back with Third Echelon, until the man decides to shut it down. Solution? Start the Fourth Echelon. Starting in Microsoft's show Sam Fisher made use of a more fluid mark and kill system along with the return of his gizmos and gadgets. Getting to shock people by dropping tasers in water again made my show. Co-Op and the Spies vs Mercs multiplayer returns, Blacklist will be good.

Rayman Legends - Making good use of the Wii U tablet, the new character Murphy will be controlled predominantly with the touchscreen doing things the other characters might not be capable of. Murphy can hit switches and coordinate moves through the environment while upping the number of players to five in the next Rayman game. There was also a bit.trip style level with the music cued to certain points in the level, this will be interesting.

Watch Dogs - Takes the idea that people have more data out there than they want to admit to a scary degree. The main character, Aidan Pearce, knows his way around a gun but also has command of a wealth of technological access that can quickly create chaos. Think Live Free or Die Hard level of chaos just by flipping a couple very important switches, things can get ridiculous quickly.

mah body is NOT ready

Just Dance 4 - Ubisoft felt so good about Just Dance 4 they gave it their intro and nothing more. The cheerleaders couldn't salvage it and Flo Rida was a nail in the coffin. Usher wasn't about to be usupred by the man with the gold diamond encrusted crescent moon microphone.

Todd, the man in the back - Aisha Tyler was certainly one of the better celebrity hosts to grace an E3 media briefing in recent memory, her little sidekick in the back will not be remembered as fondly. He was annoying and contributed little to the proceedings. I'm not sure even Aisha wanted him to be there.

Shootmania - With plans of hitting the E-Sports scene, Ubisoft introduced Shootmania and had champion e-athletes demonstrate it in a little competition. The matches ended too quickly to possibly show off what is going to make Shootmania stand out and stand up to something like Tribes: Ascend. I'm guessing there isn't a whole lot, anyways.

To wrap it all up

For the most part, Ubisoft had a strong show, had a solid host, and has a lot of promise going forward, just got to see if they capitalize on it.

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