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Hard News Recap 2013 - The folly of Electronic Arts

12/30/13 4:10pm

The community votes are in and let's take a moment... to shit on EA. That's what everyone seemed to want, so I went ahead and found all the headlines from this year and let their choices do the talking for me. First the good.


  • EA and Disney strike up Star Wars video game exclusivity deal
  • EA drops the Online Pass system for future titles
  • Electronic Arts to pay $40 million to compensate college athletes

...Yea that's it..... Here's the bad


  • EA is going to quit paying for licensed weapons and keep using them anyway
  • EA is putting microtransactions into ALL of their future games
  • THQ alleges EA feigned interest in a potential buyout in order to snag the UFC license away
  • Tiger Woods and EA break-up, but not for the sport of golf!
  • EA shuts down Victory Games, Command and Conquer canceled
  • Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello steps down
  • EA to close EA Partners division after a number of lay-offs
  • EA creates Code Wars to steal fresh ideas from competitive indie developers
  • EA is coming under fire for DLC and being sued over Battlefield
  • It looks like EA is the Worst Company in America, two years running
  • and... SIMCITY

EA, our relationship is a curious one. Many would like to see you burn for your crimes against the video game industry, but I for one relish these moments. No single company has provided me more opportunities for distasteful Hard News jokes than you. Here's to becoming the Worst Company in America three years running!

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