Hardest Bosses I've Faced and Beaten

Posted on April 6, 2012 - 1:54am by Zodia195


This list consists of the hardest bosses I've ever faced and beat. The requirements for the entries are the following:

-All boxes had to be frustrating, long, and really test my limits

-There can be more than one boss from a game.

Now, remember this is my own opinion and one is a spoiler in the game, so fair warning.

 10.King K-Rool From Donkey Kong 64

This was the final battle of this game and it was hardest (as as it should be in my opinion).  Anyway, you need all 5 kongs to defeat this nut.  K-Rool is no wuss though and does put up a fight.  Patience is key and this guy can get aggravating.  Also the ending after this battle is the funniest ending scene I've ever seen.  Now the reason why this boss is low because it is pretty easy to figure out how to beat him.  It is just a matter of timing it right at times.

9. Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts II.

If there was a nutball on this list, this is the guy.  I thought he was just plain nuts, but I still liked him.  Now, there are several battles between you and this guy.  I am refering to the time after you enter the final door.  Be prepared for a very long battle.  You really do have to rely on the Triangle button on this game.  Because the length is longer, this one ranks higher than the other one.  However, it is still easy to beat and I have never really lost to Xemnas.  It's just the length of this final battle.

8. (Spoiler- you have been warned) . . . . .


8. Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia

This guy was an ally but he betrays the main group at one point.  I won't pick a particular battle with him because every time you face him he's hard.  Now the first 2 times it isn't necessary to defeat him, but it's well worth it.  This guy has a combination of physical and magical attacks and is FAST!!  You really need to dodge and guard alot and have to be patient.  I was say the last time you face him, it's hard in the sense that I had no allies, but I don't think it was as hard as the others because by than I was self-suffient.  The only reason why Kratos at this slot because I don't remember too much about facing him, I just remembered he was hard.

7. Zweis Monde from Mana Khemia Alchemists of Al-revis

Boy these two were a pain in the butt!  I learned the hard way how to beat these chars and it took me several tries.  The two 'mana' here switch places ever few turns.  One is invulnerable to physical attacks and the other is immuned to magical attacks.  It is key to have  Roxis in your group because of his ability to dispell their spells for they could easiely pick off your chars bit by bit.   Having a char to protect your guys is important too.  Anyway, once I learned how to defeat it, it wasn't as hard as I thought.

6. Maleficent- Dragon Form from Kingdom Hearts

Gees did this boss pack a punch!  It seemed like I was getting attacked from every angle.  You have flight by this time so that helps.  This boss takes awhile and I had to make sure my level was pretty high so I could defeat her.  It is best to have Beast and Donald for magic is key in surving the onslaught attacks and Beast packs a bigger punch than Goofy.  Being well supplied is critical too.  However while this boss is very difficult, the ones coming up are much harder in my opinion and it only takes me a few tries (even one try) to defeat this boss now.

5. All Major Bosses in Skies of Arcadia

I couldn't decide on which major boss was harder in this game.  Pretty much all of them were hard, several more than others.  One example was the Blue Gigas seen here.  This was a battleship battle and this guy was fast and always through me off course.  Then there's  Blelgock from the Sewers befre the colliseum.  His constant poison attacks and high HP made this a long battle.  Then there's Veltarn in Glacia, who's a pain with his death ray that has a chance of killing one of your chars.  I tell you this game is packed with hard bosses.  However since most of them I was able to beat once  (not all though), this one doesn't rank higher.  Strategy is key especially in battleship battles.

4. Valmar's Eye from Grandia II

Sorry about the image.  Gees the boss was one of the first ones I thought of to put on this countdown.  It's bloody hard!!!!!  You have multiple opponents.  The key to victory here is PATIENCE and to keep your guys healthy.  I would even put a few of them on guard.   Defeat the smaller eyes first before zoning in on the eyes.  One of them has sleep magic so take out that object.  Because the game is linear it is critical to level up as much as possible in this game.  And not only do you face this guy once, but twince!  I so hated this boss, however the ones comming up through me for a completel loop.

3. Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts II

Boy this boss is one hard one.  He's an optional boss in KH 2, but beating him is WORTH it.  What made this boss hard was his speed, power, and magic.  He can quickly use a spell to bring you down to 1 HP.  That's insane!  I definitely make sure am at a very high level when I face him for I face him alone.  I definitely had to stratagize and be patient!  I always dye at least once and sometimes over and over.  How betting this guys was a pleasure.

2. Xorn from Grandia III

All I can say is that you have better be ready for a world of pain when you face this final boss of Grandia III.  This guy is so fast, you barely have time to blink.    The music is epic too so you know your facing the final guy.  Xorn has plenty of attacks and I always lose a character.  The key thing is to make sure your chars' levels are very high.  The downfall is it takes forward at leveling up and that's why it's not #1.

Here'a The hardest boss I have faced.

1. Valmar's Core from Grandia II

Unfortunately I couldn't find an exact image of Valmar's core, but I did find one of him itself.  Valmar's core consists of 3 heads, each with a specific task.  Ohe heals, another casts magic attacks and the other does physical attacks.  Than there's the core itself with it's supermoves.   The reason why this boss is number one because it not only fits my requirements, but it literally kicked my ass time after time.  It was a miracle that I did beat it!  That's it folks, hope you enjoyed this list.

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