Harvard Medical School will save your data to DNA

Posted on August 24, 2012 - 6:00pm by Pogue-Mahone


 Harvard succeeds at saving data to DNA, but is it practical?

Well, the Matrix was partially right about humans being used in unconventional ways. But instead of using people as batteries, researchers at Harvard Medical School have succeeded at writing information to human DNA.  George Church and Sri Kosuri were able to put 700 terabytes into a single gram of DNA.

It works something like this...


The team estimates that the every piece of digital information humankind produces in a year could be stored in about four grams of DNA. 

As a gamer, this got me thinking. Perhaps somewhere in the future, I won't have to put out for a gigantic hard drive or subscribe to an expensive cloud service to save my games. I could just jam my finger into the console just to save my game! Sure, maybe the procedure to have this done might be painful, and expensive, but hey, who's got their saved game progress for the new Final Fantasy stored in their thumb? This guy! 


But, there is a downside to this major advancement in health and technology. The report states that DNA is able to store data, but wouldn't be the best way to store your data. DNA storage takes a lot longer to read and write compared to other accessible methods like flash drives and hard drives. So as far as storing game saves in the palm of your hand goes, don't get your hopes up, we haven't gotten that far yet.

...it would best used for giant, long-term archives –- say, blanket the entire world in video cameras and only go into them when you really need to figure something out.

If this DNA Storage becomes as widespread as the researchers hope it to be, would you be willing to try it?  If you had a choice, on what body part would you save your stuff?  Games on your thumb? Music on your elbow?  What ideas do the g1 community have for storing data inside of your DNA?

Orignial post by Dave Thier: blogs.forbes.com/davidthier/
More info from Extreme Tech: www.extremetech.com/extreme/134672-harvard-cracks-dna-storage-crams-700-terabytes-of-data-into-a-single-gram 

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