Help the Lego Portal sets become a reality

Posted on July 6, 2012 - 10:00am by LSDreamscape

A proposed project to turn scenes from Portal and Portal 2 into a series of Lego sets is starting to pick up steam but still has a way to go to get the 10,000 support votes it needs before it can become a thing.

A team of four creative Lego artist known as Team Jigsaw submitted a series of well-built and cleverly designed entries based on the Portal games for consideration in Lego's "Cuusoo" program. If the project gets 10,000 support votes, it will enter the consideration stage for a full release in Lego's catalog, in other words, it can become available for judging and if they allow it, they can become sellable.

The team built three sets including the "modular testing chamber" as well as "GLaDOS' Chamber" and a very clever 3D Lego Portal board game that can be redesigned to the players will to last potentially forever.

The "modular testing chamber" set.

So far, the project has over 6,300 support clicks of the 10,000 needed to be entered into consideration. This is a really awesome project and they could use your help g1's, so why not go and lend a helping hand?

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