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Posted on August 27, 2012 - 7:27pm by dustballin


If you would be so awesome to help us out I will run to your house and give you a big old fat guy hug it may take me a couple of hours to get your house

Hi All,
g1 dustballin aka Dusty from Podunk Studioz here and I’ll be honest I am here to beg for your help.

I spent the last couple of weeks working with other developers and the screwattack crew on the sgc indie bundle while doing that I didn’t have the time to work on a project for my own company Podunk studioz. We have an idea for a game series that we feel we can’t bring to any publisher. We would like to make a 5 part game adventure game series based on the book of judges from the old testament. We are looking to fund this project on the crowd funding site indiegogo.

We want to do a different type of funding campaign we don’t just want to offer you preorders of the game. We want backers to decide what games get made at every level of backing a person gets a certain number of votes to pick what judges get games. Not only that we want to have our backers be as important member of the dev team as any programmer or artist we want to achive a true level of transparcy with this game and the people who backed it so we are offering access to an exclusive series of behind the scenes updates which will include things live sit ins on production meetings and game play throughs as well as access to playable builds and weekly updates so backers can see how their input has changed the game from week to week.

If you would like to find out more about the project or even back it you can check out the project page at

If this sort of game isn’t you kind of thing but want to be awesome and help us out any way you could tell your friends about the project on twitter or facebook. As well as check out and up vote the reddit link:

The g1 community has proven time and time again they are the greatest most amazing community in this or any known universe all I am asking no begging for is a little help from the great people who make up that great community
Thank you for your time,

Podunk Studioz

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