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Posted on September 28, 2012 - 10:02am by Dum Dum Dugan


I am participating in the Extra Life gaming marathon and I need your help.

This year I will be participating in the Extra Life gaming marathon on October 20th, 2012.

Every year, since 2008, gamers unite to play in the 24 hour Extra Life marathon and raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Extra life has raised over 2 million dollars since its formation.

I have elected to sponsor West Virginia University Children’s Hospital. The hospital houses the state’s only pediatric cardio thoracic surgeon and neurosurgeon and admits and treats children from each West Virginia County as well as the surrounding states. My goal is to raise $100 dollars for WVU Children’s Hospital, and I need your help.

You can support me by donating on my sponsor page. Every dollar helps. My Sponsor Page If you can’t donate, you can help me by spreading the word. I don’t have many subscribers or twitter followers, so any tweets, recommendations, or shares would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

The marathon begins at 8:00 AM EDT and I will be streaming for 24 hours on my Twitch channel. I will also be doing a short stream on October 6th to prepare for the marathon and increase my sponsorship.

During the marathon, I plan on devoting one to two hours to Minecraft. I will attempt to build things requested by the viewers and sponsors. You can send requests via Twitter, ScrewAttack, or the Twitch chat room on the day of the event. People who sponsor me are more likely to have their requests fulfilled. I will build anything that isn’t too obscene. Here is an example of something I built in Minecraft recently.

Abobo Pile Driver

Abobo Pile Driving a Shark with a Freakin’ Laser Beam Attached To Its Head... For the children

I am working on a schedule for my stream. The schedule will include a list of challenges that I will attempt to complete during the marathon. At the end of the stream, I will be giving a shout out to everyone who sponsored me. A complete schedule will be posted on my blog next week.

Now it is time to share a little bit of bad news. Due to financial limitations, I can only stream at 360p without dropping an absurd amount of frames. I am also not a very chatty guy. Thankfully, I think the chat room will motivate me to speak more. If no one shows up, I hope my game play will make up for my quietness.

I am not pessimistic, but I do want to be honest and keep people’s expectations within the realm of reality. I am not a professional, and I do not plan on streaming regularly after the marathon. I would like to stream again next year though.

With your help, I believe I can reach my goal. Please donate and share my support page.

Thank you for your time.

Important Links

My Support Page Donate Here :)

Extra Life

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

My Twitch Channel Set to private while I prepare for future streams.

@Sensationgorger Follow me on Twitter for updates on my progress and other shenanigans.

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