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Here are the facts about the Xbox One and Used Games

5/24/13 3:23pm

One of the questions we've been trying to have answered is how Xbox One will address the issue of used games. Microsoft has shed some more light on its new pre-owned sales scheme, but it isn't all coming up roses. Good news is you will be able to sell your used Xbox One games at select retailers!

Bad news Microsoft and the games respective publisher will take a cut, meaning that your trade in value for any game will be much lower than the current standard and they will most likely be sold at a cost higher than the average used game of this generation.

This also means that you will not be able to sell games person-to-person via things like eBay, Goozex, or even Craigslist. Only an authorized retailer will have the option of removing the game from your account via the Azure Cloud. Additionally, there will be no way to allow friends to borrow a game or donate your game to a charity like Child's Play. 

In fact, the system requires a user 'check-in' to Microsoft's servers once every 24 hours. That doesn't mean it is "always on", but it certainly requires an Internet connection. That might be a little tough for our troops overseas who might want to get a quick game of Madden in between patrols

This also means that if Sony stays clear of any similar system, their games will likely be worth more than the Xbox One version solely because they aren't full of douchiness. Sure it might be great for publishers and Microsoft to get a piece of that used game pie, but I doubt many consumers will agree. Times sure are a changin'!

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