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 Ok,so as far as I know,I haven't blogged in a while,and I am really,really sorry for that.

And To make up for that,I decided to release the BIGGEST BLOG I WILL EVER POST IN 2011 *Thunder Crackles*

Now you are surely wondering why?,and is because,I WANT TO DO SOMETHING EPIC GOD DAMMIT

So let's go with the first one,A REPOST!


Everytime I look into my first days of blogging,I am always pondered for the lack of "Meaning" or something alike.

I mean My first writing were based on The Firsts top tens Screwattack ever did,And that's were I realized a big flaws in my first three blogs,You cannot express the same things on a video than in a blog,way different,like putting  Jam on Turkey instead of a sandwhich.

Anyways,to all of you who are still reading this,welcome to this short live feature :A Hero To the past,in Which we look,My Past.

"But Hero of Lime,How can you take us to the past????????????"

In which I wil reply:

Look! a Past check from Sonic CD!

So shut up and enjoy (or hate)My past! *Pushes you all in to the sign*

BTW My Past self will be written normal,while I (PRESENT) will be in Italian

Let's Begin:

I remember that a friend of my(who is always lying by the way)told me that his parents bought him Skyward Sword from japan and he told me that the game suucked balls.

I did not believe him.But then when i got home these thoughts appeared in my mind:

What if it really suck?

Will it be the game that I hope it is?

So after all those thoughts,I decided to make a top ten list about things for Skyward Sword.

Top 10

Number 10


I love these types of bomb.It just so cool to use in ocarina of time and so ******* great in Phantom Hourglass.

Imagine using the wiimote to point where you want the Bumbchu to go and throwing it like bowling.

It would be so ****** great...

*Sigh*,see this is what I am reffering,I barely,BARELY,touched What I was trying to say.

For examble I would liked to go into First Person (Like the dowsing mode) Draw a Path (Like in PH) And then send the thing to implode)

And Also...I like the Bombchus In OoT Interesting tool,and funny,I remebered always using it as a kid instead of the normal Bombs,Come at me now Bro.

number 9

gamecubeclassic control adaptor

Just think about it.

Imagine you are playing Skyward Sword and you make a run of 3 dungeons...
you are felling that you're arms are falling,And you are saying:"Man i wish i could play this like old school".

Well no worries then;you can play with your gamecube control and classic control!!

It would be great because people who can not afford classic control (like me)
could play with their gamecube controllers,and you can rest of swinguing the wiimote.

Now I am not going to bash myself so much with this one  but I could made more details:

Even through SS WAS DESIGNED for the motion Control since it's development begin,not Like his predecessor TP,It could had been a fun experience to play it that way,and you know,it could extend the replayability,like this: play the game with Only Motion Controls,and then with a normal controller.

And who knows,maybe the people who say that it sucked,could had have a change of opinion.

number 8

Multiplayer (online).

Let's admit it:This was a bad and underrated game in so many levels.

One of the things I think everyone one to see on a zelda console game is multiplayer.At least ONCE.

So you are playing SS and you feel a little bored by yourself and say:i wish i could play with others...

No worries then!,because you have online!

It would be great to design dungeons, play it with others(using multicolor tunics like Four swords),or someone aiding you on your quest.

You know,I kinda liked Four Swords Adventures,but the problem is that it pissed me off that you had to have A Link to the past in order to play multiplayer,that was what I was trying to say back then,underated feature to a game,that had it's big  flaws.

Anyway,It was kind of dissapointing not seeing at least,a minigame involving another person,don't get me wrong,I like my solo in Zelda,but I will like to see a Zelda game continuing what the portables (Or the Four Swords saga) Left off in terms of  multiplayerbility (I can't believe I just wrote that :S)

number 7
Retro characters return.

An example...perhaps?

What i am reffering is to people like impa,kokiris,etc.

People you feel that they must have at least one final appearance.

Or people who help you that did not do it on the other entries.

YET ANOTHER Example of how I left an entry without saying nothing.

For example,wouldn't you like to see  the old man on Skyward Sword,or Impa,just saying a few

I mean,I like those characters and many more.

Example:The "Ladies" From Zelda 2 Impa From OoT,and a guy that I can't remeber for LTTP.

number 7



Ok I know that they are people thinking: number 6 isn't the same?
Well they are and are not.

Sheikahs had appear in ocarina of time and twilight princess.

But they have not had any justice.

And what game is a better to do them justice that the prequel of their first apareance?

*Sigh* I Really Wish I could have explained myself a little here.

You know Sheikhas are like Ninjas,And Ninja,by rules of the world,Are Cool (Duh)

But you know,we never get to see them so much,just in OoT and ONE in TP,Boring I will say.

Now,this may had happen,since in the trailers I saw similar drawings with their Symbol,but if it is true,DO NOT TELL ME BECAUSE I HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME PLZ!

number 6
No ganon....dorf.

Follow me G1's with this:

Ok look when you finish him in ocarina of time you probably said:"Take that you ****** *****".But still you want something more.

Then in Wind Waker (one of the best zeda games EVER!!!)you find him,beat him and you probably said:"Take that to your grave big ****** ******".And your hole is fiilled.

Finally Twilight Princess you finally beat Zant and beat the game yeah!!.Oh wait WTF!? what are you doing here!?didn't I finish the game!?

So after you beat zant,the character you hated come out that Ganondorf,is the true villian.

Nintendo,that was very disappointed so for the next zelda: no ganondorf please,I am really tired of him.

I am not going to say nothing,since this one is pretty much completed I most say,Good Job Me from the Past!

I am Glad Ganon is getting his well deserved break,I mean,villians have to stop being bad for a while right *Stares at bowser and Eggman* Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I am so right.

number 5
Modify sword

This sword can be turn into one of the MOST powerful swords in Zelda history.One of the few things I love about Majora's Mask.

Majora mask,could have been the best game ever but time limit ruined it.One of the things I love about this game is the ability to you modify your sword, oh yeah that's right,that crappy kokiri sword into a SUPER POWERED SWORD.Besides the skyward sword has to transform into the master sword,so it is technally already comfirmed,YEAH!!!

Can't say too much here,since I haven't played the game,but I am glad that the feature got into other items,like the shield.

number 4

This have to appear on SS right?Just kidding....

Look one of the things i love about zelda is the music,and play it in the game.

Since Skyward Sword is a prequel,would not be cool to play Sheik's harp?

Another example Of How I could say more.

Look I love music,I love Video Games,I love Zelda,so that means...

That I love Zelda Music.

Interesting enough,My fav. Melodies from Zelda actually comes from their instrument,From Saria's song to The Song of Healing,and Many more..

I am Actually impressed that you actually use an Harp in SS,I think,I Guessed,the future,which makes me 20% more cooler.

Number 3

She just have to appear on this game...or the king of the Red Lions.

Do i need to say more?

YES YOU DO,YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well,I guess I can fill the void,that my past self created.

Ok,it's goes without saying that Zelda is set in a Fantasy World (Duh!) And they are many things that help you engage in that fantasy world (Duh!)But for me,one of the biggest things that help you are your ways of transportations.

It can come in many ways,Crossing Hyrule with your friendly Horse,Sailing across the great Sea on your boat or ship,or in SS flying across the great Sky with your Bird.

Anyways,I am glad that a way of transportation was included in SS,One of my favorite things on the Zelda Universe.

Number 2

I need more answers from YOU!!!!

So look i love zelda games.But in the series are plotholes that they made making the legend a headache.So is better to fix some doubts before crazy fans start launching bombs to Nintendo,Am i right?

Can't talk too much about this one,since I haven't played the game,DO NOT SPOILZ!!!!!

And finally

Number 1


Name me 1 freaking game that has made a HUGE different in motion controllers.And by that I mean that you are feeling that you are thinking that you are using the same object as the tv?

Think,think,no there's not

When i mean motion controllers i mean motion plus,kinect and move.in history of gaming Zelda has always make a step of courage to the game industry.

So the industry needs Zelda to make better the motion controllers,am i right?

Even if you are Retro(Nes,Snes),64 bit, or next gen,There's no way you can denied it,Zelda is just that epic.

You know what,good Job Me of the past,you Absolutely guessed right,SS has made a big impact on Motion Controllers,it didn't make the Motion Controllers the next new things,but it defenetly,DEFENETLY made things for the best,or so have I been told.

Well that's all,tune in for 5 mysterious things about the future of the franchaise.

But for now...

Gotta juice!!!!

Well That's all Folks Peace O-


Don't leave,I said three blogs  in one,and I am making that things.

So now we have another REPOST! 

Of what,well of  a Top 5 you silly!

So....Here we go!

Well...We are back on zelda!This time we are going to talk about it's misteries,There are some requirements for this list:

At least one theory per mystery.

The rating goes as how far escandalous it is.

Well let's go.

Top 5

Number 5

Majora's Mask.

Such a creepy,CREEPY MASK!!!

So just one question:WHAT DOES MIYAMOTO was thinking!?

For those who does not know the game or the mask,the story goes like this:

The mask is an acoursed object made by tribe that did hexing rituals.After they realized the damn evil and wicked power the mask they sealed the mask in the dephts of shadow.

But the ******* mask seller found the mask and even kept it besides knowing about the legend.Then Skull kid robbed it and the events of the game happen.

So everything is pretty clear...NO!

here's the reason why this mask is so misteryous:

In the manga the a backstory tells the mask was a demon.

It can possess people.

Rumor say this mask was a deity sealed by the tribe.

It can possess the freaking MOON!

How the hell you put this in a game for CHILDREN!?,and thinking they are not going to have nightmares because of that.

Ok,I am actually impresed of my Past self,I said everything I wanted to say,not like the Last one *Sigh*

Well let's continue.

Number 4
Saria's song.

I just love the song.

I am sure many people are saying:"This is a joke right?".Well it isn't.

Let me put it this way:Name me one Zelda 3d game that does not have this song.

think,think...no there are not. So if I am right,every zelda 3d game has that song...And is always hear on a forest.

The reason of it's mysteries is because where is heard and the conections of it.

OoT:Goron city=Darunia=ancient sage=Lost Woods=Saria=ancient sage too.

MM:Woods of mystery=Skull Kid=He might know the song=Link teaching him=Saria teaching link the song.

WW:Heard inside Forest Haven=koroks=probably evolve from kokiri=Saria is a kokiri.

Tp:Heard on the sacred grove=also when you battle the Skull Kid=May be the same one from OoT=Link teaching him=Saria teaching Link the song.

So in the end this song it's a freaking contraption to make our minds believe there's a mystery or connection.So we make theories that are a ******* mess that we can not FIX!

Our maybe I am insane,whatever.

Yes,As I said before,Haven't played SS,so I don't know,how I much that statement is true or not,but whatevs.

Number 3
Ocarina of time 3D

Ok yeah you read it,I am putting the entire game on the list!

Follow me on this:

Everybody who is going to have a 3ds and I asked about OoT 3d has said to me: "I am going to buy the game,later.".

Look the ******** reason I have saved my two bucks of lunch money for 4 hole months.The reason I had lost many,but MANY video games and instead ask for money:

Is for that freaking 3DS,and play it Ocarina of time 3ds

So I exchanged for a video game The legend of Zelda:Collector's Edition,to play Oot

I am playing Oot and this thought appeared in my mind:

What do I want for OoT 3d?

The problem is,that nintendo have not told us anything because....maybe the game is the same one with new graphics!?

Don't get me wrong,I love OoT,but I don't wanna pass the 6 hour water dungeon AGAIN.In a two hour battery suppport system.

So better this game live to my tiny expectations.

Yeah..... I don't know why I put this one on the list,it was just my worrysome mind,being right.

That's why this game is a mystery.
Number 2

This guy is a freaking mystery.

Now i think everybody it's saying:'We know he' mysterious so what?".

Well it's not all Links,It's just one,the twilight princess one.

Why he's a mystery,Let's analize some facts about him:

1-He knows the Epona song,Even through the only ones supose to know it are Malon and Link.

2-He knows swordplay, without anybody teaching him.ALONE.

I am letting horseback riding because he is a rancher,but aren't those skills from the Link of ocarina of time?

Yes there are.

I know they may be guys saying:"Don't you know that every Link is a reincarnation of the same one".Yes i know that. but take a look at this:

The Link from WW doesn't share that much of similarities,neither the one from A Link to the past.

That and they are also many theories about this Link being the descendant of the one from OoT.

And finally

number 1
Zelda's lullaby.

In case you have been living on a rock,weeks ago some guy discovered that the music put on reverse from the trailer at GDC trailer from Skyward Sword is ******* zelda's lullaby!

People were like crazy but I stop a second and think:this is somewhat familiar right?

Yes it is.Almost every zelda game has this song on it's game.Plus,It heard every time you have to do something that involves a princess.


Well,in the end,isn't this types of mysteries are the reason why we make theories of zelda games in the first place?

Well,In the End an OK list,But it could have gone better,just sayin'.

That's all.since there are now two lists in my blog;i am going to talk about what I think are underrated games!

But for now

Gotta juice!!!!


WOOH! That was a fun trip to the past,but now.....How do we get back to the future?

A perfectly placed delorean in our hands,huh,coincedence *Pushes you all into the Delorean*

Ok,So know for the Third and Final Blog,I count 11 Games,that I apreciated of 2011

So here are the rules

I had to at least tried to complete the game.

I have had to understand the main aspects.

It Had to be a fun expirience.

And I understand it in an artistic level

So what are we waiting for LET'S-A-GO!

11-Sonic Generations

Urm...Yeah he's right about that...

What a better way to start Our List that with an adventure that melts two of my favorite things in to one:Classic and Modern Sonic into one game

If you ask me my thoughts when I first saw the teaser it will be something like this:

Yeah,that's pretty much it

The Graphics:

The Gameplay,which is indeed,a bliss of platform both 3D and 2D parts

And overall,the nostalgia that drivens this game

And the reason why is at number 11,because it uses nostalgia too much,and I like to be drugged with it,but  to the point that it's boring

Number 10

Ice Climbers

And you Americans think you sometimes have "Freezing" Situations in winter.....

Ok,I already Talked about this game on my Top 5 snow levels,so.... LET'S QUOTE!

Why to put this game:
Ice Climbers is an arcade/platformer game in which you have to climb by jumping on the Ice blocks and destroying them,however,there are Yetis that put the Ice blocks back,and annoying enemies that get in your way,luckily you have your mighty hammer to defend yourself
I will admit that I had low expectations the first time I played the game,but then I was happy to see those expectations not come true,to sum it up,a fun game that everybody should try at least once.

Yeah,that,and it's tons of fun.

Number 9

Marvel VS. Capcom 3!

I wanna take you for a ride!


So yes,we fork 60$ for a Prototype version,yes we were told empty promises ,And yes it was a how to say it.... a Joke on every fighting fan,but a fun Joke none the less.

C'mon,you can say that  you didn't had a great time playing the game with your buddies,or had a bad time playing online.

However,it only gets Number 9 because of what I said before,is a Joke,And an Insult to every Fighting fan,but...It is fun.

Number 8

Ocarina of Time 3D

IN 3D!

Yeah,I can go without My zelda on this List.But what are the reasons to put this game,and there are  mainly three:

1-The Updated Graphics.

2-The Sheikah's stones That provide you aid on your quests.

3-A game that a new Generation can enjoy.

But the reason why it is in Number 8:

1-It's was sell as a REMAKE,and not a port,making it one of the worst remakes in History.

2-And It's well over-rated.

Number 7

The Legend of Zelda

Did I just did that on purpose,YES!

The one,the only one that ends in Zelda,and the one that borught us many memories as a kid,but...

I actually started to play it this year.

The reason of why,is the next one.

I was born as a "Bastard" child in gaming ,I had a PSone when i was a little kid,well,it was from the family,anyways,it wasn't until I was five,that I could have my own Video Game Console,which was the Gamecube.

Now,I ahd a problem,I couldn't afford any new games,but my Grandma (A very Sweet Person) always bought me used games on the flea market,hence that why 50% of my games are from the gamecube.

Once she bought me two games,Which were,Wind Waker,and colectors edition,I noticed the games,I encountered Legend of Zelda,play it and said "This sucks,why the graphics so poor,next one" And played Wind Waker and OoT and yadda yadda yadda.

So since i am an ambassadorI do the logical thing and downloaded the game,and boy,did I was a Bastard Child indeed.

The Graphics,even though 8-bit, are wonderful:

The Gameplay,simply but sweet,and the puzzles,are excellent

But instead of me talking  About this Game for God knows how long,I am going to let Duane and Brando help me on this one:

Yeah pretty much that

Number 6

Mario Kart 7

Yes... The seventh entry on the Mario Kart series,and a fun one indeed.

Now why put it so high on the list:

Well,to anybody that has been in an coma,Nintendo decided to put all the 3DS users in a state that we will be asking for anything for this damn handheld

But there ya go! Mario 3D and Mk7 came to stay! and I think I made the right decision picking Mk7!

Yes the Game is unbalanced,Yes the Online is a pure Crap compared to MkWii,and yes,they aren't so many characters in this game to play with,but is very compulsing,and fun.

And the graphics,tehy sre supremely beatiful,just take a look:

A beuty indeed,right?

Well,anyways,were on the Top 5 *Spoiler Alert* The Next 5 Games will surprise you and probably put you in a Coma,But is MY LIST SO STFU!

Number 5

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Ok Internet,calm down.

Internet:How can you put this game on the list????????

Me:Because I actually like it.

Internet:How Can you like this game????????

Me:Because I actually enjoy both the sing;le Player and Multiplayer.

Internet: How can you enjoy the Single Player,it short,so it sucks!

Me:Because even though it's a short experience,it's fun,reminds me of old arcade shooters and the multiplayer,yes I have some troubles with it,but it's fun to brag about your kills.

Internet:ARGH I CANNOT UNDERSTAND YOU YOU SUCK,CALL OF DUTY SUCKS IT'S OVERATED,BATTTLEFIELD 3 IS BETTER AND YOUR LIST IS THE MOST SUCKIEST IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me:*Ahem* Yes CoD IS overated,yes it's crazy that it's selling a ton of cash,and yes,it's not worth the 60$ price hashtag,but you know what,it's fun,and many people are forgetting that.

I believe that we lost the meaning of why we love gaming,but for me,it will be always because it's fun.

Now don't get me wrong,I am all in into taking games seriously,but....

You wouldn't analize Super Mario Bros. as Mona Liza.

And You wouldn't analize The Legend of Zelda as The Titanic.

And you wouldn't analize CoD or Battlefield 3 as a serious war game,MGS already does that.


Number 4

Rayman 3:Hoodlum Havoc

So yeah...

While I was on New Jersey, I decided to go and do some Retro Hunting,but the problem was,that I miserybly failed.

But at least,I bought Rayman 3,and relived my childhood with it.

You see,I wasted enough money as a child renting this game that I actually could it bought it,TWICE ,at the 60$ price hashtag,so I say,Hell,why not relieved the memories of my childhood for ten bucks???

And you know what it was worth it!

The graphics are simplistic yeah,but the gameplay,my God is it better in any aspect of Rayman 2.

Now you got different power-ups,like a can that can make you have a rocket-for an arm(Take that Megaman!) Or a red can that gives you super strength and many more..

So...Why so high on the list?

Well,not only is one of myt favorite platformers,but there is a nostalgia factor invoved on this one,but however,nostalgia factor or not,this game has it's on merits to stand this high on the list.

Number 3


Internet:WHAT YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED MEGAMAN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

Me:Well Yeah....


Me: Well Yeah...

Me: Okay,let me explain myself a bit here.....

I love Megaman,I have played Legends,X and a couple of the classics series,but as I told you before,because of the graphics were 8-bit,I decided,not to play it,but then in summer,I said to myself,after watching Craig's vault on Megaman 2:Why not play Megaman 2 on my Gamcube,I have the collection after all.

And then


The enemies,the Robot Masters,the power ups all of that it's amazing

And also...

PROTIP: Beat the Robot master in this order :Metal Man,Bubble Man,Flash Man,Heat man,Woody man (He will kick your ass),Crash Man,Air Man,and Quick man

Number 2

Super Mario Bros.


Me: Yes,this year was the first time I legally played Mario Bros.


Me:Because I never owned a NES.

Anyway,Mario Bros. For someones is the first game they ever played.

For others,is the game they saw people playing it.

For others,is a game that means your childhood.

And for everybody is classic That you can have fun with it.

So wait....,what is number one?????

Well it is none other than:

*Drum roll*

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Internet:Excuse me Hero of Lime,but aren't you a sonic Fan?

Me: indeed I am.


Me:It was the first sonic Game I played,but It was in 2011 that I started to take notice and apreciate


For example:

There are more than 150 rings in Green Hill Act one.

You can actually get lives in Special Stages.

There's a glitch that make sonic like if were sliding something for 5 seconds.

The first credits song is exactly like the one in Sonic Generations.

And many more,get it people,Sonic the hedgehog is number one because I started to observe the game,and not just play it.

All of this game has that trend in common,but This one take the extra mile,by Mind blowing my mind for the first time.

Well,that's all,expect more from me this 2012.


(Expect next blog :In The dia de los Reyes....)

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