Hi-Rez Studios finally figures out how to eliminate the infamous "skiing" glitch

Posted on April 1, 2012 - 10:00pm by Ryan Conway

Ever since the release of the original Starsiege: Tribes in 1998, players have been exploiting a glitch which allows them to glide or "ski" very quickly across wide-open terrain, thus earning an incredible boost of speed.

However, it seems that after 13 long years, the developers over at Hi-Rez Studios have finally figured out how to eliminate the glitch. How will this discovery effect Tribes: Ascend? Developer Don Zubis (whose high-level de-bugging skills made this discovery possible) said there will be no more skiing!

“Tribes players can now travel at the more comfortable walking speed found in other modern shooters. With this bug finally behind us, our dev team can move onto new gameplay mechanics including Super-Slow Walk, Go Prone, and the highly anticipated Crawl.” 

Zubis has confirmed that even with the extra development time being added to remove the glitch, Ascend will still launch on April 12...although he wouldn't confirm if fans could expect to see it implemented at launch.... ;)

Source: Press Release 

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