Hopeful Marvel vs Capcom 4 lineup -Part 2-

Posted on June 7, 2012 - 4:08am by Amthyst007


I was kinda scratching my head on this one because I don't know Capcom as well as I know Marvel. But I think I nailed it!



Ryu- Capcom is doing a good job of making me hate Ryu, I can't stand this guy. They make him look ridiculus with the really short hair and the super big muscles that make his head look small. The above picture is from MvC2 and he looks cool until you see him in-game where he has that same problem. That and his stupid "Evil Ryu"


Ken- Yeah! Now this guy's cool, the Fire kick Hyper combo he had in MvC2 along with his flaming Shoryuken ( <-It's got his name in it! ) This guy needs to come back for sure.


Chun-li- Not much to say. Except maybe that she's not that sexy and people need to get over it.


Akuma- The only problem I had with him in MvC3 was the laughing children during his victory scene. I never understood that and it drives me insane.


Viewtiful Joe- Remove his stupid cannon hyper combo! That move is worthless and he needs a cooler one! This guy rocks btw.


Amaterasu- Not sure about Amy, I don't play her so I can't really thing of any adjustments except for that endless combo. I guess that'll do.


Chris- I'm gonna leave it up to you guys to tell me what he needs I don't play him either.


Jill- Instead of making her as in MvC3 or MvC2 make her more similar to Chris in gameplay: Giving her a variety of weapons similar to him but funcioning differently. I think that would suit her better.


Hiryu- Another one of my favorite characters.


frank- No comments other than that he needs better alternate colors/costumes.


Morrigan- No comments.


Felicia- No comments.


Phoenix Wright- Weaken his turnabout mode's heavy attack.


Haggar- How about a move where he drops a shark on them LOL.


Arthur- Less potential spamming, I've seen him hold his own up close I know he doesn't need that to fall back on.


Dante- No complaints he's one of my best and favorite characters. As long as they use this or one of the previous looks and not his new douchebag one I'm cool.


Trish- She needs a better voice actress. In MvC3 her voice could get annoying at times. "Yaahaha!" *Shudder*


Vergil- Better quotes. He had some lame ones.


Zero- Ah! The best character in the game, at least that's my oppinion. He could use a total redo, New moves include his Tenkuuha which destroys blasts and projectiles, his Z buster needs to be better, give him the the Hyouretsuzan, the Double charge wave as consecutive command following a buster shot and make him a little taller for crying out loud! Give him some more credit Capcom! He also needs better quotes he sounds like a total jerk in most of his current ones. And use his "Standby Zero" theme from Command Mission instead of X2. And better color swaps.


-New characters-


X- the most demanded character in any fighting game ever ( I'm pretty sure ) He'd have the most techiques ever despite that he tries to use violence only when necessary. Being able to switch between three element forms and revert to normal: Lightning, Ice and fire, changing what moves his inputs use such as the Storm tornado in his normal state becoming the Frost shield in his ice form, the Flame burner in his fire form and the Strike chain in his lightning form. And the most important thing is NO Z -SABER!!! Giving him the use of Zero's sword back in X3 was bad enough but then to repeat it again two more times and then making him an alternate color for Zero in MvC3 giving him the use of Zero's saber and zero's attacks drove me border-line pissed! Have him use his arms and legs for melee attacks and use of his buster as a close-proximity blast! But back on topic: His level three hyper combo would equip his Ultimate armor from X4 making all his weapons charged versions and interring the input again will be the Nova strike exhausting the armor and returning him to normal.


Axl- While not as skilled as Zero or X, Axl would more than capable hold his own: Using his own "Trick shot" similar to Hawkeye, Being capable of flight, Leveling up after defeating an enemy, having some of the most effective assist attacks in the game and using his Level three hyper combo is only allowed after he reaches level two in which he uses his copy ability for a delayed hyper combo with the two character he defeated!  Axl would be a great addition.


Vega- I've been begging for this guy, If you need any description for his move list just watch his Street Fighter gameplay. And one of his alternate costumes would have a Tengu mask!


Blanka- An interesting addition if I say so myself.....and I did.


Dimitri- This guy would be funny considering that he's on a team with Dante in the upcoming game Project X Zone.


M. Bison- He looks so happy in this picture. Probably because I put him in this blog.


Rogue- I'm not a big fan but I feel that he'd fit in a fighting game more than another Megaman since he uses a sword. Whatever right?.


Omega- TAKE THAT SENTINEL!!! And no he wouldn't transform into either of his other forms. He'd mostly attack with his floaty hands, shooting blasts and using his sword occasionally, he also shoots blasts from his face. Yeah.



That's it for Capcom next time is the Unlockable and possible DLC characters!


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