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Posted on September 16, 2012 - 1:01pm by MissEsme


Story. Something people don't really think about in horror games. Some have great depth to the point where it even makes things more scary. Or some make absolutely no sense. There will also be A LOT of spoilers story wise in this review. Got it? Good. Now shut up and grab your roses.

I would love to wake up next to Garry.

Ib is a Japanese horror game. It revolves around a quiet little girl named "Ib" presumably nine years old, who visits an art gallery with her parents. She starts to wander around until she figures out that everyone has dissapeared. Ib ends up entering a painting into a fabricated crazed world (Which is most likely the artist's world), filled with monsters such as headless mannequins, half women half paintings, evil dolls and more.

It seems someone has visited Slender Elementary.

Along the way she meets Garry, a man who was also brought to the fabricated world. He accompanies Ib throughout the game, making a father/daughter relationship predominant. Or if your a crazed fangirl "OMG GARRY X IB FOREVA!". Garry is around eighteen and Ib is around nine. Genius fangirls strikes again. Also along the way, Garry and Ib meet Mary, a girl from the artist's last painting before he died. She appears to be a normal girl, but inside is psychotic and lonely. Her motives throughout the game tore into my heart. A lot of fans despise Mary for her actions later in the game, but she did it out of jealousy and loneliness.

Because memes and horror games go together too.

I never thought I would ever find an 8-bit game with a mouthful of story since Corpse Party ever again, but Japan did it again! Both Garry and Ib's health is represented by roses, Ib's being red roses and Garry's being blue roses. Health is restored when you put your rose in a glass vase filled with water. Many fans demand an anime be released based off the game, but there is just one problem with the idea. The game has FIVE different endings.

1. "Promise of Reunion". To make a long story short, this is the most desired ending for the game. Garry and Ib make it out of the fabricated world. However, they end up leaving poor Mary in ashes by burning her painting. Garry promises Ib that they will meet again soon.

2. "Together Forever". This ending was the first one I had, and it made me almost cry my eyes out. Mary tears up Garry's rose, in result killing him. Mary succeeds in her goal in going to the human world with Ib and goes to live with Ib's family. I absolutely adored this ending, even though Garry died, but I was glad to see that the antagonist

3. "Memory's Crannies". Garry and Ib make it out of the fabricated world, and leave Marry in ashes, but they do not remember a thing about each other, so they go back to their normal lives.

4. "The Forgotten Portrait". Mary tears all the petals out of Garry's rose, killing him, Ib burns Mary's portrait and returns to the human world. Ib finds a painting of Garry called "The Sleeping Man". Poor Ib.

5. "Ib All Alone". This is the so called "Bad Ending" of the game. Instead of going with Garry to through the painting, Ib goes with a figment of her mother.

Why can't there be an ending where everyone gets out alive? Oh yeah, that's right, this is a horror game.

The horror of the game is..well...2/10. I wasn't very scared by the game, more intrigued by the story. Ib is a wonderful game which can appeal to horror fans, even if there was little horror, and fans of games with a good story behind it. Overall, I give "Ib" a well deserved:



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