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Posted on December 14, 2011 - 8:08am by Brettman


 This question pops up in the  Aladdin & Lion King episode of Srewin' Around; Who are the hotest Disney females? I'm diving down into the depths of Disney lore and the bowels of the internet to give you the scoop!

So, during Nick and Chad's adventure playing Aladdin and Lion king during Screwin' Around. They end up discussing (along with Jared, Craig, and Sean) who is the hotest Disney babe. The funny thing is I "loved" the Disney princesses growing up. I wanted to be the prince during the honeymoon! (Which is really weird in hindesite) But it's true none the less. Heck five of the SA crew were talking about them in that way! So I wanted to share with the g1 community my thoughts and get your thought. (I'd like for there to be a poll). Let's get started!

  • Note:
  • They're all like 16
  • Most of them are a princess
  • There is a special character for Jared, Craig, and Chad.
  • Please leave your laughs, comments, and favs. That way we can judge what the community thinks.

Cinderella: The first princess (most of them are) on the list. The story goes that she came from a good and high stading house and her mother died of a sickness. Her father remarried so that she had a mother, but the father died soon after under questionable causes. Her wicked step-mother revealed her true horrible self and squandered all the wealth on her children. She forced the girl to wear rags and to labbor over her wicked step-mother and her sisters-in law and they called her Cinderella for she was always covered in dirt. (I think you know the rest) She's rated high up there on my charts.

Jasmine: Is the princess of the sultan in Agrabah, and must be married before her sixteenith birthday. Not wanting to be foruced to be married with a man she did not love, she ran away and ended up meeting, marrying, etc. with Aladdin. (Which Aladdin is one badass dude) She's not bad, but I don't personally have her up there in the list.

Ariel (Little Mermaid): A sixteen year old mermaid whom is dissastidfied with life under the sea. She's very curious about the human world and longs to become a human. After her daddy has a temper tantrem she gets talked into going to the sea-witch and trades her voice for three days as a human to try and win a human boys heart. (Guess what, he's a prince.. go figure) After the plot of the movie her father ends up making her human and she lives happily ever after. BTW, she's up on the top of my list! ;D

Belle: (Beauty and the Beast): Just so you know now! Belle is my favorite. Umm, she's the daughter of a inventor in some frech town. She's into fairy tales and wishes more for her life. (takes a deep breath and rolls eyes) Anyways her father as a senior moment while trying to get to a inventors get-together and ends up in the enchanted castle of the Beast. (I bet you don't know the Beast's real name! >:D) I'm not going to tell you the plot of the movie. Go watch it, it's in the top 3 best animated Disnay movies!

Snow White: Ahhh Snow White... The only princess that's not 16 yet. (I have no idea what age she is). But she's also around the top of my personal list. What's to say? Her hot mama got jealous that her daughter is also hot but not a slut so she tried to kill her! I don't know how you can't know the story of Snow White. (By the way, the seven dwarfs are awesome! "We dig dig dig,")

Aroura (Sleeping Beauty): As Criag once so elequntly put; there's classy hot and there's skanky hot!" Aroura would be the latter. She's 16 like most but she's the most well-endowed out of the others. Out of the chicks I've talked about so far, she's higher than Jasmine yet lower than everyone else.

Alice (Alice in Wonderland): Okay, I have no idea how old she is... But look at this picture! She's not bad on the eyes after she came of age.

That is all....

Wendy (Peter Pan): The first out of two from Peter Pan. She's not quite 16 but she has a classy hotness like Belle. Guess it's up to you if you prefer English birds or French chicks. (Nightgown........ :o')

Tinkerbell (Peter Pan): Tink, ok she's really small and it'd be hard to make it work. But she's still kinda hot. Moody.. but hot! Naw, she's a b¡tch , I'd take Wendy! haha

Rapunzel (Tangled/Rapunzel): Let down your hair! Ummm I'm pretty sure she's 16 (Shocker right?) and I'll admit I loved this movie which surpised me. SPOILERS: Even though I do like short haired girls. I thought she was much hoter with longer hair than short hair, and it can't even grow back!

The Evil Queen (Snow White): HEY, look it's the mother of the year! -_- Seariously, she's a b¡tch and a slut and you shouldn't get involved with her! Plus she's kinda dead....

Jessica Rabbit: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way!"  I bet you gents (using the term likely here since you are looking at a blog about cartoon chicks being hot [trollface]). didn't thing Jessica would be in here. But really... How could she not?

And finally we get to the last one I'm going to post. Now this is the special one for Jared, Chad, and Craig and I hate you guys for I can never un-see the things that popped up that I was not expecting! Thanks again! >:P

 Ga...Gadget from Rescue Rangers: I'm sorry guys! But Jared, Craig, and Chad agreed that she's hot  and that there was something in the way she was drawn! No lie, check the episode! It turns out that our heroes end up having the darkest of secrets and that the truth is revealed! They.... are furries! Bum bum baaaaaaaaa!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this light-hearted blog! Make sure to post down bellow on who your favorite's are. Also send this to Jared, Chad, Nick, and Craig!! >:D Thanks guys for reading, it's been a long time coming with this blog and I did see allot that I'd prefer I'd never seen. Anyways that'll do it for this week. For what I have coming up I have some g1 interviews and I'll be posting some gameplay of games I've picked up this past week.

I'm ßrettman, and I'll Catch you L8ter guys!

I've added a link to a majority of the photos used in this blog. Thanks to J. Scott Campbell for making such amazing artwork for this Disney girls and many more fariy tale chicks!

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