How to make the ScrewAttack logo as an emblem in Black Ops 2

Posted on November 15, 2012 - 11:00am by TTUdrummer

Ok g1's TTUdrummer here. Just got a tweet from Stuttering Craig himself asking me to show how to make the Screwattack logo for Black Ops 2. Though I'm still not a high enough for the letters I was able to make the logo off just off 7 layers.

Step 1. Select Round Square and making it cover the entire grid then make it dark blue for the logo background

Step 2. Select Scribble and make it little bit smaller then the full grid. Then simply change the Opacity to 60%

Step 3. Select Round Square again and leave it white. Reduce the size of the square till all four corners are equal in all grid quadrants then change the opacity to 64%

Step 4. Select Half Heart then rotate and increase it size till the lowest corner fits into the lower left of the grid and have the single corner at coordinate (starting from the bottom then going right and up) 3, 2. The highest corner should be at coordinate (starting from the center then going right and up) 1,1 or just about. The 4th corner should be already at or near coordinate (starting from the center then going left and up) 1.5 , .5 yeah somewhere in the middle of a square. Finally turn it black this will be the black outline for the lower half of the ScrewAttack logo and will help with the overall place of the upper half.

Step 5. Select Half Heart again for the upper half of the outline. Rotate it from the point it first appears on screen till the longest corner is pointing to the upper right corner of the grid then move it till the corner is touching the corner of grid box. Then to help turn the Half Heart black. After it is black decrease the size and keep the upper corner still in the upper corner of grid. By now you should start seeing the iconic ScrewAttack logo. (If your not seeing the logo try moving around the Half Heart till you do)

Hint use the Round Square as a guide as you move the Half Heart into position you'll notice two small triangles start to form from either side. The one on the right should be about half a square higher then the center grid line. The one on the left should be about half a square below the grid line.

Step 6. Select Half Heart. Rotate till the lowest corner points to the lower left of grid, and that the lowest line is parallel with the black outline already there. Reduce and move the Half Heart till the black outline fits around it evenly.

Step 7. Select Half Heart.Then rotate it till the longest corner is pointing to upper right corner of the grid. Then simply reduce and move the Half Heart till it fits into the upper half of the outline already there,

Hint By now the two Half Hearts looks like one big piece. Use the lines that the white upper piece and black lower piece make on either side as a guide line if they are perfectly straight on both sides the logo should be appearing.

Boom! Congrats g1s, you have now made the ScrewAttack logo for your Black Ops 2 emblem. Now go out and show your ScrewAttack pride as you headshot some noob or nab triple-frag kill on a hard point.

This TTUdrummer signing out oh BTW my XBL gamertag is G1 TTUdrummer if you want to see more of the logos or just want to play a few rounds of Black Ops 2.

And Thanks to Sean for the Screwattack StyleGuide Videos for the help.

ScrewAttack StyleGuide Videos

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